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PETA to Vick Prosecutor: Do Your Job!

Written by PETA | July 24, 2007

Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald G. Poindexter, whose job entails dealing with a certain dogfighting case that you may have heard of involving Falcons Quarterback (for the time being) Michael Vick has apparently decided to sit around and do nothing instead. A full eight days after the indictment, Mr. Poindexter has yet to file any state charges against Vick. As PETA Director Daphna Nachminovich puts it,

“Short of an engraved invitation, what else will get Poindexter to file charges against Vick? He should be ashamed that it took the federal government to come down here to do his job for him. This case needs to go before a grand jury lickety-split. Vick’s name will forever be associated with cruelty to dogs and so will Poindexter’s unless he takes immediate action to see that justice is served.”

Right on, Daphna. And Poindexter, what the hell are you up to? You can read our letter to the attorney here.


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  • Ana says:

    Charlie and Ryan The idiotic comments you make are laughable. This blog is about helping animals preventing cruelty veganism and compassion. Nothing can justify what Vick has done. Innocent until proven guilty? Well many guilty people have been found innocent in American courts. Vick knew what went on in his house and he also was a participant. LoveDog PETA does not have the power to arrest anyone. Even when PETA brings evidence of abuse to the authorities it does not mean it will be acted upon. Dogfighting is not a sport it is organized violence where dogs pay the price with their lives. If you like fights attend boxing matches. Only cowards make dogs fight for them get in the ring yourself and see if you can handle it. Vicks pleads innocence and then has his slick lawyer write his statement for him because it is dubious he could even write a complete sentence. He and cronies like Vilma are all thugs and cowards. There are other NFL players involved in this horrible practice. Vick is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Randy's Johnson says:

    It has been reported this house in Surry VA was constructed solely for the purpose of housing and training dogs for dog fighting. I suppose Vick thought it would be a safe haven and judging from Mr. Poindexter’s actions or lack thereof it would have been…enter the Feds.

  • jim says:

    first of all iam not a peta fan. i think some of the stances taken buy some people are a little off that is my opinion. however i have seen it in my area dog fighting is a problem and is taken serious there is no punishment that can equel that of the pain given to an animal to fight to the death. as for the state taken its time to file charges that may be a statagee by the state. federal charges hold more penalty time than state charges at the end of this i will bet that the state will step in and do what is right. so let mr.Poindexter handle this in do time and if he dosent may the people of his county vote him out and let him make a living doing something else. as for mr.vick may god have mercy on his soal if the aligations are true. thank you for your time

  • Silas & Tamra says:

    First of all we would like to say to everyone that says Why don’t you people get a life and fight for human rights.First of all this website is for Animal’s rights.We are for Human rights.This is not a Racism Issue This is a Cruelty Issue. We hate the words Black and White. We believe them two words alone are Racism! Everyone was born with a Name.Today We are discussing Mr.Michael Vick. We believe that the NFL should not let Mr. Michael Vick play nor should they pay him until the trial is over.These helpless animals were found on his propertyAgain! On his property. It is hard for us to believe that Mr. Michael Vick did not know this. This was his property! If he is not guilty than let him continue on with the NFL If he is found guilty than send him to prison and fine him. This goes for all who are involved in this Cruelty act! A message has to be sent that this will not be tolerated!If this is true It makes us SICK it does not matter if it’s Mr.Vick or someone else. Cruelty is Cruelty it does not matter who it happens to human or animal We all feel PAIN! Thank You!

  • SuzyQ says:

    Poindexter needs to be investigated for his inaction over the Vick case. He doesn’t deserve to be the AG of any state for that matter. Regardless of the outcome of this case I will always look at Vick as an immoral barbaric and inhumane dog killer.

  • EARL says:

    Try protesting at the Georgia Dome with 70000 Vick supporter and see what happen

  • jacky says:

    Of course he’s guilty it’s not like you can have a huge dogfighting ring at your house and not know about it

  • Michele says:

    I would like to know when dog lover and enthusiast Oprah Winfrey will step up to the plate and condemn Michael Vick for his horrid crimes! And as for the people who have the nerve to comment that Peta needs to worry about people and not dogs please be informed that there are many studies that show that animal abuse is only a step away from abuse to humans. Many serial killers start out this way!

