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PetSmart Suspends All Bird Sales Following Outbreak

Written by PETA | January 11, 2008

It’s too bad that it required an outbreak of a disease that’s contagious to humans for PetSmart to make this decision, but this is something we’ve been asking the pet store chain to do for a long time now. According to The Huntsville Times PetSmart has stopped selling birds in all of its stores for the moment while it looks into the outbreak of psittacosis that has affected the birds it gets from various suppliers. And now that they’ve taken this step of removing these animals from the sales floor, we want to do everything we can to make sure things stay that way. One has to wonder what is happening with all of the sick birds as we speak?

Like all animals exploited by the pet trade, exotic birds sold at pet stores like PetSmart are raised in conditions that are designed to be the most profitable for breeders, which means that they are often crowded inside sheds, barns, and garages without any regard for their basic needs or the dangers of spreading infection and disease. No one should be surprised when this sort of thing happens in a pet store. It should be obvious to anyone who knows anything about birds—the very symbol of freedom—that keeping them confined in cages is cruel in the extreme, and PetSmart should never have been selling these wild animals in the first place. You can click here to learn more about our campaign against PetSmart and contact the company about its lousy track record of animal sales.

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  • SANDY HOLT says:


  • Birds says:

    Well the petsmart in my town is nice like the fish are all nice and clean so are the lizardshamstersthe birds to. The always have budgies there and finches and there nice and kept. They a have a macaw once in a good couple of months. The adopt a cat is always nice. Except for that Kitty Litter smell! well I really dont shop there i make my own toys and just my my bird food at wall mart ect.

  • tara says:

    maggy petsmart does not sell dogs or cats. They make room in the store to adopt them out. Also do you people realize that there are more important things to worry about in lifelike your salvation? Stop avoiding God by focusing on the world and its filth.

  • Pet Smart Specialist says:

    I agree with the person above me. I’ve worked in a mom and pop pet store for a few years and believe me Pet Smart does everything you can possibly do for the wellfare of the animal. They love care and nuture these little guys with all the respect in the world. As for the little pet shops they were there just to make a buck. and didn’t care who bought what for what reason and yes petsmart has a 14 day guarantee for any reason the little shops gave you 24 hours only if the pet was dead. And also people get sick And in reality so do pets! We’re not God. But we do care and love each little furry or scaly pet. So please don’t be a judge and take it upon yourself to trash the good guys.

  • Annonymous says:

    As a Pet Care Specialist at PetSmart I think its my right to stand up for myself and my coworkers in this nasty attack aginst PetSmart. I have worked for PetSmart in the Specialty Department for a year now. In my time at PetSmart every animal has been loved and cared for. When an animal is sick it is put in isolation. Every animal has been treated with medications as well as foods to help it go back to health. The animals are each inspected upon arrival. In my store there is always atleast one manager approving the animals and atleast one PetCare Specialist. I have never seen an animal arrive dead. The animals that arrive sick are sent back. My store and my fellow associates bust their butts to keep our animals clean healthy and happy. I shop no place but PetSmart for my animals and they are all happy as well. Just because ONE store didnt measure up don’t attack the rest of us who break our backs work overtime and put our hearts into our animals.

  • anonymous says:

    While some people may assume and assuming is never wisethe worst the birds at PetSmart are alive and well. I’ve visited many times since they were temporarily moved from the floor and I have seen them and heard them chirping happily in a quiet room. They should be returning to the sales floor next month. PetSmart is being very cautious to made sure all the birds are healthy and happy.

  • Nil says:

