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PETA’s Statement on Eagles Vick Signing

Written by PETA | August 14, 2009

PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees, electrocuted them with jumper cables, held them underwater until they drowned in his swimming pool, and even threw his own family dogs into the fighting pit to be torn to shreds while he laughed. What sort of message does this send to young fans who care about animals and don’t want to see them be harmed?

PETA certainly hopes that Vick has learned his lesson and feels truly remorseful for his crimes—but since he’s given no public indication that that’s the case, only time will tell. At this point, all Eagles fans can do is cross their fingers and hope that they won’t ever have to explain to their sons and daughters what a “rape rack” is and why their favorite player was using one, as Falcons fans once had to.

Written by Dan Shannon

Update: Many people have asked us how to complain to the NFL. You can send an e-mail to the NFL through its official contact form here. You can call the main office of the Philadelphia Eagles at 215-463-2500, and you can find mailing addresses here.

Also, please click here to join PETA in asking the NFL to require all its players—some of whom have been involved in a series of cruelty-to-animals cases—to attend PETA’s “Developing Empathy for Animals” course. You can also urge the NFL to take cases of animal abuse seriously in the future by updating its policy on personal conduct.

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  • Doreen says:

    some people are sick psychopaths,like vick.Some people care more about sports than innocnt creatures that have been created by God. May God help them.

  • Gametech25 says:

    We need not even get into what he did, which is bad enough. It is much simpler than that. He is a convicted felon. Most people cannot get a job picking up trash as a felon. He was re-instated into the NFL, supposedly, the best of the best. He is a starting player on 1 of 36 teams, so no matter how you slice it, giving him that status took it away from someone else who deserved it more, or at least wasn’t a felon. To think this wasn’t racially motivated is in my opinion to be very naive. The NFL doesn’t have to care what I think, and I don’t have to watch football or more to the point Coors Light commercials.

  • Anthony Curtis says:

    He paid the debt to society, set by the courts, he is being paid to be an athlete which he is good at, not to be a decent human being, what he does for a living is between him and his employer,

  • S. MIDDLETON says:


  • Laura says:

    HardcoreAnimalLover: Not everyone in Philly is a “meanie”. It is an embarrassment to have Vick play on our football team. If I were you, I wouldn’t be so quick to demonize an entire city. Blame our heartless owner and coach for signing scumbag Vick, not the people.

  • bgman says:

    Once, when a boy of twelve or thirteen years old, I did something cruel to an animal. I threw a couple of stones at a dog. I was immediately repentant and never did anything that cruel again. Nearly fifty years later I am still ashamed of the act. Michael Vick is also repentant. Or so he claims. Now that his acts of continuing, ongoing cruelty have been made public and threaten his fortune and liberty, he seems quite repentant. The first time he threw an innocent animal into a pit to be mauled didn’t seem to have much of an impact. When he saw it’s mangled and bloody body, he was not moved to repentance. Or to compassion. He just killed the helpless creature and threw its body into the garbage. Instead of compassion or remorse, Mr. Vick was moved to commit further acts of violence and cruelty against helpless creatures unfortunate enough to have fallen under his care. Indeed, he enjoyed the violence and cruelty, the spectacle, so much that he continued to commit similar acts of depraved cruelty on a regular basis. Can I be forgiven for one senseless act of cruelty committed as a child and regretted since? I hope so. Can Mr. Vick be forgiven for continuing acts of barbarous cruelty repeated time and time again, only renounced when financial opportunities make the repentance convenient? Never!

  • molly sherman says:

    I hate Michael Vick more then anything in the world.

  • S says:

    What a sick psychopath vick is. forgive? forgiveness is for small things not torture and murder. he deserves what he gave, and karma will give it to him.

  • HardcoreAnimalLover says:

    Vick was a meanie. Really Really Mean. I tell my children when he plays that Philly is bad town cause they have meanie quarterback. He should be put in jail and forced to love animals.

  • Cheryl says:

    I am thrilled that so many people are sympathetic to the evil M.V. created for those poor animals. I love dogs and despise those who do any animal harm without reason. He will not change, he will need to be monitored the rest of his life by PETA and other animal lovers. He does not show any empathy for what he did. Horrible! And, the fact he is playing for the Eagles gives me another reason to dislike the football league. They are all just after the almighty dollar!

