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Pink Sees Red Over Ringling’s ‘Free Pass’

Written by PETA | March 31, 2011

Rock icon and animal defender Pink recently fired off a letter to President Obama asking him to find out why the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has closed three investigations into serious allegations of cruelty to animals by the Ringling Bros. circus without taking action. The investigations expired because of the statute of limitations—a delay caused by the USDA, the very department that was supposed to be investigating Ringling!

PETA is challenging the Office of General Counsel to reopen these investigations because the following animals suffered and died while in Ringling’s “care”:

  • Clyde, a 2-year-old lion, was killed when he was allowed to bake to death in a boxcar as the circus traveled through the Mojave Desert on a scorching July day when temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. The circus refused to stop the train so that Clyde could be watered because the train was behind schedule.
  • Eight-month-old baby elephant Riccardo was killed while he was being violently trained with ropes and bullhooks to stand on a circus pedestal. He fell off the pedestal, breaking both of his legs and requiring that he be euthanized.
  • Elephant Angelica was beaten with a bullhook while she was chained by two legs.

Five years ago, while still serving as a senator, Barack Obama asked the USDA on PETA’s behalf for an update on these pending cases and was assured that appropriate action was being pursued.

The lack of action in these investigations is particularly troubling since government officials have already been found to be in cahoots with Ringling.

We’re also calling on the USDA to seize four elephant traveling with Ringling right now who are suffering from painful arthritis. Please don’t wait to speak out for these animals—they need you now.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Plover says:

    I’m really disappointed to see more commercial ads pop up featuring singer Pink. In the past she has shown nothing but fight and love to help animals suffering. So its a shame to see her calling herself a CoverGirl one of the worst animal oppressors of them all.

  • Ira says:

    I wish that the elephants could get the trainers and all abusers on their trunks and SPLASH them against the floor !!

  • Ira says:

    Not just ban the abuses, ban this “human beins” lives and BAN THE CIRCUS with animals!! this is DISGUSTING!

  • Jane Holderness says:

    I haven’t been to ringling circus in 13 years and now I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon. Those poor Animals. How many animals will have to die in order to prove the point. I don’t Think circus’s should have animals in them at all.

  • debbie Zarb-Cousin says:

    Please let us know if you have been able to stop this cruelty…. I can’t bear to think of how much suffering these poor animals have to endure

  • Melody .. Australia says:

    No animal deserves this treatment, they should be nurtured, protected and highly respected, and be able to live in their own protected habitat.. its the circus owners, black marketers, trainers and anyone else that abuses and hurts animals that should be locked in a cage permanently… There is great entertainment out there that doesn’t involve animals i.e. cirque de soleil

  • SandyB says:

    Those who want to help – find out when the circus or any other animal abuse based group is coming near you – which you can do on PETA’s website. You can then join others outside the arena and inform those on their way in of the abuse the animals on display have endured to force them to perform those stupid unnatural acts. Peta will give you all the materials you will need to make the point. Most people want no part of this kind of abuse and will be greatful for being made aware of who they were about to give their hard-earned money to. You will make new like-minded friends and make a difference in the suffering that animals endure at the hands of man……

  • Ana says:

    This has to stop,PLEASE!!! Poor animals. Its not fair that they have to suffer for people entertainment!!!! The circus is coming this month to Providence RI. Does anybody know who I can contact to go and protest about animal abuse???

  • StephB says:

    I live in Australia and find this abusive treatment of animals who should be roaming fre absolutely abhorent…and what I consider constitutes murder. Typical politician with all promises before elected then no delivery after he is. Animals aren’t permited in our circuses here for this very reason!

  • AP says:

    It is exactly what ECW has explained. It’s all about money. It is really up to all of us to stop going to circuses and other animal entertainments. This is animal enslavement. it is pure and simple animal cruelty. We have to be their voices, until then nothing will ever change.

  • acameron says:

    How can people be so cruel? How would they feel to die of heat or be forced to stand on a circus pedistal weighing the amount of an elephant and having poor eye vision? People need to start treating animals with a greater amount of respect. A respect animals deserve. The same respect we Should be giving our fellow man. Animals deserve our care and support. They don’t have a voice but we do. And we need to use our voice to speak on behalf of animals suffering and in need and save them from the torture they endure everyday. Why do animals deserve this cruel and unjust treatment?

