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PETA’s Halloween party!

Written by PETA | November 1, 2006

On second thoughts, I’d probably get into a lot of trouble for posting the pics from our actual Halloween party. But here are some from yesterday’s demonstration against KFC. We pulled out all the stops for this one and brought along …

a skeleton to scare KFC into making some animal welfare improvements …skeleton.jpg
a pumpkin to tug at their grizzled old heartstrings …


… and some other people. Including a dude in a Darth Vader mask.


More pics after the jump.

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  • Shoji K. says:

    Wow I had no idea KFC was doing this to those poor animals. You guys are really doing something good here letting people know. Keep it up!!!! Even though I feel slightly sick now…it’s all good! Boycott KFC!

  • Nashelly says:

    All those who were able to participate in this were trying a change. And that is truly awsome. They were defending animals’ rights against KFC without the fear. And that is truly admirable. People like this are those who are angels for animals.