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Ready to Have Fun

Written by PETA | December 7, 2006
Misty's MySpace.JPG

So this was a pretty cool thing to watch unfold: About a month ago, a colleague of mine posted a personal ad on Craigslist under the name Misty, with the title “Ready to have fun.” The single males in the area who clicked on the ad got the following pitch:

Attractive, fun-loving brunette seeks a long-term relationship. I’ve had a rocky past that I want to put behind me. … I’ve felt so alone and abandoned, I’m ready to start living and having fun. I think I deserve better. If you agree, please contact me.

Turns out a lot of dudes were ready to have fun, too. The ad got hundreds of responses, some of which were very sensitive and caring (though a good number of them were just kind of pornographic). But all seekers were directed to, where they met Misty herself, a bowlegged pit bull who spends her life chained to a barrel in North Carolina.


Not everybody had a sense of humor about the whole thing, but a lot of the guys were pretty cool about it, and some even offered to help. (Of course a few people never figured out that this was a stunt and just thought Misty was some girl who was really into her dog, but the less said about those dudes the better.) The Boston Herald picked up the story, which you can read here. Anyway, I thought that was a pretty innovative way of raising some awareness about chained dogs, so, I dunno, hooray for us.

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  • Brenda Langlais says:

    I have to say that since I first went on PETA’S web site about 2 months ago they have changed my life and helped to bring out the warmest part of my heart and that is animals. I visit PETA’S web site everyday and do all that I can to help them help the ones who cannot talk. I became a vegetarian in June of this year when I found out about KFC and their cruelty towards chickens. It opened my eyes to what animals go through for people to eat meat and it is terrible. PETA has taught me to speak up for all animals. Because of PETA I can email people like Madonna and write to J.Lo and let them know how I feel about the cruelty they take part in. All my life I have adored animals and felt their pain and cared so deeply for their well being and I just could not seem to get people to listen to me nor could I help animals the way I needed to and wanted to. Now thanks to PETA I and others like me can accomplish a lot more for animals and their rights. PETA you are deeply respected by me for all you do and if the animals could talk I just know that they would tell you they love you so much for loving them so much. A BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL. GOD BLESS YOU PETA

  • Michelle Lilly says:

    Greg I had almost the exact experience except with JLo. I was looking for some cool shoes by her online and ended up on the fur site. I saw the video and my life changed. This was almost 2 years ago and I have been an animal loving activist and vegan ever since and I have NO REGRETS. Please keep learning more about what you can do to help innocent animals. Best wishes to you. Sincerely Michelle

  • Greg Bruner says:

    I have just been moved to tears after watching a video on your website about the “Chineese Fur Farms”. First let me start by saying I have always steered away from this topic I don’t know why and thought of PETA as a punch of tree hugging granola extremist. I have always steered clear of anything that I perceive as being extreme. In less than 30 seconds my opinion has been completely turned around. This all started from me because I read an article about a person I truly adore Madonna. The article was calling attention to a coat she was wearing and getting tones of grief over. At first I was like “Leave her alone can’t she have a moment peace” but I started clicking around and ended up on your website. I have witnessed the most tragic unfair and sadest moment of my like when I watched animal skinned alive just for its fur. I know there are so many people out there just like me.including Madonna…if they could just see a few of these videos their entire position would be forever changed. I know mine is. I really feel as if I need to do something to help. Greg Bruner Atlanta Georgia