  • nan mcclain says:

    As you may have read on a previous blog I called Gerald Poindexter’s office 2 days ago he hung up on me.I emailed the VA Attorney General I emailed the US Attorney General and cc’d the Virginia State Bar on each of the emails.Thanks L. Simmon I hadn’t thought of the Governor so when you listed his information I wrote him today. Please everyone personally call or write Gerald Poindexter again contact info P.O.B. 358 Surry VA 23883 tele 7572943118 He has dragged his feet long enough. He is a disgrace to his position.

  • Ryan Rebman says:

    PETA is so unlikeable it makes me start justifying what Michael Vick does.. You people are rediculous.. Quit crying and Stop Snitchin

  • ann says:

    what is poindester’s phone? i want to ask him what is his problem? is he playing blind for his ” bro”? in one comment when he address vick the thug he called him ” boy “. boy my ass he is a grown man sorry he is not man he is a vicious BEAST. by the way peta blog entry is too slow and the newest entry should be always in the front of the older ones fyi blog owner. thank u.

  • Debbie Stone says:

    This piece of garbage should be thrown in the “pit” with that trash “vick” and turn the biggest baddest bull dog lose on them one at a time. Then let’s see how bad they are and if they may show a little concern when it comes to similiar instances. Of course hopefully they will not survive the dog fight.

  • Charlie says:

    i think you treehuggers or peta or whatever you call yourselves need to settle down. do you people realize that he did not live at the house. some of his relatives live there not him!!! he said he didn’t know what was going on there so maybe you guys should listen to the other side of the story..also if he was white you treehuggers wouldn’t be so mad. i do agree that if he did participate in dogfighting that he should be fined or something but suspend him without pay…how is he supposed to support his family with no pay!! there are a lot bigger problems going on in the world right now besides dog fighting which should be at the bottom of the list…i know that he didn’t fight dogs but even if he did it’s better than killing a human or assaulting someone…give it a rest you treehuggers

  • LoveDog Not PETA says:

    This is not in support of Vick but why is he the poster child for a sport that’s been in history since before the Roman era or Ming Dynasty? You all have not been doing your job if you have to use the name of an athelete who donates money to his community sponsors so many youth clinics and educational programs in Newport and Atlanta. M.Vick is being used by PETA for monetary gain. Why hasn’t PETA arrested all the many other active dogfighters before now. No one knew about dogfighting until M.Vicks name was thrown into the mix. I’m 37yrs of age. I saw my first organized dog fight at 12yrs. Then it was a big sport. You’d think if PETA was truly investigating dogfighting well by now they should’ve made more arrest. I always thought dogfighting was dispicable but you’ll never find PETA at a dogfight. Where have the PETA investigators been? PETA is only jumping on the NFL and M.Vick so they could make money. Why are Americans supporting PETA’s hypocritical war? This sounds a lot like the Iraq war and the hunt for Sadam. No video heresay testimony by convicted criminals and dog fighting equipment found at the guys house that he didn’t reside. Weapons of mass dogfighting. You all should be ashamed for supporting PETA on this witch hunt. All of you who feel so passionate about dogfighting why don’t you go into your own communities and stop it yourselves. M.Vick is innocent until proven guilty. You all are unpatriotic.

  • Chenille says:

    First off I am also against the abuse of animals and think that dog fighting as well as any other acts of animal cruelty is wrong. BUT PETA needs to let the judicial system do it’s job. This man hasn’t even been tried and convicted yet and already you are trying to take his livlyhood away. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty??? Right now these are allegations not fact and the NFL has taken some action. What more do you want them to do before he’s actually found guilty of the allegations against him??? I know that PETA means well but you guys go overboard sometimes. This is this mans’s life your dealing with. Let him get tried and convicted before you force his endorsers to drop him and before you force his team to fire him. What happens when and if he’s found not guilty??? What will PETA do then??? Apologize??? I know that this comment probably won’t be posted but I’m glad to have had somebody from PETA look at things from a different point of view.