    Well PetSmart pays my bills so I must speak up for it. I’ll contribute answers to those questions too they’ll be in CAPS to make them easier to distinguish. Can you tell me how the birds and other animals are received at your store? HANDDELIVERED PRETTY MUCH. THE DRIVERHANDLER BRINGS THEM INTO OUR STORE PERSONALLY. Are they shipped to you? By what method? YES BY TRUCKS THAT ARE SIMILAR TO MOBILE HOMES. NOT SEMI TRUCKS AT ALL. THERE’S TEMPERATURE CONTROL INSIDE SO NOT TOO HOT NOT TOO COLD. Do you receive birds and other small animals that are sick when they arrive? WE PERSONALLY INSPECT EACH ONE. IF ONE IS SICK VERY RARE THEY ARE NOT RECEIVED FOR THE SAFETY OF THE OTHERS. Do you receive birds and other small animals that are dead when they arrive? NEVER. You’ve explained what happens to the sick animals. I tend not to really believe that. It has been documented by PETA that these animals are not always treated for their illness. HEH YEAH AND I FIND IT KINDA IRONIC THAT PETA UNDERCOVER OPS ARE BUSY DOCUMENTING THAN HELPING. I’VE SEEN YOUTUBE. BUT ANYWAY YES THE ANIMALS REALLY ARE TREATED FOR THEIR ILLNESS IF WITHIN OUR POWER. OTHERWISE WE’LL USE MEDICINES PRESCRIBED BY ACTUAL VETERINARIANS WHEN WE TAKE THEM FOR A CHECKUP. AND PETSMART ALSO PAYS THE BILL. And even if your store always treats the animalsevery single timedo you think it’s right that even one animal anywhere at any store is left suffering and ill? How do you justify that? OF COURSE IT ISN’T RIGHT FOR AN ANIMAL TO BE LEFT ILL AND SUFFERING. THAT’S WHY WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. THEY’RE NOT “LEFT” ANYWHERE EXCEPT IN OUR QUIET ROOM WHERE THEY CAN BE TREATED WITH AS LITTLE STRESS TO THEM AS POSSIBLE. COME ON NOW EVEN SICK PEOPLE ARE LEFT IN THEIR QUIET ROOMS TO REST AND GET BETTER. WHY CAN’T ANIMALS GET THE SAME TREATMENT? What happens to the animals who arrive dead? You can’t tell me that in 112 years you have not seen one animal arrive dead. IN MY 2 YEARS THERE I’VE NOT SEEN ONE ANIMAL ARRIVE DEAD. IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. THE WORST AN ANIMAL ARRIVES IS JUST MEAN. Is that ok with you? that this animal suffered to the point of death travelling just to be sold in a store? How do you justify that? STRAW MAN ARGUMENT SINCE I’VE ALREADY STATED THAT THIS ISN’T THE CASE AT LEAST AT MY OWN STORE. BUT OF COURSE IT’S NOT OKAY IF THAT WAS THE CASE. AS EVIL AS WE PETSMART WORKERS MUST BE TO SOME PEOPLE SOME OF US ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR ANIMALS. I don’t know what else to add except that to the person who’s tired of Bettas in the “freaking vases” uh a bettas natural environment consists of puddles. Literally. They’re quite accustomed to very little water.

  • Madison says:

    To answer Tamara’s question Can you tell me how the birds and other animals are received at your store? Yes They are brought in by somebody usually not in a truck and defintely not shipped!!!! Are they shipped to you? By what method? No they are not shipped who would ship animals Do you receive birds and other small animals that are sick when they arrive? If we do they get sent immediately to the vet where the vet would tell us how to treat the animal then if they get a good bill to stay at the actually store they get brought to the sick room where each animal is placed in its own habitat with a medical chart on it the medical chart looks like something at your local doctors office. these animals get looked at several times during the day to make sure nothing is going wrong and that the make it to a full recovery. after the full recovery they don’t get put back in the viewing habitats but to the new arrival room. the new arrival room is in place to make sure every pet is healthy after 5 days there the manager chooses whether not to put the animal in the viewing habitat or whether or not to keep him in the quiet room. the charts in the quiet room also look like medical charts. if the manager does decide to put him back out then a new habitat with new bedding and all is put out for him. all male store Do you receive birds and other small animals that are dead when they arrive? No. You’ve explained what happens to the sick animals. I tend not to really believe that. It has been documented by PETA that these animals are not always treated for their illness. Hmm…..don’t always believe articles! Why would the Humane Society of United States support PetSmart is it because they are trying to stop Euthansia! IS it because they donate money and so does the employees or is it because Petsmart lets the shelter bring in the animals for adoption. Oh by the which Petsmart employees take rather good care of. And the shelter brings in a sick animal we tell them to bring that animal back! If that Petsmart is not doing there job the PETA just got a whole lot of people fired!!! And even if your store always treats the animalsevery single timedo you think it’s right that even one animal anywhere at any store is left suffering and ill? How do you justify that? What happens to the animals who arrive dead? You can’t tell me that in 112 years you have not seen one animal arrive dead. None of them do… Is that ok with you? that this animal suffered to the point of death travelling just to be sold in a store? How do you justify that? First of all if you know anything about Petsmart you would know that animals do not suffer. Second of all you would know that Petsmart is one of the only stores that doesn’t sell feeders. Third of all we DO NOT sell any pets to our pet parents we ADOPT them out to people we believe are suitable. Fourth of all PetSmart is looking for different people they too are not happy about the bird situation. What happens to all those birds right now each individual bird is currently being looked at by a VET to see if they have the out break and each bird is in a clean bill of health so far and if one is sick he will brought back to the sick room while we monitor the other birds. They will be up for REAPODPTION here shortly. And before you get your tail stuck up do research. That way you do not have to waste Heather’s time. Also PETSMART is trying to close down puppy mills as we speak. Becareful because ignorance only brings stupidity

