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Written by PETA | June 9, 2008

The legendary gore director Lloyd Kaufman on Troma Studios’ latest psychotronic flick, which opens in Los Angeles on June 12:

Poultrygeist concerns a fast-food chicken establishment built on an ancient Indian graveyard. And since the Indians were also exterminated, and billions and billions of chickens were exterminated, the Indian spirits and the chicken spirits merge underground and come up into the fast-food establishment … and Poultrygeist ensues.”

The man is quite clearly a genius. Is all I can say. But here’s Lloyd himself with more:

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  • Rochelle says:

    I’ve been going to Troma movies for years. The most famous one was Toxic Avenger which had to do with the poisonous environment. I saw Poultryguist at a preview showing. Even though it is antifast food and against animal cruelty be aware it is the sickest movie I have seen and it’s hilarious. NOT FOR CHILDREN !!!

  • lynda downie says:

    Wow! I like this guy. I’d never heard of him before. What a heartening interview.

  • Jason Levy says:

    Amazing…I’ll definitely have to check this out on DVD!

  • Eric says:

    “PETA is actually what made me stop eating beef and fowl I still eat some human flesh however” HAHAHA this guy is awesome!! VEGAN POWER!!