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Protest SeaWorld From Your Living Room

Written by PETA | June 15, 2010



From plane flyovers to 18-hour tub-ins, people are saying “enough” to SeaWorld’s exploitation of orcas, bottlenose dolphins, and other animals. And now, even if you live nowhere near Orlando, San Antonio, or San Diego—where SeaWorld forces marine mammals to spend their entire lives in tiny tanks—you can still make a difference for animals if you RSVP to our virtual protest on Facebook and participate in it on June 18.

SeaWorld, which owns most of the captive orcas and bottlenose dolphins in the U.S., has a hideous history of animal exploitation. Marine mammals suffer for years in tanks that are only a few times larger than their bodies. They are never able to swim freely, feel the ocean current, or enjoy life in a closely knit pod, and they die far short of the life span that they would enjoy if they lived in the ocean where they belong. And the park’s death toll is staggering, counting not only orcas such as Taima, her mother, and her stillborn calf but also humans, including the trainer who was killed by Tilly the orca in February.

If you RSVP for the Facebook event now and update your Facebook status with a comment about SeaWorld on Friday, you and all the friends you can muster can show park officials that their deadly attraction belongs in the history books.

Spread the word to your friends and family: Never buy a ticket to SeaWorld.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Laine says:

    My sister has started the Seaworld Shutdown here on the Gold Coast, Australia. Please go to Facebook SEAWORLD SHUT DOWN and sign her petition as so far this is totally new here and we are the only two trying to do something. Thank you

  • Bubi says:

    You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sairhng.

  • human friend says:

    domestic terrorists

  • Natalia says:

    I admit to my ignorance I visited SeaWorld 2 years back and didn’t even think of how wrong it was I see it now. Keep pushing this campaign so everyone can see.

  • Marietta says:

    No captive WILDLIFE !!!! It is time to let them all free respect their freedom and habitat… be it the sea world or zoos… or other captive sites! It is ENOUGH !!

  • Adrienne Beischel says:

    I don’t think people get just how wrong Sea World is.

  • teresa says:

    I will do what I can to STOP SeaWorld from continouslly thinking for$$$ this is a way to go. When it is not!!! All it does is the opposite. I bet they make more money doing with animal different like in Africa and where animals arent a threat to anyone. Now Sea world is to poor marine life! It is GOD’s other world and doing wrong knowninglly is the worst luck anyone can put upon themselves. I learned when i done something i wasn’nt sure about their is a serious consequence. Its time for Sea World to be displayed totally different. Museums can be historical only not useing innoccent animals with a desperate decire to stretchswimbreathe like they are intitled to.