  • Dan Sybelnik says:

    Don’t bother to watch the legal system in this matter. What a joke that will probably be. Vick’s just another dummy. There’s a time and place when the public needs to put as much pressure as possible when a real dummy comes out of the woodwork. This is one of those times. A good old fashion lynching is in order no matter what the legal system says the ignoramous did or didn’t acutally do.

  • Julie says:

    Most of us have a life that involves animals whether directly or indirectly and having concern for our animals well being is something that is important. The fact is that there would be no arraignment or trial if the evidence was not there.

  • Michele says:

    For all of the idiots who are posting responses on the various Mike Vick stories here who keep referring to PETA making money off of Vick get the facts before you end up looking like jackasses. PETA does not “make money” when they protest or write letters. It’s not like a factory do you actually think they get a certain amount of money per protestsignletter they produce? Or do you think that PETA will get Vick’s salary when the NFL finally fires his sorry ass? Do all of us a favour and read PETA’s financial statement. You will see what they get in DONATIONS and what they spend directly on programs to help animals in ALL situations. They have a very low percentage of revenue spent on administrative costs including salaries something like 4 of total revenue. Most PETA staffers earn between $15000 and $30000 per year even Ingrid makes only a very small salary. That is not a lot of money for the work that they do they work tirelessly to help animals to help educate people about animal abuse and to help people who want to do something to make a difference. Just look at the numbers of emails they respond to every year. If you don’t believe me go to this part of their site httppeta.orgfeatannualreview06numbers.asp On the other side of things companies like Nike and organizations like the NFL are only looking at the bottom line and it’s all about money for them. I am not sure what motivated Vick to engage in these horrific acts of violence against animals because it was probably not financial. I guess he is just a psychopath just like the losers who are standing up for him.

  • DOG LOVER says:

    VICK NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED. I can’t believe his cruelty. He is a monster. And no I am not a racist and to those who left comments about more important thigs in the world THIS IS IMPORTANT! JUST LIKE PEOPLE ANIMALS FEEL PAIN AND LONELINESS. HOPE VICK WILL BE PUT TO JAIL!

  • genevieve scott says:

    When I was told by my coworkers about the Mike Vick dog fighting situation I was absolutely sickened by the depths to which the human spirit can descend! I believe he should be given a life prison sentence with absolutely no possibility of parole. To abuse animals is one of the lowest of lowsand personally I would not have a problem with him being executed! I know that will not happen but I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that he pays DEARLY for what he has doneand at the very leastturned a blind eye to. I cannot even read the particulars of the case because it is too upsetting for mebut from what I have been told i.e. electrocuting and shooting losing dogs and sacrificing dogs for sport etc. I personally would not have a problem with flicking the switch for his death. My feelings have nothing to do with his colorother than the black sadistic nature of his soul.

  • paul says:

    Look you can’t boycott everythingeveryone. OK pick your targets and then go from there. Poindexter is probably not going to do anything. It sounds like he knows Vick or admires him or something. Or he doesn’t like the feds interfering. And it may be for the best. If the State presents a weak case and Vick gets off then it works to his advantage. Let the FEDS do the work Poindexter is nothing but a tool .

  • Anonymous says:

    No kidding why do these fucking morons always cry “Racism” when its a black person involved?It has nothing to do with mutha fuckin skin color jerk offs!This evil ass hole got off on doing barbaric things to dogs with his fucked up mental friends and family membersend of story get it dip shits!!!I would love and pay all my money I have to be able to watch him get torn apart by his own dogs and then torture him to a painful death!!!!!Touche Bitch!!!

  • Dianna Fuller says:

    Excuse me because i am far from being racist but i would like to know where was your organization years ago when slavery was going on and certainly in modern times when black people were beaten for trying to get basic people rights. Michael Vick has not been convicted of anything yet your organization dragged this man thru the mud now I will agree Mike needs to watch the company he keeps but that does not make him a criminal. Now I am quite sure my comments will never make your board because i cant see it being approved by your owner but i think your organization although you may think your intentions are good is wrong and i would like to see you all hound the white people just like you are doing Michael Vick. Now you all are calling for this man to lose his job but the city of Atlanta is supporting him I wonder how many of you all have been or will go to a Falcon game i think you all are cowards Do Ya Thing Mike. I Dianna will stand behind Kareem Get a life why don’t u get out and try to make it better for all the abused kids!!! I love animal e’s and would not hurt one for anything in this worldbut I feel that you should be trying to save the KID’S 1st. why don’t you go to the chines restaurant’s and go after them for. I forgot they are not BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valerie says:

    Kelly you are right. The people on this board who are defending dog fighting and Vick must be really nervous they will be found out and go to jail. I am so glad this is getting so much press and people are so outraged. I hope the jail sentences will get even longer. I have written to several senators and thanked them for passing the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act that was signed recently. We need them to know this is important to us.