  • Gaylordcat says:

    Michael Vick paid for his crime. He learned a harsh lesson. How many torturers are punished? What about workers in slaughter houses? How many are punished for what they do? Let’s be human. Let’s forgive Vick instead of allowing him to occupy our thoughts because we cannot forgive. Not forgiving allows him to control our lives. Let’s turn our attention to the fur trade that makes Vick’s crime appear minor by comparison.

  • S.S. Chapin says:

    I’d like to receive PETA material

  • A says:

    …and THIS is why all of my dogs are getting M.V. chew toys this holiday season. We hate that guy.

  • Hyeacheeg says:

    “Time will tell”? Ha! Time has told…heartless Vick is NOT sorry, or even gives a crap-he’s an egotistical liar that only “honors” the mighty $$, even @ the EXPENSE OF MURDER!

  • Rita says:

    Boycott Subway and Nike!!!!

  • Debbie says:

    Jim Rose you’ve got it wrong he went from poverty and being a hood to fame and fortune and he now should go back to the Hood. If he killed or hurt your child would you be saying this….the idiot is was a nobody before his Eagle days and I would wouldn’t trust him to pour me a glass of water!

  • Debbie says:

    to Erika:Your as sick as he is….he will never change,he’s a monster. And to Alain: if you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars wouldn’t you fake trying to get it off your back…He is a peice of crap!

  • Seabiscut says:

    i think he should have never done this in the first place

  • bluejee234 says:

    i like the eagles but what he did was grusome n evil of him

  • Erica says:

    Wy did they fire the college coach that raped those kids, but hire back the guy that killed a bunch of dogs? They should have never let him go back to playing football and getting paid thousands and thousands of dollars. It seams to me that he’s not really being punished.

  • jmack says:

    How can anyone defend this man? Erika D. -If he didn’t know “it” was wrong before he was educated then why was he trying to hide it? Why wasn’t he having these dog fights in the open and collecting admission fees from many people? To say a grown man didn’t know it was wrong is irresponsible on your part and on his. Mike Vick was given a silver spoon when he signed with the NFL. He subsequently funded a dog fighting ‘league’ with his new found money and tortured and killed dogs. That’s right – ha ran the whole damn thing! This wasn’t a mistake, he knew very well what he was doing every step of the way – he ran this as a business for God’s sake! You don’t run a business by mistake, you have to put a lot of thought into what you’re doing. Ok, fine, he did his time. I agree he should be given a second chance and allowed back in society, but another shot in the NFL? another silver spoon?! a $100 million dollar payday!! Another opportunity to be a role model for today’s youth? Absolutely NOT! How many other people with a record are given even a fair chance when they re-enter society? Very few. Of course Mike Vick – did and said the right things after he got caught…’s not that hard when you have Tony Dungy and Andy Reid telling you what to do and say – it’s not that hard when you know there’s $100 million coming to you if you just do the right things for a little while. Most other people who do jail time (even for lesser crimes) have no celebrity mentor telling them how to act. And their only incentive to stay straight is a low paying job and an appartment with loud neighbors. At this point it’s not even Mike Vick I’m mad at any more. It’s: Andy Reid and the Eagles (and NFL) for lying to the public and saying that signing Mike was about giving him a second chance – and to send a message to the football world about second chances. Hey Andy, you signed Mike because you thought you could get a potential probowler on the cheap. If he were some overweight offensive lineman, you wouldn’t be talking about giving him a second chance. And I’m mad at the Mike Vick “backers” – Seriously people. You don’t know this man, you’re only backing him because you like watching football, and Vick does have some nice highlight reel moments. I’m a football fan, but I’m a human being first and a game will not dictate how I think and feel anout a particular matter. Nor should you let it dictate yours. Dig a little deeper people. Integrity: Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Mike Vick didn’t do the right thing until everyone was watching.

  • Beckie says:

    I haven’t watched an Eagles game since Vick took the field. However, he’s been injured several times and hasn’t played in several weeks. I know this sounds childish, but, God doesn’t like ugly and Vick and Andy Reid are paying for their moronic decision by their sorry ratings.

