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Pet-Store Owner Busted Over Ghostly Find

Written by PETA | April 16, 2010

dead mouse

PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department is pushing hard to ensure that, if he is convicted, a West Virginia pet-store owner currently facing felony cruelty-to-animals charges never gets within arm’s reach of an animal again.

Authorities reportedly found lots of dead animals, including kittens, a dog, a reptile, mice, and rats, during a search of 27-year-old Aaron Ashley’s Pets Plus store in Fairmont, West Virginia, on February 9. Ashley allegedly chose to kill them via hypothermia when they got sick! He is also accused of starving animals and knowingly selling puppies infected with parvovirus, which is often deadly.

How many more examples does anyone need of the disgusting practices that are being unearthed in the backrooms at pet stores and animal dealers: Animals are bashed against floors and walls, stomped on, drowned, put into the freezer alive, and denied food, water, and even basic medical treatment for illness and injury. In 2008, a PETA undercover investigator videotaped a Fairfax, Virginia, Petland employee scooping live rat pups into a plastic bag and slowly freezing them to death. And at U.S. Global Exotics in Arlington, Texas, a few months ago, PETA’s undercover investigator found that employees killed hundreds of sick, injured, and dying animals the same way.

And while this lot turns a buck churning out more animals, millions of dogs and cats die in animal shelters for lack of a good home. Please fight this cruelty by never buying anything from stores that sell animals, always adopting animals from shelters, and opening other people’s eyes.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Lorena says:

    I wil never understand how someone can look into the eyes of a poor animal and kill them it is completely inhumane. If someone is capable of doing that who says they arent capable of murdering another person? Society is raising future assasins.

  • Susan T says:

    G. Evans Great comment. Yes! He spawned MANY children as is evidenced all over the world. The Prince of Darkness has a legion of followers.

  • G EVANS says:


  • kate says:

    it should be illegal to sell pets in stores! that should be the breeders job to sell directly to a family. And the breeders should be watched with eagle eyes!! It makes me freekin sick and sooo angry!!!!

  • Bailey says:

    i dont get why people can be so careless and stupid. p

  • elena says:

    This is just disgusting. I can’t believe people like this. I pray that one day all of the sickening people who think it’s okay to be cruel to animals suffer the same horrible fate as the animals did. How do you think the guy would feel if he was shoved in a freezer and left there to die? Or what if he was denied medical care or his head was bashed against a wall or if he drowned. And if a person was to do this to him of course it would be wrong because it’s wrong to hurt any INNOCENT creature. Or at least it would be wrong if he WAS innocent. But I don’t get what makes us so much better than the animals. When he does these things to the animals nobody cares. ‘Animals eat other animals in nature but that’s nature they have to do it to live. We don’t. So why do we? The world we live in is filthy and disgusting with people who have no idea of ethics. That’s why I love PETA it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one that would go undercover to expose these cruelties and show people we should be compassionate and caring towards animals since they have feelings just like us. I’m too young to join PETA right now but when I get old enough you can count on having another member!

  • Dandelion says:

    I’m absolutely horrified by the things humans do to animals and i’ve never been to confused about my everyday life. The food i eat and clothing i wear makes me want to ensure there’s no gruesome story behind it. But what i want to know is where do i shop for pet supplies for my fish? Now that i’ve read about Petsmart which is the only petstore near my college i don’t know where to get supplies for my fish. please help.

  • Mary says:

    This is such disgusting cruelty that this person should be jailed for life with no bail. Also studies show that people who are cruel to animals have the capacity to be cruel to humans so this guy is also a threat to society.

  • Chloe says:

    If you don’t know how to run a pet store or how to take care of animals don’t work with them!!! this is sick and needs to stop!!!

  • John J says:

    I had to recently kill my pet boa. No one could give me any direction on how to do it so I went with hypothermia. It seemed humane for a cold blooded reptile they just go to sleep. Has anyone else had any issues with unwanted reptiles? Most places wont take them and you can’t just release exotics. It’s a real problem.

  • samantha altan says:

    How many more findings of cruelty or torture is it going to take for us to put proper protocol in place for pet shopssuch as pet smart and other findings.