  • kelly says:

    You gotta love some of the dog fighters posting here for Vick! You better damn well believe they are nervous as can be that their trade got exposed to the nation They like to keep it very quiet. They are just innocent dog breeders don’t you know

  • vicksgottago says:

    The Feds asked other agencies to suspend there investigations until they finished theirs and the Feds are after him for operating an illegal gambling operation across State lines not dog fighting. Evidence from their investigation will be passed on to others agencies so this is just the first of many problems facing this neanderthal.

  • Brian Davis says:

    Look at all the black people playing the race card here. It’s not because he’s black it’s because he’s a piece of trash. Would Emmitt Smith Tiki Barber or the great Walter Payton be involved in dogfighting? Nope. Because they are great people not trash.

  • Erin says:

    To those of you who are crying “racism”….this is NOT a black issue! For crying out loud that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! We are going after Vick because he’s a SICK HEARTLESS EVIL SOB…it has nothing to do with his color! If he were white it would be no different. Are you really saying that black people can commit any heinous crime they want to and be forgiven because they’re black??? Okay name a crime he could commit that ISN’T okay… Rape? Child molestation? Serial killer? Or are those okay too since he’s black? If the Virginia Tech gunman had been black then would that have been okay? You people are so out of touch it’s not even funny. Oh and by the way I’m a white woman who plans on voting for Barack Obama for president…just so you know. And one more thing if I WERE black I’d be completely embarrassed by your statements…as I’m sure many African Americans including the Rev. Al Sharpton are!

  • rat king says:

    coming on this website and reading about all these rascal vick supporters make me vomit is this aaaaallll after 700 years of american conquered history shame on you bastard folk!!!!!!!

  • Will says:

    the NFL suspended vick and there isn’t much more they can do until they know if he is guilty.

  • Jason Hall says:

    Look at how you all are sounding right now.You dont see the big picture right now youre making money off of Mike Vick right now and that is dirty.Accusing him before he is accusedwhat about hunting is that cruelty to animals people standing over a dead carcass with a rifle in there hands is that not mcruel why arent you attacking these magazines or these shows that involves wildlife living their last moment before they are killed for SPORT is dogfighting a sport.So why arent you treating this case like any other case.Dont tell me I already know why

  • Amanda Sebra says:

    The Biggest Company in Virginia is Phillip Morris the tobacco company that is owned by the Atria group. That owns Kraft foods and Maxwell House Coffee

  • AJ says:

    Ive been reading through some of your arguments and causes. Peta’s comments and views i agree on some and disagree on others. As far as this Mike Vick story goes i think that PETA is playing off stereotypes. The picture u show of a dog that has been in a dogfight arent even the dogs from Vick’s property. In the initial police report it stated that all of the dogs looked well maintained and cared for. Also the charges against Mike Vick are only acusations just think about who the Feds got there info frommost likely convicts who would like a get out of jail free card. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around. You also talk about equal treatment regardless of celebrity but in no other case involving dog fights have the Feds jumped in so abruptly. This case stinks and so do some of PETA’s bias opinions. I dont see you protesting Horse racing and you can see actually see the horse jockeys beating the horses on national TV. And last but not least because a person dresses there dog up in tshirts and treats it like a human does not make that dog human. A dog can only be what it was meant to be and that is a dog.

  • Randy's Johnson says:

    Since the county where the charges originated is more than likely not going to file charges it begs the question of why federal authorities were involved. You answered your own question.

  • Nancy Medved says:

    This nation gets a bad name all over the world from people like Vic who is heartless and uneducated! He need to be set an example of and fined the fullest amount and jail time also. Animals are not his to use and abuse and he will get his punishment surely in hell!

