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“President Bush” Shows Support for Turkeys

Written by PETA | November 12, 2008

This year, in response to the gobbledygook that is offered on Butterball’s Thanksgiving hotline (tips for stuffing a murdered bird? No, thank you!), you’ll never guess who is greeting 1-888-VEG-FOOD callers and asking folks to pardon all turkeys from the horrible fate of being Thanksgiving dinner. A clue? He’s “decided” to give the birds a break.

Each year, the president “pardons” two turkeys, who used to be sent to, ahem, Frying Pan Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. Well, instead of letting two overblown, overgrown birds get a few months to hobble around on painful legs, here’s an idea: Go meat-free! Of all the tough decisions boggling the Executive-brain, this one should be the easiest to make. The weapons of mass defeathering are well-documented, and are known as shackles, scalding tanks, and blade machines. Check out the words of wisdom:


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So, a word to those who would celebrate Thanksgiving with a dead centerpiece: Why not try one of these life-affirming, tasty recipes instead? Or how about a faux turkey? Or a vegan Wellington of mass deliciousness? Yep, healthy, vegetarian Thanksgiving fare abounds, and the turkeys needn’t be the only ones doing the gobbling.

Written by Charlotte Gordon

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  • Lori says:

    I think most people forget what holidays are all about.. they make it too much about the food and not even think about the livingbeing that was torturedgave there life to be part of there table scape. Holidays are about getting together with family and friends new old to remenisce and be thankful. The wall steet journal was right regarding the “celebration roast” Peace begins on your plate. Lori

  • misty says:

    amen! turkeys are for loving not eating

  • SILVIA says:

    I do not know the live in Italy. But I love and defend the turkeys! Silvia Italia

  • patycakes says:

    Meat eaters or not meat eaters have ‘Celebration Roast’instead of turkey flesh.It was recommended in the ‘Wall Street Journal’this year and tastes delicious.I tried it before Thanksgiving day.It could be bought at Whole Foods and at it’s to late to order by Internet for your dinnerget it at Whole Foodsor make sure to have it for Christmasinstead of eating the butt of a pig.Ham You are going to love the taste.So good!The bonuses from eating all meat substitutes is there is never anything synthetic about them.All good for youwith lots and lots of protein and fiber.My bodybuilding husband loves them!

  • Darrel says:

    Why does PETA lie to us? Thats not Bush.

  • janna harriss says:

    This guy is to Bush as Fey is to Palin. HIlarious!

  • heather says:

    the wolves are in yellowstone. another good place to help animals thank you PETA!

  • Josefin says:

    I am amazed that the undercover investigators can stand and film things like this.. It is very very good that they do and I am thankful that they exist but I think I would have been so disgusted and furious that I couldn’t have stopped myself from trying to help the birds. I probably would never had gone in there in the first place I couldn’t even watch it all on video. Keep up the good work PETA investigators!

  • Barbara Bates says:

    It’s a good one that made me laugh as “Bush” got his message across but do you know what bugs me? The way anyone thinks it’s the turkey that needs the pardon! Meat eaters should be going down on their knees begging pardon of the animals for mass slaughter and greed

  • LIsa Racz says:

    Ahhhh Very funny guys!! I havent had my cup of coffee her yet in Arizona and almost thought this Bush speach was real. I had to call PETA to confirm that this is a comedian. Too good to be true for Bush to even care about animals!! HA HA HA

  • lucaz says:

    um… gARRY yes we all know it’s fake. We are not getting tricked.

  • Christine says:

    My hubby and teenager and I already went veg many many months ago thanks to the PETA insider videos. It still upsets and disgusts me that the animals are treated this way. Im so sad knowing that this thanksgiving so many turkeys are suffering….Thank you PETA for continueing to get the inside info…I don’t agree with everything you do but I do apriciate what you do for the animals.

  • uma says:

    peta please save the animalsand shoot the workers in thier private place. all the best PETA

  • James says:

    I am ashamed to be a human. We have a responsibility to care for the less fortunate and less intelligent beings not kill and eat them. I believe that 100 years from now if humanity exits we will be considered barbarians for what we have done to our fellow beings. I am ashamed and horrified to be on the same planet as these “idiots”.

