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‘Project Run(A)way’ (From Animal Suffering)

Written by PETA | October 9, 2009

I know we’ve got Project Runway fans out there, especially after the show’s guru of good taste, Tim Gunn, appeared in PETA’s anti-fur video.


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If, like me, you watch the show obsessively caught last night’s episode, you probably did cartwheels in the living room when one “Divorcee Dress Challenge” client, Stephanie, insisted that Nicolas use no wool, silk, leather, or fur in his transformation of her old wedding dress into an outfit she could enjoy as a single woman. I believe her exact words were that she wanted him to be certain “no animals have to suffer.”

Now if only Stephanie’s snarky designer had spent less time rolling his eyes and more time fashioning a knock-out design instead of ho hum separates, he might have won the challenge. Either way, Stephanie gets top marks for speaking up for animals.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Veronica says:

    I just watched Season 10 ep 1 & it was full of leather & snakeskin…I guess I just thought if Tim knows that animals suffer so much they would ban animal product use on the show by now. There are so many good faux materials they could use instead.

  • laura joslin says:

    I love this from Tim Gunn HOWEVER I notice that L’Oreal Cosmetics is a sponsor of Project Runway they do animal testing for their products???!!! Any comments on that?

  • Lindsey says:

    It is heart wrenching to watch something like that and know that it has been going on for far too long. Thank you for the education and awareness you are bringing to all of us!

  • Kiley Clark says:

    I love this!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Tim wish there were more people like you in your industry!

  • Kayty says:

    Does it really matter that they are going to be using Feather next time? Sure fur is a big reall does hurt the animals but…

  • Kristen Casenave says:

    What a welldone but heartbreaking video. Thank you Tim Gunn!!! As the episode where the designers made outfits out of newspaper proves you don’t need animal products for good design. The material do not make the outfitfit function and design do.

  • Michael says:

    This is totally unrelated.. but have any of you ever actually said “The Petal Files” out loud?

  • Fina says:

    As Of Today I Have Had Never Realized That As Much That I Have Eaten Meat .God Forgive MeFor I Had Never Thought About How These Beautiful Animals Are tortured For Our Pleasure Of Satisfaction. Sincerely Fina Marie

  • Jennie says:

    AGREED! thursday was my first time watching it and as soon as i heard her say that i was like “this is my kind of show!”

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    At least his score was high enough that he didn’t risk elimination.

  • Russell says:

    I was heartened to see this as well. Unfortunately the next episode is titled “Sequins Feathers and Fur Oh My!” Hopefully this is misleading as I’d hate to see the show drift from its previous opposition to fur usage.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Any person who abstains from wool silk Leather and fur is a champion for animal welfare.