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Pink and Stella McCartney Unveil Anti-Fur Ad in Paris

Written by PETA | March 9, 2009

Pink and Stella McCartney took time out of their busy schedules this afternoon to unveil our new TV ad, “Stolen for Fashion,” at Paris’ fashion week. In the 30-second spot, a loveable alligator, voiced by Pink, and a feisty rabbit, voiced by U.K. funnyman Ricky Gervais, confront the fashion felons who stole their skins. Check out pictures of the unveiling below:


Pink and Stella McCartney
Pink and Stella McCartney

Pink and PETA VP Dan Mathews
Pink and PETA VP Dan Mathews


Oh, and if you haven’t seen the ad yet, check it out here. Don’t forget to post a comment below letting us know what you think!

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • JACK says:

    How many realize that the silk they wear and sleep on is obtained by killing the pupae before he leaves the very same silk he made the cocoon for that you wear and sleep on as well as have in your soaps and cosmetics. How many realize those plastic grocery bags and plastic water bottles came from oil that more than likely is adrift at sea. And how many of you don’t ride a bicycle or walk instead of burning gas with just one person riding. I think many antifurists are hyprocrites.

  • Ana says:

    I had to stop the video the images will forever be burned in my mind. I just can’t conceive how humans can feel that they can do such cruelty to any living being. How do these humans sleep at night without any nightmares. I can say that i’m proud to be a vegan and know that my time here on this beautiful but cruel planet I thought of others beings besides myself I know that my God will say well done thank you for your compassion my daughter. I can’t stop the tears.

  • Sunflower girl says:

    I think it’s SO wrong that these poor innocent animals have to go through such a horific experience just because they can’t speak English! Really if you think about it these poor things just want to have a normal animal life and be free and happy but that can’t happen because of cruel people that deskin poor creatures because they want to make a few little dollars! They don’t even realise they’re crushing a poor little critters dreams and killing everything they ever hoped for! I know it might sound silly but I think animals have dreams and hopes but their dreams and hopes can’t happen if terrible mean people thrash them and tear off their skin! Poor things… Spending their whole life in a tiny cage only to be torn into pieces. Next time you wear fur think about the REAL impact it’s having on animals not just about your wallet!

  • Sara says:

    mlo really? Pamela Anderson? All fair and well for her to say she’s proanimals but let’s not forget that she poses in ads with leather clothes carries a massive leather bag and that Dodge Viper she sold to donate funds to PETA? Leather seats leather trim. Last I checked leather belonged to cows first. And Stella while I admire her style it’s pretty ridiculous that SO MUCH of her line is silk. Silk worms are BOILED ALIVE so their cocoons can be harvested without their little transformed bodies climbing out of it.

  • Lory says:

    Thank you Pink Thank you Stella!!! Support these artits!!! They deserve appreciation not just for their fantastic artistical jobs but also because they stand for the right of the weaks. Thanks to all the McCartney family great artists and even greater persons!!!!

  • Saucy says:

    A really rotton mean coldhearted person thats who steals a coat. Do I like the ad? Of course. Do I think it will change the minds of anyone above the age of twelve? Not sure. Try the nice approach try the not so nice approach try the flour try the blood try the paint try the horrific graphic images try the sugarcoated version for the dim minded. In my opinion an adult person who knows the vulgarity of the fur industry the vicious cruelty and continues to where fur supports the fur industry is no longer human.

  • Dace Pāve says:

    Thank you ladies!!!

  • Barbara says:

    Great job ladies! I’m so proud of their efforts to make the world aware of fur cruelty.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great ad and message. Website beautifully designed too. As the second video states tanning leather creates 800000 tons of toxic waste every year so wearing leather isn’t exactly a benign activity either.

  • Maureen says:

    Those skinned bodies even in this powerful video are hard to look at.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The animal kingdom has been blessed by the McCartney family’s love for all creatures. Paul Linda Stella and Mary McCartney have humanely used their celebrity and money to proactively support vegetariansim and many animal welfare causes for over three decades.

  • GypsyWytch says:

    The ad is good because it puts a voice on the animals. The reason humans abuse other animals so badly is because they are unable to say “STOP!” in a way humans will understand. I mean obviously their screaming should be enough but if they could make a speech about it it would be a different story. GREAT AD! Well done Pink Stella!

  • roxanne` says:

    great video i seen it on peta official youtube account. poor bunny why steal his coat. but in reality not only do they steal his coat but they skin him alive for his coat. sickening

  • sarah kearney says:

    go pink you are a living legend..shes became famous for her positves believes. true genuine people are animal lovers

  • EVA says:

    Very well done.

  • mlo says:

    You know it’s always the truly misunderstood celebrities who have the most compassionate of hearts i.e. Pamela Anderson. I kick myself for judging them in the past. Pink and Pam are truly beautiful people and I love Pink’s new album.

  • klperry says:

    it’s great and I think will be very effective.. I mean the images.. the rabbit even in his ‘gory’ state was still cute! take note all you animal fur wearing lovers or snakealligator skin lovers .. these are the animals that suffer SO just so you can flaunt and wear THEIR furs andor skins. BIG TIME abominable dire shame on you!!

  • yvonne says:

    these fur wearers most prob dont’ liek to think of bloodied skinned animals with their whole skins torn offfrom their bodies .. some conscious or semiconscious during the I can only imagine agonising skinning procedure.. it is so horrific I cna’t imagine what these and so many other animals go thorugh.. not to mention a lifetime caged up in a small cramped cage.. you wear fur.. any fur even trim.. then you support or are supporting this extreme cruelty to animals.. time to WAKE UP!!