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Written by PETA | April 3, 2009

Phew! We have so many great protest pictures to share that we decided to hit you with them all at once. Brace yourselves:

Animal defenders of all ages turned out for our protest against the (ab)use of animals in trauma training exercises at Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg
… including baby McCartney (named after you-know-who).
Fort Bragg2
Our gaggle of PETA chicks caused quite a stir in Youngstown, Ohio, where they told the “naked truth” to passersby outside a KFC. Even the manager of the KFC was sympathetic, telling them that his son had just gone vegetarian.
Youngstown OH
Mickey and Minnie are up to their old tricks, this time at a Lowe’s in Houston, Texas. A construction-induced traffic jam proved to be a mouse’s best friend, providing a captive audience who eagerly snapped up all our leaflets.
Mickey and Minnie
It was an embarrassment of riches for Houston, which was also blessed with one of our much-coveted veggie hotdog giveaways featuring PETA’s Lettuce Ladies.
Lettuce Ladies
Deputy Dog, I presume?
Deputy Dog
More babies! This mother and munchkin who were passing by just happened to be wearing coordinating PETA T-shirts. What are the odds?
And finally, we travel to South Korea, where PETA Asia-Pacific stole all the thunder from Seoul Fashion Week.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Bananas says:

    Do you know that God is real? Or do you just believe what you read in a book? Im sure PETA does not go around making up stories about animal abuse for no reason. Its real and its happening now. Why dont you look up videos via the internet then decide if the abuse is happening or not. Im also one of those stupid protesters I went naked on a cold day instead of wearing fur and Im still alive so it is possible…. and worth it!

  • Unknown says:

    Well do we really know about whats happening around the world like PETA says? And for the people who say they would prefer to go naked than were fur are dumb. What would you wear on a cold day?

  • Saucy says:

    GIRL POWER! Uh Huh huh. Thought we couldn’t do it now didn’t ya Uh huh huh. I love the lettuce ladies and the naked chicks. Looks like they’re really working that crowd. The police officer seems convinced that veggie dogs are the way to go………. even a baby knows that hurting animals is wrong.

  • David says:

    Go Ashley Fruno!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I live in Houston and would have loved to have been a part of the veggie dog giveaway. Where do I find out about activities like this so I can help participate?

  • Owen says:

    All of you are so great. Keep up the good work. I know it’s helping..

  • Ria says:

    Those are THE cutest babies I have ever seen! Yay for little veggie tots

  • Gina says:

    This is so amazing i’m so glad that PETA came to my state and promoted their veggie hotdogs. Yum! I wish I was there I would have loved more than anything to help out

  • Ariel says:

    Aw I live in Houston and would have loved to have attended either of these! I am so glad that PETA is workin it here in Texas!