  • Scott Huntings says:

    Mr. POINDEXTER is black and Michelle Vick is black so you will not justice in Virginia. Its OJ all over again. Also its been rumored that Michelle sold his house to a relative of Mr. POINDEXTER perhaps his son.

  • Michael Vick's #1 Supporter says:

    it may be bacause poindexter is smart and knows that there is no way he is going to be able to convict michael vick prolly cause vick is innocent. Go Attorney Poindexter and Michael Vick

  • L. Simon says:

    I wrote to the Governor of Virginia to try to get some action. The email address for Gov. Kaine is on the contact link at the bottom of this post. Please everyone email Gov. Kaine. Dear Governor Kaine Your State message is “Leading the Way” but I don’t see any leadership out of the Commonwealth Attorney General Mr. Poindexter. If the State of Virginia is not to be trashed in the media for lacking courage to do the right thing then SOMEONE with authority needs to step up to the plate now. Virginia is looking more and more like they want to turn a blind eye to this cruelty. All eyes are now on the State of Virginia. Please get moving ! httpwww.governor.virginia.govAboutTheGovernorcontactGovernor.cfm

  • L. Simon says:

    Mr. Poindexter Why have you not filed State charges yet? This is your “15 minutes of fame” to show your character to the world. All eyes are watching and expecting some tough action out of your office against Vick. Do you condone Vick’s actions? If not you must step forward. The public is wanting action from you! Do we have to go to the Governor?

  • Carolyn Barnes says:

    Hey Poindexter how much is Vick paying you?

  • j says:

    You people need to get a life. Why don’t you earn a living instead of sitting around pointing fingers at others. Where do you get off bitching and complaining about something you no nothing about. Where you there when the “dog fighting” took place? No you weren’t. But you will stop at nothing to throw your worthelss “two cents” in because you feel it is warranted. If you haven’t figured it out already this is not in favor of Vick but bitch session to you people who have no lives.

  • Michelle says:

    As long as Vick continues to represent the Falcons the entire NFL should be ASHAMED ASHAMED ASHAMED. If Don Imus can lose his job for saying three offensive words on air Vick the dog killer should be thrown out immediately from the NFL. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  • Rod says:

    Vick deserves to play until he is found guilty in a court of law. However with the news coming down that he has been banned from Falcons training camp leaves the impression that he has played his final game as an atlanta falcon which is unfortunate because non of these accusations have been proven correct.

  • Jerry says:

    Good Lord will you people ever quit. Let the legal system deal with this. Stop trying to threaten people because nobody is scared of you people. Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty but you guys seem to see it as guilty until proven innocent.

  • David says:

    Peta needs to leave vick alone dog fighting is not that big of a deal.There are bigger things in the world other than dog fighter.YOur just going after vick because hes black and famous. There are thousonds of people who dog fight why not go after them.

  • Donnell says:

    You people need to get a life!! Its obvious this is another racist accussation of a black athelete. no I don’t condone his actions and yes I love dogs but here are BIGGER issues! When human rights issues are addressed here and abroad then you can argue about the rights of a dog! Until then GET A LIFE AND FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR HUMAN BEINGS!!!

  • kelly says:

    The dog fighters and the breeders in Virginia lobby hard with legislators and officials to let their underground businesses go on unregulated uninvestigated. And this is why things like dog fighting operations and puppy mills go on abusing animals and ripping off the taxpayers

  • Freddie says:

    I did this backwards I read the very eloquent letter to the Atorney general and think we should boycott the Virginia’s biggest company. It would be easy to call for a tourism boycott but those don’t work. What is their biggest company?

  • Ana says:

    I have been angry with this fool’s actions from the very beginning of the dog fighting investigation involving Vick. Does Poindexter approve of dogfighting??? Is he a corrupt official being bought off??? He is disgusting…..With all of the facts in his lap why the apathy?

  • Freddie says:

    The NFL will do nothing he is a good player on the field and makes them money that is all they see. Until he costs them money and diminshes their bottom line they will wait for this to pass. I think you should find out who the biggest sponsor is and call for a boycott or at least embarras them by showing their relationship with this monster.