  • Roaninn says:

    Justice requires vigilance; the world which includes you and me, CANNOT stop monitoring ex-cons, just like we must constantly speak out when we see injustice everywhere, everyday.

  • Brittany says:

    Seriously, I’m so sick of people defending this sick man!!! If he murdered people like that would you all defend him then? I believe this is worse because all those dogs couldn’t speak up and say stop you’re hurting me. He should not be able to play football!!!

  • Paulaj says:

    If i have to hear one more idiot open his mouth and defend this guy like he grew up with this mentality and it’s not his fault or he’s paid his debt and has learned his lesson…give me a breeaaak!  Seriously how naaive are you people…what the heck do you think he’s going to say after he’s been caught. Duh, yeah, he’s going to say and do whatever he thinks the world, particularly the football world, wants to hear to get his career and subsequent paycheck back.  He couldn’t give a crap about those dogs. The only time he’s probably felt anything is when the cameras are on him and he’s being questioned about it and then it’s like “Is this ever going to go away”  I’ve never sensed sincerity in anything that monster has said. And who in their right mind hires a guy like that!!!  Reeeal sportsman aint he though!

  • princess says:

    give the man a break bullys! I wonder how many of you people beat your wives or children, use drugs or are alcoholics. I own Pit bulls and am against animal cruelty but you people need to get off this mans back and get a life

  • valerie kaye says:

    Michael Vick should not play football are any other sports what a looser nfl should not let him play football

  • carla lesh says:

    I am so tired of people defending this moron. He grew up doing this? He’s an adult now and should have known better. How can you think that he is even human? What kind of human do you know with a conscience can even think to do what he did? The only reason he stopped was because he got caught. This so called man has no heart or soul. I hope he finds pain in his pathetic life. What he did to these innocent animals is discusting and unforgivable. Shame on the NFL and shame on the Eagles.

  • Seakitten says:

    “he has went to prison for 3X longer than a non-celeb would have most people in that same situation would have got off with probation” Ummm…YES. You are part of the problem Erika D.

  • Erika D says:

    He did his time and is continuing to be active in the protection of animal rights world. He grew up in a culture that taught him that this was ok and normal, now that he has been educated he is still being pursecuted that is not right. He has paid for a sin he did not know was a sin until educated about it now people continue to go after him, people should be ashamed calling for more punishment. Yes what he did was bad but he has went to prison for 3X longer than a non-celeb would have most people in that same situation would have got off with probation, he more than paid he over paid for his crime and heartless disgruntled people keep spewing this hate, I hope none of you call your selves Christians it would be hypocritical.

  • Alain Patterson says:

    I think Vick has learned that what he did was stupid and terrible. But come on….You people need to move on and get a life cause their is worst stuff happening every day that is killing your brothers and sisters and your angry about this. I love animals but people come first in this world because unlike animals people can kill you a lot faster. Although he is a real dick but he is getting better.

  • Leanne McIvor says:

    I have never in my life been so affected by this story of Michael Vick being hired by the NFL I think this man should be tortured like he did to his dogs he should be placed in the middle of the football stadium and flogged publicly ripped apart and left bloody and for dead. To hell with forgiveness this monster should pay for the rest of his pathetic life.

  • gus says:

    I was compltely outraged that M. Vick was only found guilty of dog fighting and not exposed for the cruel person he really is by throwing a dog up against a wall until his life had ended. I dispise the NFL for even allowing such a person to ever play again. I always think of my dog Jordan and the love he got and deserved and those dogs never got to feel a real humans affection.

  • amber says:

    i am reading this from england right now and i am horrified that anyone let alone a football player cloud abuse animals like this and i wish i could protest against the team.

  • NopDinnydon says:

    Hello! Depressing klooper notwithstanding my english jer buti very nice re say gJ$Kd!!!.

  • Ethel says:

    Does anyone have info about the Michael Vick rally September 20th ?

  • Emily says:

    Michael Vick should NOT be allowed to play for the Eagles. He’s nothing but a sick animal killer. sadly I dont live in Philly but if I did I’d be at every game protesting this. He needs to be put away FOR GOOD!

