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PETA’s Top 10 Patriotic Ads

Written by PETA | July 4, 2008

As folks fire up their grills, load their children into station wagons bound for fireworks displays, or just go out to the bars in celebration of a day off (that would be me), let’s all stop for a moment and take a look-see at some of the hilarious and provocative patriotic ads that PETA has created over the years. I proudly present PETA’s top 10 patriotic ads:10. Obese in the U.S.A.—Go VegetarianJust when you were wondering how you could possibly incorporate a Bruce Springsteen reference and some seriously husky butt crack, PETA came to your rescue with this one. 9. I Threw a Party but the Cattlemen Couldn’t Come (90’s Version)Sex, sex, and … sausage links? 8. I Threw a Party but the Cattlemen Couldn’t Come (New Version)Sure, it’s the same concept, but it’s like twenty times hotter. Too bad those cattleman have such busy schedules.7. We Want You to Go VegetarianIf the military had used this image on recruitment posters during World War II, the U.S. might very well have conquered the world.
6. Road to the GreenhouseIt feels odd to call puppetry of produce “cute,” but I really lean toward saying that it’s appropriate in this case. Oh, and don’t miss the outtakes!5. Drill Sergeant Michelle Manhart: I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear FurYou might remember back when Sargent Manhart made headlines for her spread in Playboy magazine, but we’ll always know and love her best for speaking out against fur.4. We Can Do It (Featuring Playmate Lauren Anderson)Oh, Rosie! You’re absolutely … riveting. 3. and 2. It’s a tie! Did you ever sit through the State of the Union Address and think, “Man, I wish the president would just shut up and bring out a totally naked girl.” Well, we decided to help you out with that. If you’re at least 18 years old, please check out our State of the Union Undress for 2007 and 2008.1. Chris P. Carrot for PrezRemember all the hubbub about counting votes in the 2004 election? When people announced that the race was down to just Kerry and Bush, I thought, “Really? What about Chris P. Carrot?” Though I’ve been crushed since his defeat, I’m still hopeful that he’ll start a last-minute write-in campaign for ’08.Posted by Sean Conner

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  • Greg says:

    Kittykat… I guess you were only referring to animals that don’t build a nest burrow in the ground or create any other type of shelter when you said “animals leave the planet the way they found it”. Do u depsise beavers because they selfishly tear down defenseless trees just so they can have somewhere to live? What about groundhogs who burrow in the ground. Do you hate them because they destroy a possible home for worms and other animals that live underground. And why is it that you don’t seem too fond of roaches. Is it because they aren’t cute and cuddly? Or maybe because humans allow them to thrive where they would normally die?

  • kaylie says:

    i love peta and i think that the nudity is more than just a look shes naked kind of thing but obviously it stands for something else. Like I’d rather go naked then wear fur. It makes sense so it is i guess how you precieve it.

  • Hal0 V says:

    No seriously Sexism isn’t cool. I’m Vegan sex didn’t “sell” it to me. Actually Peta making me feel marginalized made me put off becoming Veg because I didn’t want to be associated with the b.s. you put out. I am not a minority on this one many people find this repugnant.

  • Chris says:

    Are you willing to give your life to save an animal? will you take a Cows Place in the slaughterhouse? or do the work of a draft horse? would you kill yourself so you don’t have to harm the animals habitat? I highly doubt it

  • Carla says:

    Love ’em all!! Peace!

  • liliana says:

    I am agree with Kittykat the humanity is destroying the planet the animals are inocent animals don’t ask for too much they want to be loved they want to live good life and the deserve it. Doggyloverguy please respect the animals no human

  • kittykat says:

    DOggyLoverGuy. how can u say that? what makes you think YOUR life is more valuable than an animals??? must be that ignorant human ego. we are ALL animals. just so happens that HUMANS are the only animals that can manage to destroy the planet for all the rest of them. overpopulation ozone layer global warming HUGE trash dunps and urban sprawl. Humans are more like roaches than anything. we are hard to kill off and give us a month and we’ll take over your house! “animals” leave the planet the way they found it. humans DONT. our children and grandchildren will PAY for our consummerism.

  • jan-michael says:

    i beg to defer life is important

  • DoggyLoverGuy says:

    I love my dog but i hate the way all these radical PETA people ruin it for animal lovers everywhere. Human life is far more important then some silly animals.

  • Aleksandra Kainovic says:

    I agree that people should have the choice to go vegetarianvegan when they’re ready but let’s face it sweet Anna sex sells! We all know that most if not all men and even some women will give extra attention to something if sex is involved. Yes sad that naked flesh is being used to attract attention to PETA but people are obviously oblivious to the fact that these animals are suffering so if a pair of succulent perky boobies is what it takes for some people to look away from what Lindsay Lohan is doing this weekend so be it!

  • Anna Sheinaus says:

    Personally i think it is terrible how PETA uses nudity to attract people to vegetarianism. Is that the message we want to give? People should become vegetarians because they feel it is the right thing to do not because they associate naked women to it!