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PetSmart Employee Charged with Cruelty

Written by PETA | May 19, 2011

An employee of a New Jersey PetSmart store has been charged with three counts of cruelty to animals after allegedly punching a cat, attacking another, and killing a rabbit at his girlfriend’s home. One of the cats was injured so severely that he had to be euthanized.

PetSmart has “suspended” the alleged animal killer. That’s not much, but it is way more than the chain has ever done when allegations of abuse surfaced against its animal supplier mills, like Sun Pet and Rainbow World Exotics. Or when customers and whistleblowers around the country have reported filthy, severely crowded cages; comatose animals who were lying on cage floors; and animals who were suffering from deadly, contagious diseases in PetSmart stores. A PETA undercover investigation at a Connecticut PetSmart store revealed that sick and injured animals were deprived of veterinary care and left to die slowly in the “sick room” out of public view. Yet PetSmart continues to buy and sell living beings as if they were squeaky toys.

You can help by refusing to shop at PetSmart until it stops selling animals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Lori Ann says:

    How utterly ARROGANT are human beings that feel entitled to mistreat, abuse, cause pain and suffering and ultimately death to another living creature simply because they can. There is no more right for a human to take precedence over other living beings as to whom “deserves” life and who does not. Nothing chills my bones more than hearing the cruelty, abuse, pain and suffering humans cause to other living creatures,nothing. Nothing chills my bones more than learning how CHEAPLY human souls can be sold when choose to “Obey Corporate Requests and Bow Down to the Business Gods” at the sake of suffering and death. Yes, if you knowingly cause pain, suffering, abuse and death of any living creature in favor of how your paperwork looks, your have have made your soul a whore and sold it off to be used again and again for the sake of money. You become a hollow, heartless human that will someday reap the rewards of your behavior upon yourself. Truth is that you reap what you sow… Their day will come.

  • shame on petsmart says:

    i can not beleve that all of this was going on. i want to go there and punch them in the face. what can i do to help besides not shopping there because trust me i never ever will again.

  • psemloyee says:

    I work at a petsmart in new york as a pet care associate and the animals at my store are treated with excellent care. I’m surprised at all the negative comments towards petsmart. The pet care manager personally takes sick pets to the vet and we do all we can to ensure that the animals are in good health.

  • ourhampstersarescue says:

    my fiance and I purchased our hampster from petsmart much to our horror the man who got her for us flicked her out of the woodchips with a pen and sandwiched her between her wheel and igloo to put her in the box and of course the poor thing hissed and he asked if we were sure we wanted that one bc it was “tempermental” we were so enraged we complained to the manager heatily about it and she said something would be done but I guess the cruel fact is nothing will be we will never shop at petsmart again and we are so glad to have saved andy from that nightmare

  • humanity4allbeings says:

    The people they should be hiring are people who want to go into the vetinary field. Places that sell live creatures NEED around the clock nursing care, as there are always animals who will need too be helped. I don’t know how well these jobs pay, but it takes special people to do this kind of work not just any jerk!

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    I used to live in Novato, CA. I went to a PetSmart there and watched the birds in all the cages repeated route through their “seeds” like they were starving. On close inspection, I realized all they had were shells….no food. I also looked at a hamster and the guy who showed it to me said I should look at others because “this one has wet tail”. Which I found out later is basically disentary and kills the animal slowly. PetMart is PetCruel. I won’t EVER shop there.

  • PS HATER says:


  • amanda says:

    im not going to just stop going to petsmart im going up there to tell them why and tell every one in there why they shouldn’t shop there either

  • Sierra says:

    I will never go inside of that shop EVER in my life time. And I will be sure to tell all of my family and friends. Poor animals, shame on you PS.

  • formerpetsmartemployee says:

    I worked at a petsmart store for 2 years and i love animals and so did most of pet care. I knew a lot about fish and specialized in that however petsmart is retarted and they don’t know how to take care of animals. All my managers cared about was sales. I got lectured for denying a sale to a lady when she had like 40 fish in her 55 gallon tank. I got lectured time after time by managers who knew nothing about animals what so ever. I’m pretty sure not every petsmart is like this, but I know mine was. Petsmart should really look at the controlling managers they hire and make sure their educated on the welfare of the animal and not just sales. My pet care manager had no experience with animals and was scared to pick up Reptiles and Small animals. She would not even touch them.