  • Caboose says:

    Nicole Do you honestly think that if a HQ makes a plan that every branch will be immediately be affected by it?

  • Nicole Brown says:

    Where did you hear the PetsMart stopped selling birds??? I was just in there this afternoon and they HAVE NOT stopped selling birds they have tons of them in there.

  • Carla says:

    Pat THANKYOU!! And RobO Petsmart can still sell you everything under the sun for your little boy just minus the animals. Don’t worry they wouldn’t go out of business for not selling animals. We have tons of pets stores too many to name that sell only pet supplies!

  • Rob-O says:

    Your all nuts! Should we ban all grocery stores at Thanksgiving for keeping a bunch of overweight dead birds in crowded cold conditions? Please if Petsmart quit selling birds and fish then what would I feed my mutt that I so lovingly adopted from a shelter? Ya’ll crazy!

  • Doug and Jean says:

    Tamara and kelly We value your thorough contributions about birds. It’s sorrowful for us to see birds in cages since nature made them to fly and soar freely outdoors. Doug and I can only wish to have the money to “purchase” all of them and return them to their native lands. Please continue with your caring yet challenging efforts and thank you for your additional viewpoints. Jean

  • sandra says:


  • Carla says:

    Lisa it’s a problem everywhere there’s animals being sold. It’s a hit and miss!! Too many coming and going to really make that assumption!

  • Pat says:

    WELL I’m new to this page. Have always been an animal lover rescue and rehabilitate them for years. My heart goes out to each every little and big critter I’ve ever had to hold and watch it die in my arms. Whether it be a tiny goldfish the 1st pet for my kids. or my sweet bassetrescue Fred who we just lost on Dec. 29th. When we got him he had had 3 broken legs all healed on their own a left eye socket which had beencrushed his sinuses also crushed and was thought to have been sexually abused. My 1st thought when I saw him as well as the 1st time I’ve seen so many of these sweetloving STRONG animals was IF ONLY I could have the person who did this to them for just 5 minutes…my anger used to be off the charts when I started with this. BUT I have found out that for some of these idiotsbarbaric persons They just don’t care! They see an animal as a throw away a if it don’t work kick it out the door and look for something else. Our society as a rule doesn’t put a very high priorty on this sort of thing. If it’s not in my backyard I really don’t care or if it’s not in my backyardI have no knowledge. C’mon!! WATCH your local newsread any papers from around the world. We can all set here wring our hands but when it comes down to it WE’VE GOT TO GET INVOLVED and MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE KNOW!! Threatening and cajoling aren’t working! We’ve got to start at the bottom the very smallest of our God given miracles called ANIMALS.When you get people to THINK see that this starts from the lowest form of life right up to our largest.Consider we turn our heads and try to ignore even our OWN HUMANS!Peoples perceptions have to be changed. Petas doing a great job trying to educate us and the rest of the world.It’s a grass roots effort led by the people who care the most. We just have to keep up the grunt work. I took Fred and my other bassetWally out whereever we could get into to educate to SHOW people up close! THESE animals did nothing but love their people yet their owners did this to them. I think we have to take EVERY opportunity we can find to show whats happening in our world. So I’ll continue to take Wally to the schools the nursing homes the hospitals hoping while were there maybe a sweet sad eyed basset boy will help just 1 more basset just one more cat just 1 more gerbil and so on. EDUCATE yourself be the best spokeman PETA ever had! Even if you can only be active in your own neighborhood. i’ve found that any good news can be spread around the world these days in a very short time! So I just signed up I’m renewing MY effort BELIEVE ME!! I know I got off of the subject of Petsmarts birds allbut all of our friends the animals can benefit from any education. So if your just fighting for the birds right now GREAT! BUT also have a few extra facts down don’t be afraid to educate the people who DO stop listen to you be it about the birdsfish or gerbil know even more!You may only get 5 minutes of their attention so don’t waste it!! And yes I’m a bird lover! Had them when I was younger have so many good memories!! Our Chris Pete were my entertainment my friends my soul brothers who taught a little 5 year old girl that everyone doesn’t always get along but they can still love each other be there for each other no matter what! Petey fell down a heating vent one day. Chris didn’t leave that vent opening calling Petey Petey until we safely got him out! They were squawking at each other a little bit later but hey! Thats what family does!! hehe!! OK! I’m done with this email. I’m also stopping by my friendly neighborhood Petsmart tomorrow after my Dr. Appt.. See what I can see. Wish me luck! Have a great day! Don’t ever get discouraged! You have to fight for what you believe in! THANKS!

