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What’s the Real #MilkTruth? PETA Pours Dairy Industry a Glass of Reality

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 27, 2015

People are flocking to healthy, humane plant-based milk (almond milk is especially surging in popularity), and the dairy industry is none too happy about it. Big Dairy is trying to combat its flagging sales with a PR-driven “#MilkTruth” website and social-media campaign—but PETA knows the real truth about milk, and we’re not known for keeping quiet. So we’re re-releasing our popular “Got Milk?” parody ads and launching our own #MilkTruth social-media counter-blitz.

"Got Veal?" Anti-Dairy Ad 2015

Don’t have zeal for the cruelty of veal? Male calves are of no use on dairy farms, so they’re often taken away from their mothers within a day of being born and sold into veal production.

"Got Milk?" Spew Anti-Dairy Ad 2015

Female calves don’t fare much better. It sounds like a Lifetime original movie: After having their sensitive horn tissue cut or burned away, most are forced into the same vicious cycle of pregnancy and stolen babies as their mothers.

Got Sick Kids? Anti-Dairy AdBaby Photo ©


Cow’s milk is formulated for baby cows, so it’s little wonder that it can cause all kinds of problems for baby humans.

"Got Zits?" Anti-Dairy Ad 2015Acne: © Rucchin • Girl: ©


Most of us would do anything for clear skin―stand on our heads, eat lima beans, or make burnt sage offerings to the skin gods. But we don’t have to, because as Woody Harrelson (and I) can attest, switching to dairy-free milk can make your skin switch to zit-free clarity.

"Got Prostate Cancer?" Anti-Dairy Ad 2015Milkshake: © Denafan01/; Straw: © Taulman


Attention, men: Studies suggest cow’s milk and your prostate don’t mix.

"Got Pus?" Anti-Dairy Ad 2015

If you’re OK with a drop of pus in your glass, you have fun with that.

Join the truth revolution. Share the real #MilkTruth on your social-media accounts.

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  • Melissa says:

    I shudder every time I see a dairy commercial. Happy cows? More like concentration camps for cows! Great add campaign PETA! Thanks for all that you do.

  • Ben Gordan says:

    this is not true, where is your proof, and humans are at the top of the food chain

  • Ellen K says:

    great campaign, but since liquid milk sales are down yet cheese, yogurt and ice cream sales are skyrocketing worldwide, might you tweak the message to make clear that those products cause the same harms? Too many people say they don’t drink dairy, but do not make the connection between milk and those other products which they consume in abundance.

  • Karolyn says:

    The dairy industry is awful. I love being dairy-free. Cows shouldn’t have to suffer. Ever.