  • Kay Fromm says:

    I detest these men…no..true men would never do something so cruel and horrible… they are monsters.. digusting monsters… Does it really make these repulsive pathetic slimeballs..get off on such incredible cruelty?? They are pathetic losers. Will they ever be punished? How could the punishment ever fit such a disgusting crime.. I truly loathe and despise them.If only we could do to them what they did and do to those poor defenseless birds…What kind of parents raised these monsters?? Sadly…there are many more out there who are just like these cretins… God can never forgive such cruelty.

  • Talysha says:

    Who is that playing Bush??? I’m in Canada so I already had my thanksgiving and I’m happy to say it was turkeychicken free D Have a good turkeyless thanksgiving everybody and enjoy the veganveretarian alternatives D

  • gARRY says:


  • David says:

    Humping a turkey?! A worker sticking his finger in a turkey’s privates?! Slamming a turkey against a metal stair rail so that its spine is exposed and blood is everywhere?! These “people” need to see a psychiatrist!!

  • john says:

    well thats just insiain

  • lynda downie says:

    He’s good! And kudos to the persons who thought up this idea. That was excellent!

  • liz says:

    hahaha this is funny and i hope it works to convence some people but the video that comes on afterwards is horrible! i cant even watch the whole thing!!!

  • lizz says:

    I frankly couldn’t have cared less whether or not it was an impersonator by the time I had gotten to the end of the video.

  • SASHA says:


  • Mark says:

    Okay who are these people saying “I thought it was going to be the real Bush” or “this is an imposter”? Really? The fact that Peta put the name “President Bush” in quotation marks in the headline didn’t clue you in? It’s not like Peta thougth this was really Bush or were trying to trick you into thinking it’s really him. When you watch SNL do you get confused and disappointed?

  • Sally says:

    oh jeez i honestly thought that was him for a minute. haha

  • Emma says:

    it’s not bush

  • Marsha S. says:

    Well of course! They are his family members!

  • Adam Buckley says:

    Is this an impostor? He sounds like a fake. He has the voice and physique but the way he’s speaking it sounds like he’s faking it and trying to trick viewers into believing that he wants you to be vegetarian. I don’t think Bush is a vegetarian. Or are you trying to get out a message of animal welfare?

  • jiminycricket says:

    emma manday ever heard of “satire”? pretty accurate though

  • Aneliese says:

    oh I nearly thought it would really be George Bush! haha good video PETA. “That’s PE…”

  • Michelle says:

    I remember that episode of the Rugrats!!! I hate being an adult I never see the Rugrats anymore… lol. Anyway before I saw that the pic was not Bush I was really surprised and impressed by this. But the disappointment set back in. Oh well one day animal cruelty will be a hot issue in politics. Until then…

  • mandy says:

    this isnt even bush i think but idk xD

  • indycar01 says:

    vegan by design see my longgg message at click search 2 times type in indycar01

  • Solun says:

    This is really funny thank you!

  • Jennifer L. says:

    No kidding Emma? Ya think?

  • MA Moore says:

    Perhaps now is the time to start a National Wildlife Breeding Program instead of barbaric and sensless killing to cull wildlife populations including deer wolves and bears.

  • MA Moore says:

    Kudos to President Bush…….from the Turkeys. Now Please STOP the Ariel gunning of Wolves in Alaska. Thank you.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I love this guy. Not the real president Bush. I have seen him on tv many times and he is hilarious but what is his real name? I know I have heard his real name but don’t remember what it is. Good message.

  • King of Fiji says:

    Somehow the Thanksgiving episode of Rugrats just randomly popped into my brain where they were upset that the turkey was going to be eaten and they had to save the turkey and in the end……they did. That was a nice episode of Rugrats. Thanks for bringing back nostalgia Big Forheaded Bush Impersonator.

  • emma says:

    that isnt bush