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How About Some Poo With Your Ice Cream?

Written by PETA | October 30, 2008
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Ice Cream

Remember how people were disgusted when we suggested putting human breast milk in ice cream? Compare that to the latest news story out of Australia—the one about the family of vacationers who discovered that, no, that wasn’t chocolate ice cream; it was more of a dookie congelée. Now whose ice cream is gross, hmm?

That’s right—a pair of guests at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney were served a nice dish of gelato, complete with its own poop garnish. They believe that they were served the chocolate poo chunk as an act of “kitchen revenge”—the couple had complained about some loud music earlier that evening.

You know what my favorite part of this story is? That “DNA analysis is now being carried out to determine whether the poo was of human or (sic) animal origin.” (“I went and threw up, obviously,” the woman said. No kidding!)

On the other hand, as Alexia over at PETA Europe points out, is this so very much worse than the frozen secretions in milk? I mean, yeah, it is disgusting, but at least it’s not full of pus, right? And hey, both get squeezed out of an animal. … I’m just sayin’.

And wait a minute—it’s not like a lot of people aren’t regularly eating poop anyway. Think about it: Animals on factory farms are stuck in their own waste all day long—is it any surprise that meat is so often contaminated with feces? And people wonder where salmonella comes from ….

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • SASHA says:


  • cooksomething says:

    hi i am a student chef and this is a law suit. the persons responsible were very irresponsible. this is an outrage.

  • Hope says:

    i love ice cream!

  • Mark says:

    “I really don’t want to eat poop” oh I was worried there for a second

  • Abby says:

    If it was an act of kitchen revenge it had nothing to do with ice cream. If they had ordered salads or veggie burgers the spiteful and disgusting staff could have found a way to put something gross in there. The fact that ice cream is made with cow’s milk has nothing to do with what was done to these poor people. According to many people in the restaurant industry chefs and line cooks often look down upon vegetarians. This was discussed in the book Kitchen Confidential and has been openly discussed by chefs on tv. If a worker spits or does other things to food requested to be made without any animal products that has nothing to do with the merits of that food or the diet of the person who wanted it.

  • Tom says:

    Pssht I’d rather eat human poo than pus and blood filled dairy ice cream. …I really don’t want to eat poop I’m just demonstrating how gross ice cream really is.

  • King of FIji says:

    I’m allergic to milk and soydairy free ice cream tastes just as good to sptie having to heavy it up on the sugar to make up to a lack of cow milk so whatever. I’m just going to say ew and walk away from this one. xD Also wasn’t cabbage and other forms of vegetables contaminated with ecoli and salmonella in a recent recall recently?

  • David says:

    If this was an act of “kitchen revenge” as it appears to be then it is a criminal act and I can only hope that local prosecutors will investigate the matter thoroughly and punish the offenders to fullest extent of the law. I would also hope that those responsible for hiring decisions at Coogee Bay Hotel would do a better job in the future of vetting job applicants and monitoring them once they have been hired. As for the couple who were the unfortunate recipients of this icecream I hope that they are ok and won’t have to suffer any adverse consequences to their health as a result.