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Playmate to Politicians: Take a Bite (and Cool Down)

Written by PETA | July 17, 2008

Like you, dear reader, PETA is concerned about the sad state of affairs in Washington. Never content to just sit around, though, we’re doing our part to get the pork out of politics. And although congressional staffers are used to hearing from folks who have a beef, we arrived without any at all! OK, I’ll stop with the puns …

As those of you who frequent The PETA Files surely remember, every year, PETA heads to Capitol Hill to celebrate National Veggie Dog Day by giving away those meatless treats—along with copies of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit.” And if that’s not enough to get the attention of those who stalk the corridors of power, there was Playboy Playmate—and PETA member—Lauren Anderson in a lettuce-leaf bikini.

As one might expect, this attracted some attention. Not only did the line stretch around the block, the media showed up in full force as well. (In case anyone wonders why we use tactics like lettuce-leaf bikinis, that’s why.)

It wasn’t all just food and frivolity, though. We used the occasion to make these Beltway insiders aware of the connection between meat-eating and global warming. As Ms. Anderson put it, “If people thought about the environmental destruction, cruelty to animals, and unsavory-sounding body parts that go into meat hot dogs, they’d be switching to veggie hot dogs faster than you can say ‘inconvenient truth.'” Amen! And pass the mustard.

And, yes, we have pictures:

Photo Credit: Stephanie Borrell

Photo Credit: Stephanie Borrell

Posted by Jeff Mackey

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  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Aimee Food is terribly expensive nowadays. I assume you’re buying organic? Even if you’re not here are some suggestions. If you can buy from your local farmers. Not all local farmers can affod the “certified organic” label. The USDA charges the farmers thousands of dollars every single year for them to be certified. Just ask your local farmers if their produce is organic. Supporting them keeps the economy local and is good for the economy of your whole community. Keep in mind that eating healthy vegetarian food will save you from expensive medical bills so don’t indulge in expensive or unhealthy snacks cut back by half or 75 percent of sweets junk food etc. Keep in mind that your body will adjust and healthy snacks like watermellon will taste much more sweet when your body is not expecting fruit roll ups all the time. Also since you’re so young I assume mom and dad help with the expenses? Show them these comments and tell them that you would like to negotiate to earn more “allowance”. I began working full time when I was 14 and I loved it. You might offer to do some work if you don’t already like office work that’s what I did or petsitting or something to earn extra money. Good luck you’re doing an extremely compassionate thing by going vegetarian.

  • Michele says:

    Aimee it’s not as hard to be a vegetarian as people may have told you before even for active individuals. There are many superathletes around the world who are vegetarianvegan US Olympian Carl Lewis is just one example. The best suggestion would be to check out or believe it or not vegan cooking can be much cheaper than a diet with meat dairy etc as long as you don’t eat too many convenience foods. Another place to try is they have some fabulous recipes too! Best of luck if you are motivated you will definitely be able to make the switch! Then you will be able to tell people that you save 100 animals per year by going veg!

  • Aimee says:

    firstly hello well being a vegetarian is not only quite difficult when you have a meat eating family but also when the foood is wayyy toooooo expensive! Could everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some advice if veagatarianism is the best thing for me! I am 14 and lead a slightly active lifestyle!

  • katie says:

    how cute!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Thanks Chrissy I think we’re really on the same team!

  • Chrissy says:

    Maya your positivity is both surprising and much appreciated. I concur.

  • Saucy says:

    WOW! THE POWER TO CONFOUND THE WISE …OH! EARS UP EVERYONE….. Yes the ears attached to your head. THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM Let those you have ears HEAR! Let those who have eyes SEE! Let those who have gifts and talents lend themselves to their good works! Oh you better wake up America. Come out of your stupor. We are uncovered. We are opening ourselves up to the WRATH OF GOD. The biggist sin of all the UNFORGIVABLE The Forbidden Fruit! And I’m not talking about the two beautiful girls standing on the corner but the blood that we mercilessly spill to feed our lust for fear and misery. Thats twisted folks. It is perverted. Do you not understand where this fear and misery is going. Into you belly your body your temple. Please get a Revelation America. We will meet the same fate that we dole out to others. We are not above animals who we share the same BREATH and SPIRIT OF LIFE. Ecclisiastes 319. Yes we have gifts and talents abilities that animals don’t have thats true but have you ever given someone a gift and had them trash it. You know how that feels. The Bible says that we are mere dust a vapor that is visible for a little while and dissapears likea puff of smoke. Come on Washington. Your Salvation May Be Required Today!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Wow those girls are beautiful and so healthy looking! It must be the really great food they eat! Nice to see such a positive event in Washington hopefully we’ll all have a new leader soon. Would Obama eat vegan I wonder?

  • Tabitha says:

    Did you purposefully do it the week BEFORE the big hot dog lunch on Capital Hill?

  • DARYL says:

    I think I’m in love with the beautiful brunette lady on the left! Please forward her my email address lol! More please!

  • emilie says:

    very good idea !

  • chris says:

    i actually know heaps of people who dont just skin animals but eatthem too….omg. these animals include cows and pigs. i think its called the foodchain.