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Pink Nose? Check. Pink Toes? Check. New Home? Cheeee …

Written by Alisa Mullins | January 15, 2014

If there were such a thing as a rat superstar, Ricky would fit the bill. Named after PETA Person of the Year Ricky Gervais, this plucky little fellow is just as adorable and engaging as his namesake:

Ricky the Rat

A caring customer spotted Ricky languishing in a Los Angeles–area PETCO store cage, visibly ill and struggling to breathe.She immediately alerted the store manager, but when she returned several hours later, the rat still had not received any care or attention. Knowing that the critically ill animal would almost certainly die without immediate veterinary care, the customer purchased him (she was later reimbursed by PETCO) and rushed him to a vet, who diagnosed him with a severe upper respiratory infection.

After being prescribed antibiotics, Ricky was placed in a foster home with a PETA staffer, where he has made a dramatic recovery. Now, he’s ready to be placed in a permanent home. Could it be yours?

If you live on the West Coast, have an impeccable record of veterinary care, can show proof that you’re allowed to have animals in your apartment or house (if you rent), and do not have any other rats (Ricky has a delicate immune system and will always be contagious, so he shouldn’t be moved far or housed with other rats), please send an e-mail to [email protected] to “audition” for the role as Ricky’s permanent caregiver. He promises to pay generously with nibbly kisses and silly antics.

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  • Miranda says:

    I hope the contagious infection isn’t myco because all our rats already have that…

  • Robyn McNees says:

    I just wanted to say that if he is anywhere near Bellingham Wa. We would love to offer our home. But there is a larger problem here. This is NOT a first time offense for Petco or Petsmart. Every time I have visited either of these big retailers there have been rats with mycoplasmosis. We always go to the counter and explain how serious this illness is and that IT MUST BE DISCLOSED! I don’t even want to know how many people have purchased a rat from one of these establishments and brought this horrible sickness to their own healthy non-infected rats.

    My husband and I owned rats for over 4 years and in that time only took in Rats carrying this condition. What people don’t generally know is that in order to breathe these little creatures have to be put on a regime of anti-biotics for the rest of their lives. Even then if you don’t know what you are looking for in symptoms it can turn deadly literally overnight. Petco and Petsmart need to be held accountable for not providing adequate screening for their suppliers and ensure that sick animals are caged separately and a full disclosure has been made along with a vet visit or information about mycoplasmosis.

    Rats are so much smarter and loving then anyone gives them credit for. They are social and caring creatures that don’t generally have enough people on their side. Our babies were able to live full lives with proper treatment and care. But I think that it is truly sad when they are deemed disposable and vermin. Obviously those people have never had something so small, and so vulnerable trust someone 3 times their size with everything and actually love that person back. Please PETA. Stop the cycle of these companies selling sick animals.

    RIP: Moriarty,ChubChub, Kai, Copurnicus, Grandpa, Baby, Blaze, and Stripes.

  • I´d adopt Ricky if he was adoptable near my hometown in Germany, i love colour rats!!! Even though I´ve got 2 tomcats, Gizzy and Thori. But cats often adopt colour rats, too…