  • Lisa says:

    I would just like to say that all the PetSmart stores I have been to in Ontario in the southern are have ALL looked after their birds properly they rarely get sick and if they do would be brought to the vet imediatly and fixed because it was never anything serious and never over crowed the cages. Maybe this is more of a problem in the United States.

  • Laura says:

    I bought a rat from Petsmart over a year ago. She and the other rats in her display were obviously infected with an upper respiratory infection. I couldn’t afford to have all of those rats but I did buy one because she looked worse than the others though I probably just gave opportunity for them to bring in another rat to be exposed to the disease. I pointed out to the manager that the rats in the display were sick. They only medicated the one I said I was interested in. It was obvious that animals there who aren’t promising to bring in money aren’t promised care.

  • Tamara says:

    Maggy…I think these stores usually stick the dead and dying animals in the freezer in the back room. Also a random sampling of PetsCraps in the St. Louis area show they ARE selling birds

  • Tamara says:

    Heather I hope you are still around. I hope that was not a hitandrun post. I have some questions for you Can you tell me how the birds and other animals are received at your store? Are they shipped to you? By what method? Do you receive birds and other small animals that are sick when they arrive? Do you receive birds and other small animals that are dead when they arrive? You’ve explained what happens to the sick animals. I tend not to really believe that. It has been documented by PETA that these animals are not always treated for their illness. And even if your store always treats the animalsevery single timedo you think it’s right that even one animal anywhere at any store is left suffering and ill? How do you justify that? What happens to the animals who arrive dead? You can’t tell me that in 112 years you have not seen one animal arrive dead. Is that ok with you? that this animal suffered to the point of death travelling just to be sold in a store? How do you justify that? I anxiously await your reply…

  • Tamara says:

    Kelly the person that told me that a PETA person told him to release his bird is not a breeder. He has one bird a cockatoo who he has been guardian for many years. The bird is now mostly blind because he is elderly. The bird was also wildcaught. I am NOT defending this person. If he has a bird that was wildcaught many years ago he should know better and be for banning the sale of birds. And other animals too really. But I think he is as blind as his bird as he refuses to see the reality of what is happening with captivebred birds. AMy your post is even too stupid to reply to. NO one is saying release these birds that are captive bred. We are saying to STOP breeding any MORE birds. There are too many suffering and dying now. The captive breds that are out there should be adopted to loving caring homes or to rescues. NOT shoved in cages and kept and that’s ok “because they are at least being fed”…

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Also I am VERY WORRIED that people may release these birds into the wild. Please don’t! These sick pet store birds can infect other wild birds many different species can contract this illness! and can kill off whole populations. We don’t need any more birds going extinct! Also any pet store bird even a healthy one usually has a lowered immune system and is not prepared to survive in the wild. The kindest thing to do with a pet store bird is to find it a good home or a sanctuary. And of couse BOYCOTT ALL PET STORES except the ones that only sell food and toys!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    To Melissa Hello! I agree with you completely that birds deserve a loving home! However the problem with pet store birds is that they already have a loving home with their families in the jungle. In order to sell them at pet stores people are hired to poach them from the wild. These birds go through terrible stress and illness and are taken away from their natural homes. Some of the wild birds are bred with captive birds but they still retain their need to fly and live in the wild. Wild birds may fly many miles every day and living in a cage or even in a house is devestating to them. This is why the birds were ill they are in an unnatural environment under tons of stress and they are not being given proper nutrition. If someone really wants to adopt a bird they can go to an animal shelter and find one that some person has given up. These birds have already spent years and years in a house and can no longer survive in the wild anyway. When you give your money to a pet store they go out and capture and abuse many more wild birds. When you give your money to an animal shelter you are paying for the shelter to care for animals who have been abandoned. The shelter does not actively look for animals to sell. Pet stores only deplete the birds in the wild and many of them go extinct. So do adopt and care for a bird by all means but go to an animal shelter instead!

