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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Puerto Rican Senator Condemns Bioculture on CNN

Written by PETA | November 23, 2009

PETA’s campaign to stop plans by biological supply company Bioculture to build a monkey-breeding facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico, just got another shot in the arm, courtesy of CNN Headline News’ Jane Velez-Mitchell.

In an update to a story that originally broke on Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell back in July, PETA Vice President Kathy Guillermo appeared on the show along with Puerto Rican Senator Melinda Romero to talk about the controversy surrounding Bioculture’s plans to tear wild monkeys out of their native home in Mauritius, lock them up in cages, and sell their offspring to laboratories.



After PETA and other groups started lobbying against the facility, the Puerto Rican Senate launched an investigation and uncovered what appear to be illegalities associated with the company’s permit process, including failure to file an environmental impact report and other required reports. The Senate has now condemned Bioculture and vowed to stop the company from setting up shop in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Ricans who are learning about the project thanks to PETA, a coalition of animal groups, and Jane Velez-Mitchell are none too happy about it. Hundreds have turned out to protest the monkey factory farm, and even government officials such as Senator Romero and Guayama Mayor Glorimari Jaime are outspoken in their opposition to it. You can add your voice to theirs by clicking here.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Amanda says:

    Experimenting on animals is cruel and uneccesary. WE have more than enough technology to test products without animals. Some companies don’t even use animals to test and they are doing great( “tressame”- hair product). To take innocent creatures and abuse them like that is inhumane. They never did anything to us so why should we hurt them?

  • michela messineo says:

    Primate/Animal experiments have proved to be Scientifically USELESS and HAVE NO VALIDITY: because what is dangerous for a Primate (MAN) could be NOT for another Primate e.g. a CHIMPANZEE!!!!!! In the ’50 for example, how many HUMAN CHILDREN were born with arms / all sorts of deformities, due to the use by their mothers of the Talidomide during pregnancy!!!!!!! That chemical substance HAD BEEN TESTED on OTHER PRIMATES with NO negative results!!!!!!! What can be poisonous for a Gorilla could be NOT for a Chimpanzee and viceversa!!! The USA is the biggest user of Primates for experimentations, still persisting with this senseless and dangerous (also for MAN) procedure!!!!! Probably because too many ECONOMICAL INTERESTS are involved: Companies PRODUCING cages, equipments, etc. Companies financed for Primate/Animal Experiments that can wash their conscience STATING that their Products “ARE TESTED” but what happens ALSO to HUMAN PRIMATES is not THEIR problem….

  • pat myers says:


  • caterina Benello says:

    Nothing can justify such big suffering in these and any other animals

  • Mary Noah says:

    Breeding, or mistreating of any animal is unacceptable. Go PETA!

  • Ruth says:

    Useing Animals for Research is part of the passed. I am glad that their are People and organizations that are helping to keep animals and to environment alive, for the benefit of all who live on this big rock we call Earth.



  • Anna says:

    This must stop Bioculture!!! It is so wrong!!

  • Margaret Williams says:

    How can human beings behave like this? We are the lowest of the low.

  • Heidi Stephenson says:

    Animal research is no longer tenable – if it ever actually was. Our non-human kin are just as sentient and as conscious as we are. They feel fear, pain, distress, terror at the prospect of death and the will to live, absolutely no less than we do. If anything they actually feel these things MORE acutely because they are supremely in the present moment, unlike most humans who escape into abstract delusions and notions of the future etc. We have a moral, ethical and compassionate obligation to end these atrocities once and for all. As Ghandi said many years ago, “Vivisection is the blackest of all crimes.” It is Satanic in its utter disregard for sentient life and the visible suffering of another. We need proper investment now into all the many humane, non-animal methods – in vitro testing, MRI scanning etc. This is better medicine too. Just as slavery, child labour and torture had to go, so does vivisection – in all its horrendous forms.

  • Neha says:

    Research work carried out on animals is cruel. Have some good heart as they also have right to live. So please stop this animal pain game and let them live their life. Plzzzzzzz

  • James Scotto says:

    This idea is an absolute disgrace who’s time should have been over many years ago! Just the proposal alone shows that to a large degree, we’re still a society of barbarians. Thank you PETA, Jane Velez-Mitchell and all others trying to provide humanity – JUSTICE.

  • patricia norrid says:

    isupport the goverment opposing cruel and unhuman treatment for animals(primates). stop the cruel treatment of them now.

  • Gillian Day says:

    The USDA choose to ignore this abuse, they hide behind words but the true reason is greed, money and no feelings for the pain and suffering caused.

  • Tamaia Edeltraud M says:

    “Is it really the year of 2010? So, is it not the time to go out of hell? It’s about attention, responsibility and care! So we all URGENTLY need to change our action in life! It’s about life, care and liberation… we may need to move, re – examine what we are responsible for! “Look good in the eyes of an animal and for a moment swap places with it. ..-his life had become so precious as yours, and its so vulnerable as his”- Philip Ochoa “…Since we all share feelings – such as pain, pleasure, and joy – at some basic level, we as rational human beings have an obligation to contribute in whatever way we can to the happiness of other species and try our best to relieve their fears and sufferings”. As Albert Schweitzer so eloquently said, “Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.”~

  • Michael Carney says:

    Please put an end to this cruelty, and stop all Animal Research Now!!!!

  • margarita clayton says:

    Animal research is cruel of the past. Medical schools have been using alternative methods for a long time which prove to be more reliable no cruelty involved cost effective!!. Ask for advice from them. Animal researchers have absolutely no compassion need the feeling of control superiority. Stop animal research NOW.

  • Matei Monica says:

    they are just wanted maney and success through the animal’s pain.

  • Paulette Kaplan says:

    Bioculture must abandon the thoughts of a prison for primates. I support the government officials for opposing this cruel and disgusting treatment of monkeys.This is wrong.

  • Carla says:

    Wow! WTF is OUR United States Gov doing here for animals????? Nothing that’s what!!! Perhaps a move soon.. to a more peaceful animal loving country!!!

  • lynda downie says:

    That’s really good to hear! Great to know the Puerto Rican Senate was responsive to the voices in opposition to Bioculture.

  • Uga VII says:

    oh me oh my ain’t that something! great post bravo!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Harming monkeys or other innocent creature is an egregious affront to the Creator !

  • Janet says:

    Jane Velez Mitchell is always taking on animal rights issues. Keep up the good work Jane.