  • Lee Fortier says:

    anyone who is capable of hurting and/or killing an animal should be charged with murder and sentenced to death! I would be thrilled to flip the switch

  • Employee4ps says:

    Mare, sorry your management feels that way. I would have no problem denying a pet sale for someone not willing to get the propper habitat setup, and I would back any associate. I believe all animals deserve the best homes! The animals lives are my stores top priority not the sales!

  • Employee4ps says:

    I have to say that in the 4 years I’ve been with this company, I have seen nothing but love and compassion from fellow coworkers for the care of the pets we have. If one becomes ill or injured (like Any animal can) we immediately isolate it and seek veterinary care.

  • Alyssa says:

    I work at Banfield, the vet clinic inside Petsmart and I can tell you that Petsmart employees bring all kinds of hamsters, gerbils, etc to us when they are ill or injured. The “sick room” in the back the article speaks of is an isolation room from my understanding to keep those with contagious diseases separate or make it easier to administer medications. I don’t know specifically how they animals are treated on a day to day basis but I can tell you that they DO seek vet care for their animals.

  • Mare says:

    I work for this company, and believe me, all they remotely care about are their sales. They couldn’t care less about a living creatures welfare. I got in a large amount of trouble and have been lectured by at least three managers about attempting to deny a sale to a woman who wanted to keep her hermit crab in the box we sell them in “temporarily”. So, I am not allowed to deny sales. To any corporation, this one included, money > ethics, period.

  • PS Employee says:

    I would just like to say that this video is very exaggerated. With the hamsters….. Petsmart sales all males, it is common that they fight, but the second it is noticed they are separated. Wet tail can be cure, not all, or even a large number or hamster die from it. Believe it or not, when a problem is noticed, the animals are taken to the vet. I have seen on numerous occasions where over $1000 worth of vet expenses were spent on a hamster that cost $10! PETSMART ISNT PERFECT, BUT I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THEY TREAT THERE ANIMALS ALOT BETTER THAN THERE COMPETITORS!

  • pets4life says:

    I find this to be very disturbing and I would never defend someone who would do such horrible things to animals but I do not think this should be put as a PetSmart thing. I work for PetSmart and I have nevr witnessed a company or group of people who care about animals more than PetSmart and its employee’s.We love the animals and take care of everyone of them.

  • catherine says:

    This a shock to me about Petsmart, I purchace all my pet needs from and let them groom my dogs. Both came from petsmat. never again will they step a paw in side a petsmart.

  • 10 felines says:

    Where can I shop for food for my kitties? Petsmart lets their animals die horrible deaths and Petco sells fur toys. I guess I can get it from the grocery store?? Or walmart? Which is the lesser of all evils?

  • smudgee says:

    do these pets stores not screen their employees?? thats my first thot about this the next would be WHY was this person allowes to even be near animals if he had killed his girlfriends rabbit?? why ppl are so cruel to animals is beyond me..its just a very disturbed individual that would harm a defenseless animal!!! as far as petsmart goes i will never shop at ANY of their stores again!!! its cruel to leave ANY breathing thing to die a suffering death!!!

  • Jackie says:

    Suspended him? Waiting for him to punch a child I guess.

  • Michele says:

    ugggg – I threw up a little reading this. What is wrong with people???? Give me 5 minutes with this little &^%$#

  • MA Moo says:

    Good to know Kathy! Shocking!

  • kathy says:

    I want to alert people to be very careful with pet groomers too. My cousin had a friend who enjoyed punching the dogs when she groomed them. Their human companions had no idea this happened. (She wouldn’t give me more info as she thought it was funny.) Also, we use to have a dog and took her to get groomed (not to one of these chains but a boutique). When she got home she was upset and wouldn’t be around us or look at us. She was mad at us for at least an hour. So I feared that may have happened to her too and we never took her again. I just want to recommend to people to watch while your dog is getting groomed. If they won’t let you, then skip it. (IIRC this abusive dog grooming teen girl worked at one of these chains like PETCO or Petsmart.)

  • MA Moo says:

    In addition to reducing violence against humans and animals alike, the Pet Abuse Registry will make it easier for ARAs to find them =)=)=);)

  • MA Moo says:

    There is a direct link between animal abuse and human abuse. I hope to see the “Animal Abuse Registry” started in every county in this country! Abuse is abuse is abuse. See for more info on the “Animal Abuse Registry” xoxo