  • Freddy says:

    I’ve never been to a circus and I don’t plan on ever going to one. Once people stop attending these things then they’ll shut down.

  • doreen shanley says:

    I think it’s disgusting and we should chain them and beat them with bullhooks!!! Put them in a box car and let them know how it feels to dye of thirst!!!!! Karma!

  • cj smith says:

    please help these animals what’s wrong that the president can call a dog fighter and cogradulate him ,but can’t stop and take time out of schedule to help some animals STILL being abused..come on…

  • Linda says:

    This cruelty has to stop.It’s inhumane and it’s a disgrace that this mistreatment is still considered acceptable! It’s disgusting and we should be ashamed as humans that nothing is being done about it.!For the people who are trying to change this,I am very proud that there are some caring humans left who stand up for animals!

  • Stephanie says:

    Thank you Pink!!! We need more celebrities to make a difference in animals lives. We need stricter animal cruelty laws.

  • Linda says:

    how can we help?

  • Kerry says:

    I Love P!NK for what she does to help stop cruelty to animals, there is no need for it and if someone thinks it’s ok, well, they have serious issues. Go P!NK xxx

  • Linda says:


  • FLORA HAGAR says:


  • Randi says:

    sick people in a sick world

  • Lora says:

    Stop circus acts all together.

  • Hollie pollick says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach!! Barrack obama should reopen these investigations immediately! All animals should have rights too.

  • Hollie pollick says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach!! Barrack obama should reopen these investigations immediately! All animals should have rights too.

  • fineartmarcella says:

    Pres. Obama helped an elephant cause before when he was Senator Obama. Maybe he would help now but how in the world would the word get to him???

  • ECW says:

    The problem here is that the circus makes some pretty good money. The commercials mean big business. Regardless of what people claim that the USA stands for, regardless of how many times we hear the words honor, ethics, etc. what it comes down to is that money trumps anything. And since these animals can’t speak for themselves, they can’t even complain about it. But then again, some of us humans complain about this sort of thing. But people choose not to listen.

  • Kim says:

    I hate these people!!!! This makes me sick.

  • laura parra ares says:

    Too bad, the president should do something about it and enforce the rights of these and all animals.

  • Lanec76 says:

    Cruelty to these animals are senseless acts which need to be address in a rightful manner.

  • Ghie says:

    Please stop the abuse of animals by using them as entertainment by people who wants to be entertained without knowing how this animals Are being treated before the show. Let us not support this kind of cruelty as they are here to co exists with us and they have the right to live just like us and not to be caged as they should be freed.

  • wendy Herbig says:

    How incredibly evil

  • tash says:

    This is absolutely disgusting! How can these beautiful animals b treated this way in this day and age! It makes me sick to my stomach that they are allowed to get away with this and its the animals that pay by being beaten or dying! Makes me so cross! I would love to do to them what they do to the animals, sick bastards!!!!!

  • Amandine LEGRAND says:

    ca ne devrait plus arriver!!! Stop that, for your children, for our children, for the planet… take courage, please

  • Lisa Vidro says:

    These poor animals, I have not in years an will not go to the circus anymore, the last time I went to see it, I was so disgusted with the way the animals are treated, and that was in front of an audience, I can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes. There should be something done about this, it has definately gone on far to long.

  • Louise says:

    Click on the “Speak Out” link to send letter of support.

  • Rita Mendes says:


  • steph says:

    because nobody else does.

  • Karen Bocon says:


  • Julie Lemarbre says:

    Yes it should be already stopped, before we have to ask officials to do something…… As I always say, wild animals don’t belong to cages and circuses, they belong to nature……. They deserve to be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William says:

    That is very messed up. Just because ringling is a big name and has millions of dollars they should not get away with this. Anamal crualty is very wrong. I hope that the president will help get to the bottom of this and make the right actions

  • hayley87 says:

    please help these beautiful innocent animals.

  • Laura Dedelow says:

    why do we have to write letters asking for this to stop?