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Pigs to Descend on the U.S. Capitol?

Written by PETA | April 29, 2009


hanscomfamily / CC
Capitol Building

With the world worried about swine flu, we’re ready to turn up the heat—by heading to the steps of the U.S. Capitol to re-create a real-life hog factory farm if our permit is granted. Along with audio of piglets who scream as they endure castration, tail-docking, and ear-notching without any painkillers, our proposed exhibit will include the following:

  • A total of 3,500 1-gallon buckets of pig manure and urine to represent the 3,500 tons of animal waste that pollute our air and water every year, courtesy of each and every average U.S. factory farm (along with giant fans to ensure that everyone gets a whiff)
  • Undercover video footage taken at a pig factory farm
  • Three “pigs” in narrow metal crates to represent the 3 million mother pigs who spend their short, miserable lives churning out babies, unable even to turn around or take a single step in any direction

We’ve submitted the permit requests and asked to set up shop next week. Now, like the neighbors of the smelly hog farm in LaGloria, Mexico, that’s in the news or the folks living next to that smelly hog farm in Tewksbury, Delaware, we’re just holding our breath—and hoping to get our permit so that we can bring a dose of reality to Washington’s visitors, residents, and lawmakers!

Keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully we’ll see you at the Capitol!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Samantha says:

    I am an avid animal right supporter animal ADOPTER not a buyer and have been Vegan for almost 5 years Vegetarian for 20. I try to be POSITIVE with people I meet who ask me about my diet. I wish PETA was working harder to show the good and postive side of animal rights. One comment above mentioned bringing a piglet with you to show how playful and sweet they are. Why can’t you do more of that? The shock value gets old. It couldn’t hurt to try a new tactic.

  • Mary & Michael says:

    NEWSFLASH HAVEN’T YOU ALL HEARD? For those looking about a GLOBAL MARCH change for the ANIMALS on WORLD ANIMAL DAY on OCTOBER 4TH please visit httpwww.animalrightsdiscussion.comForumshowthread.php?t25359 IMPORTANT NOTE SPREAD THE WORD PASS ALONG!! We have to organize in our communities cities NOW!! If you can’t make it to DC USA then MARCH in your hometown’s nearest cities Capitols.

  • Maria says:

    Right on PETA I am with you ALL the WAY and will be there in spirit. PLEASE proceed with displaying the crates that poor female pigs are soo cruelly trapped in their WHOLE short lives.. It makes me soo sad and cry everytime I think of it.Especially when I hear how they are beaten to go back in the cages and resist with all the strength they can muster. Sooo tragic.Pigs are intelligent as small children and are forced to just sit in their cart all day and not even be able to turn around. I am all for OUTLAWING the Factory Farms.!!