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Protestors Win! Rabbit Fur Gets the Boot

Written by PETA | September 9, 2011

After PETA Australia members took to the runway during a Melbourne Spring Fashion Week show, the show’s organizers decided to pull all fur from the remaining shows.

No doubt worried that more protests would soon follow, Fashion Week organizers directed furry Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology student designer Molly Herben to remove the rabbit fur pieces from her show before they hit the runway. Another designer, Jack Loder, who had planned to show dresses made of impala fur and leather and trimmed with exotic feathers, also pulled his designs.

”As they stormed the catwalk, I thought, ‘What does this mean for my work?”’ said Loder. ”I spoke to [Fashion Week officials] the next morning and we agreed straight away: it’s best if we just take it down.”

While members of PETA and our affiliates continue to educate the fashion industry via their own runways, you can help crush the cruel fur industry’s profits by refusing to buy or wear any fur

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Nancy says:

    Glad to see more fur OFF the fashion runway. We need help in Canton, OH with raising community awareness & writing the Football Hall of Fame Committee know to leave fur OUT of the Hall of Fame Fashion Show. A local fur company exhibits their furs at this show. The show is usually on the first Friday morning of the Hall of Fame luncheon in August in Canton. On the plus side, they did have one ”pleather” item in their fashion show. Fur is NOT fashion!

  • kim says:

    i really think, carla, we need to stop qualifying other species- bad for dogs, but ok for a rat. bad for a mink, but ok for a rabbit(?)- now that’s a new one. First of all, farmed rabbit fur has nothing to do with over population of rabbits in Australia. There may be problem, but I can almost guarantee that it was caused by human interference/action at some point. And really who are you to decide which species should be protected and which should end up on some bourgeoises’ back? It seems to me you are the ill-informed and typical small minded human who cannot see beyond their own circumstance.

  • Animal Freer says:

    Inhumane treatment and skinning of rabbits by fur “farmers” has nothing to do with the reported wth rabbit population of Australia. No creature deserves to live in squalor behind bars in all weathers and then to be electrocuted anally befiore being brutally skinned. Take a look at Peta’s videos (egYoutube on the Chinese fur trade, if you can stand to watch the horror inflicted on our defenceless, innocent fellow creatures !

  • Susan Trout says:

    Too bad protesters can’t descend upon designer Alexander Wang’s shows and his offices in New York. This designer basically makes wearing fur seem like a trendy, fun thing to do. His comments in the August issue of Allure magazine (article titled “Fur Real!”) are stomach-turning. I’m writing a letter to the editor to complain about their emphasis on real animal fur. It’s like two steps forward and five steps back. The hip hop scene and young people seem to be completely ignorant of the cruelty that is steeped in every aspect of fur. It is NOT GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, WARM OR FASHIONABLE. It savagely robs peaceful creatures of their lives, causes immense suffering for caged fur farm animals and turns the cretin wearing fur into an object that SHOUTS…I don’t give a fuck about animals–it’s all about me and I want to show the world that I’m successful and rich! Oh my God!

  • Karen says:

    Carla: Why punish the animals for what the humans did.

  • Stepanie Dyer says:

    Fabulous news we must continue to keep fighting this evil fur trade

  • Piety Bowling says:

    OMG that is so awesome! I love it! Those girls are awesome and I commend them for standing up for what they believe in!

  • donata says:

    we need to try more here in usa

  • chris says:

    wow, very brave! well done! *claps* wooooo

  • Carla says:

    I understand & suppose PETA protesting about fur, when the animal is a mink, bear or endangered. However, this protest shows a real ignorance about rabbits as an introduced pest into Australia and the absolute misery caused by the numbers. As well as the damage to farming land the destruction to our natural flora and therefore the natural habitat of native animals. PETA dilutes the importance of their work when they are supposed protests that are ill formed.

  • Tom Lyon says:

    Those women (and at least one guy I saw there, too) are so brave! I literally was brought to tears of respect for their willingness to accept public ridicule and possibly even more to help give a voice to the animals. Bless Them!!!!

  • Julia says:

    Wow, that is so awesome! Thank you PETA for doing this amazing job. <3

  • Christine says:


  • SmittenKitten says:

    LOVED this video, you go girls!!! You were fantastic! The animals would thank you if they could, in lieu of their personal praises and thanks, I thank you myself, from the bottom of my heart, that protest took a lot of guts! 🙂

  • lisa says:

    Wow you go girls absolutely amazing hit them where it really hurts just wish id been there lol, its about time designers got with the times and now they are running scared and pulling their fur designs. Well done to you all

  • Marianna Abrahamyan says:


  • Petra Kreuzer says:

    I just have a “living fur”(my cat)in my arms and I can’t even imagine the horror if he would be skinned alive because of his fur. Fur is nothing without the animal it belongs to. Only a living, breathing fur is a nice fur!!!!

  • Maria Bustillo says:

    Please stop killing animals for fashion!