  • Maggy says:

    Oops. I thought they stopped selling birds in all stores. Well Salisbury MD you should stop selling them as well as those poor other animals. I have witnessed so many sick gerbils with wet tail and brought it to their attention. They just removed them and took them to the dying room. They make enouhg money on cats and dogsthey don’t need to sell animals. BTW how are they going to get rid of thier birdsgas them? Or will they end their innocent lives with a more horrible and cheaper death.

  • Maggy says:

    I was in PetSmart today and there were tons of birds in there for sale. Salisbury MD

  • John says:

    I agree as well. Great job peta

  • Brittany says:

    I bought a cockatiel from the mays landing new jersey petsmart 2 months ago and we found out it had chlamydia. We had given the bird to the vets and a state vet had checked the store because they said the bird had gotten in from another bird in it’s cage I hadn’t had a pet before. Thanks to Petas undercover investigation from before I had told the vet about what I saw and read and they checked out the petsmart near me. These poor animals deserve a lot better!

  • Amy says:

    If people release these birds into the wild you know what would happen to them? They would die. They don’t exactly have any natural instincts since they were bread into captivity. Trust me My aunt had some cocketiels and they escaped and a day later they died because they are used to being fed. Look at little children they don’t know what a CAR is until it is explained to them. Birds don’t know what a car is either and you CANNOT explain it to them. PLain and simple…They’d die if humans didn’t feed them. Also I believe finches and parakeets depending on the cage can fit about 510 in them they don’t need much wing space and most of the time they get along well with others. I’ve noticed PetSmart and PetCo. have cleaner places than most of the “family owned” pet stores. Also I believe according to Osha I may be wrong or maybe it’s something else but they HAVE to keep the cages clean for the sake of birds and other critters and humans. Atleast in pet stores they are being fed. better than a parent buying a parakeet for their kid and it starves to death or got squeezed to death.

  • Heather says:

    First I would like to say I competely and utterly understand where everyone is coming from on this subject. I am a follow member of PETA and also a vegetarian. I am hoping this does not create an up raise out of anyone but I feel like I should speak my vocie because animals are my passion and a huge part of my life. I have been an employee of Petsmart or over a year and it seems people have the wrong idea of what we are about. We atlease everyone at my store treat all of our animls including fish with great respect and love. We take them to the vet everytime it is needed and handle them with love and care. I do understand that this animals may have came from a placebreeder that treated them unfairly but my friends… I asure you we make them as confrotable and give them love they have not received before before findind them a acceptable home. Thank you for hearing me out. Thank you PETA. Heather

  • Tamara says:

    Melissa you are NOT “adopting” these birds that are in stores. You are BUYING them. They are not birds that have been relinquished or rescued for some reason like abuse neglect or lost birds. They were bred specifically FOR SALE in these stores. If you want to ADOPT a bird go to a bird rescue or try your local shelter. They usually get them in regularly. After all when people movethey “can’t take the bird with them”. Or they do develop “allergies”.

  • kelly says:

    Melissa please educate yourself about BIRD MILLS and puppy mills and kitten mills That is where pets sold in pet stores come from When you buy these pet store pets you are in essence GIVING MONEY TO ANIMAL ABUSERS and helping them abuse more animals Buying is NOT adopting it is NOT rescuing If you love pets work with a SHELTER OR RESCUE People who truly love animals don’t buy them from pet stores

  • kelly says:

    And the stuff about Peta members “releasing” animals is a LIE that pet breeders have been spreading around for years They KNOW it’s a lie. They do it to smear Peta. Ask them if these breeders are paying TAXES on their breeding income. And if they have proper licenses. They aren’t. They are running under the table illegal businesses and they don’t like Peta for exposing stuff like that either!