  • wes says:

    now it seems that the qb for ohio state seems vicks not geting a fair shake. if you heard him after the game you have to wonder how he is passing his class’s lets put some heat on this big dummy and the coach who thinks its ok for suporting this monster

  • Somer says:

    If you hate PETA so much why are you on their website??? Just wondering. Also yes pit bulls are monsters my vicious one is curled up on the floor next to me ready to kill I’ve been bit by my Boston Terrier and never by my pit. I hope you and Vick all meet in hell.

  • Debbie says:

    Sounds like money won out. They wanted to make money off of Vick instead of giving someone else a chance. I wonder if he paid someone off. One would think the Eagles would want to distance themselves from this abuser. How come he isn’t in JAIL?

  • av8nut says:

    Many of the dogs involved were pitbulls which in my opinion are some of the worst animals on earth. They’re even banned in some countries. They’re the terrorists of the animal kingdom.

  • Douglas Davis says:

    The man Michael Vick went to jail for his crimes. Jail is for rehabilitation. You all are saying it’s so bad but keep in mind that this situation was resolved and the NFL The Eagles and Vick himself are moving forward. Funny how Peta supporters go to jail too for crimes against people!! Are they rehabilitated too or get a pass because they’re standing up for a cause? I love animals but PETA is not for me you wanna denounce the NFL for bringing Vick back? I condem you for being on the domestic terrorist list. And that’s real!!! That comes from the F.B.I. so you terrorist calm down and get ready for some football cause it’s happening whether you like it or not!

  • Joyce Kaminski says:

    I am a diedhard Bills fan who was terrified that my team would include this horrible person on our roster. Sadly for eagles fans Phili took the bait first. Here is a great athelete but a horrible person and role model. It is a fact that he would’ve continued to abuse and killd dogs if he were not caught. It was not a “one time mistake” but ongoing cruelty. As for the excuse that he knew no better since he grew up with it is digusting. My father is a hunter and I would never ever kill an animal for sport even though “I grew up with it”

  • Daisy says:

    As sad as it sounds this is America…do you want to make it here big time? Commit a crime and suddenly you become a star every body wants you and you become the center of attention…decent people don’t make headlines. Let’s see how many more dogs or maybe people will Vick kill this time!

  • jusme says:

    To Antoine I get what you’re saying and yes he is a role model but as an adult so are you. Shouldn’t we teach our children that even if you make a mistake you can rehab and turn it around. Someone can be a good role model simply by taking something negative and turning it into something positive. Don’t just assume that he will do it again and don’t assume that you know what he feels or thinks…just cuz he’s not crying and boo hooing on the screen does not mean that there is no remorse. All I’m saying is there’s nothing to be gained by protesting just increases potential for violence and human beings being hurt in the process….just sayin’

  • Carol Kurtzweil says:

    There is no excuse…..none….for allowing this ‘thing’ back into the public spotlight. I have never protested before…..but am ready to now!!! How about boycotting any stores selling NFL equipment etc until he out ………..out out out…..

  • asdf says:

    no mentio of Robin Starr? The lady thats up top Robin Starr was a major figure in pushing for a more severe punishment for Michael Vick. Ironically enough she just killed her dog by leaving the dog in her car A prosecutor said no charges are planned against the executive for an antianimal cruelty group whose 16yearold blind and deaf dog died after accidentally being left in a hot car for four hours. Assistant Commonwealths Attorney Tracy ThorneBegland said Wednesday charges are not planned against Robin Starr CEO of the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Starr says she didnt realize Louie was in the car until noon. Starrs husband Ed told the Richmond TimesDispatch he put the dog in her cars cargo area as she got ready for work Aug. 19 but forgot to tell her. She often took the dog to work with her. worry about your own

  • Mikaela says:

    Vick should not be aloud to have a career except for maybe working as a garbage man!!! I’m outradged as many of you are to here Vick might be back in the NFL!

  • mike says:

    Come on guys really? Vick has paid his dues to society went to jail for 18 months apologized for his wrong doings and you guys still protest? GET A LIFE!!! STOP PROTESTING!!! Go out and get a job or get a life!

  • Jim Rose says:

    Vick is a young man who made a mistake and has paid dearly for his crimes.He went from wealth and fame to bankruptcyshame and prison. This is Americahe deserves every opportunity to live and work and redeem himself.I am looking forward to watching him play again.