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PETA’s April Fools Day Joke a Hit With Hunters

Written by PETA | April 2, 2007

AprilFools.jpgWell, in case anyone caught yesterday’s post about the camouflaged deer, you will probably have guessed by now that it was a little bit of April Fools shenanigans at the expense of some poor, unsuspecting hunters. I left the bait on a number of different hunting and fishing message boards in the morning, and by Sunday afternoon they were nibbling like mad. There were a bunch of priceless comments, but this was one of my favorites (posted by someone with the shockingly apt moniker “Speaking for All Hunters”):

I bet that I am smarter than most camouflage painting morons. I mean a deer thrives by smell, those deer are gonna be running scared to death for days from smelling the paint.

To be fair to the hunters, one or two of the smarter ones did catch on early, and a few were even good-humored enough to comment later to admit that they’d been had. Just for the record here, there’s no such group as HIDE (Hunting Is Downright Evil), but if anyone wants to start one, you’ve got my endorsement. Anyway, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did with this one!

P.S. If you just can’t get enough of PETA April Fools Day hijinx, check out #79 on this list of the Top April Fools Day Hoaxes of All Time.

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  • Just Another Hunter says:

    This is pretty bad. I see the lack of maturity is still coming to play with a replies.Standing up for myself once again I knew it was a joke the minute I saw the picture

  • Kayla Rae Worden says:

    Gooooo PETA!!! Hunters are losers with tiny weewees!

  • kirkley brown says:

    i’m loving the “sleeping fish” joke in the link P

  • TR says:

    Kelly “tame” deer in the woods? Huh?? You need some exposure to wildlife beyond the petting zoo…

  • BuckRogers says:

    Hello I was just wondering why my response was completely rewritten? I suggested that you paint them with marinade instead of paint

  • kelly says:

    I diidn’t see even one hunter who “got it.” Even the ones who figured out there was no such organization STILL believed it But these are the kinds of people who waste their time shooting at tame deer in the woods.

  • en 'n merrie says:

    Haha this is hilarious. Rather upsetting though to see how many people actually believed the whole thing!

  • lpet says:

    haha wow i just finished reading all about those “camoflauge deer” i have to say some of those comments were getting just a little viscious no one has a sense of humour these days. pchh hunters.

  • Quwen Qyiz says:

    I must admit I do think it’s a good idea. Though the hunter about the smell was right. Damnit.

  • Tracy says:

    I still think what Jim said was pretty darn sick in the other blog. He’s the 8th one down.

  • cappuccino says:

    this action shows once again that vegetarians are smarter indeed!

  • doug says:

    Score one for the good guys. I just tracked an old friend down on facebook and he had pics of himself up with dead animals. i messaged him and he hunts traps and fishes. I sent him a message and we’ll see how he responds???

  • Dink Winkerson says:

    Dumb ass vegans at play. Nice try but everyone got it.