  • kelly says:

    Tamara I think the problem may be that your bird board has BREEDERS on it These nutjob breeders same with the dog and cat breeders ALL hate humane groups like Peta because these breeders know full well they are involved in abuse and promoting abuse but they DON’T CARE and they don’t like the fact that groups like Peta expose the abuse and the greed! They think they can do whatever they want and make a buck Wherever you see petrelated people ranting about Peta or other humane groups you are sure to find these scummy BREEDERS Selfish hypocrites.

  • Kayla says:

    Yes I agree with Carla as well. These animals should have some respect. I have just went to PetSmart the other day and there were about 30 birds in 1 cage it was horrible. Thanks Peta.

  • kitty says:

    At least they ended the sale of birds for now but we have to continue to pressure them even more so now so it would hopefully stay that way.

  • melissa says:

    I have visited several petsmarts and have noticed that these animals have sufficient food and water and are given clean spaces to live in. I don’t think we should ban the selling of animals because people like me are trying to bring these animals into loving homes. We should start thinking about the welfare of these animals in the sense that someone is going to adopt them and giving them a loving environment.

  • Nina says:

    Unfortunate indeed This is would be a great time to push Petsmart further though.

  • kelly says:

    Not too long ago there was an auctioning off of a bird mill that was owned by a…..veterinarian. She was only selling because she was involved in a divorce and needed to divest of assets. That vet would still be torturing those birds if it weren’t for personal issues. Even then rather than do the right thing and let bird sanctuaries and rescues take them she was selling them to other bird mills to squeeze the last buck she could out of them. Another vet I know of is buying mill puppies raised in abuse and then pretending to be a private breeder and not paying a cent in taxes Others are signing off on the “health” records of mill kittens and puppies knowing full well they are sick. Or they work for mill brokers. There needs to be a long hard look at the role of the Veterinary trade in the various animal mills in this country. There are people using their vet degrees and licenses to hurt animals and that is not acceptable.

  • Jim says:

    Maybe with enough pressure by PETA members and others that happen upon the website Petsmart will not reintroduce birds in its stores. Now seems like the time to “ramp up” the email campaign to convince Petsmart that birds and their customers deserve better treatment.

  • Tamara says:

    Thank you Carla!!! I agree! I have been “getting in trouble” on a bird board I post on trying to make them see especially since this outbreak that selling birds and really ANY animal is so wrong. I am TIRED of the excuses of “they treat the birds well in my store” “the big bird that lives in my store is happy and always has lots of toys”…neverending stupidity. Ok I won’t call them stupid but they just refuse to take it one step further. When I get the courage and strength I may copy and paste this on that bird board…if that is allowed? Jack? Right now posting on that board has just worn me down and reduced me to tears. I have received emails from these posters telling me that other PETA members have told them to release their birds into the wild. I am pretty sure that is NOT true. I know I will not be received warmly when I return. I will be given a warning probably. I get tired of people bad mouthing PETA. I hope and pray that Petsmart will STOP selling birds permanently. This subject just has me really worn out right now. But I do agree with you Carla. And what Jack has written. And oh yeah my guess as to what happens to all these birds? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s freezer time

  • Jess says:

    so yeah what exactly IS happening to all the birds that were in the stores when they decided to stop selling them? what is happening to them?

  • Susannah S says:

    Well I’m glad they’re going to stop selling birds. Now how about the gerbils and hamsters and fish? I don’t think that any of these chain stores ought to be able to sell ANY animals. Period.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Thank you PETA. Thank you thank you thank you. As someone else said earlier I hope you focus on fish too when you get a chance I’m sick to death of seeing those poor betta fish in those freakin’ vases. But I totally understand one thing at a time. I’M VERY CONCERNED because two swans in England just tested postitive for H5N1 and I’m afraid people will be out randomly killing swans. Sorry a bit off topic but does relate to bird flu…. Anyway great work!! Keep up the good fight!

  • Carla says:

    This is not the greatest of news since Petsmart is only looking out for the best interest of the company and not the consumer and most definatly NOT the birds. They have a lousy track record and if and when they find the source they will surely be up and running selling birds. Just look for new cages and cleaned walls. Thats how they’ll get away with it. Keep up the pressure Peta!!