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PETA and Posh Spice!

Written by PETA | April 20, 2007

VictoriaBeckham.jpgA little drama unfolding in the UK this week: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who is a good friend of Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice) has found himself in a bit of a pickle after asking Victoria to let his lambs graze on the land at her home in Hertfordshire because his own London garden was too small. Victoria was perfectly happy to oblige … until she found out what Ramsay intended to do with the lambs that she had grown to love (fricassee them, to be precise). As her spokeswoman put it:

“She was more than happy to let the sheep roam around her grounds, but as a devout vegetarian, she will be distraught to learn that they’re going to be killed.”

And now PETA Europe has joined the fray, with the following quote from PETA Europe Director Poorva Joshipura making the rounds of the British press:

“People are rallying to spare the lambs Posh grew to love. With soy ‘lamb’ kebabs and marinated mock meats, everyone wins, including the animals.”

Maybe there’s hope for these lambs yet. Thank you Victoria, for bringing their plight to the public’s attention! You can read the full story here.

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  • Febriani says:


  • Geri says:

    Victoria Beckham is perhaps the most stylish glamorous and sexy woman in the world and looks amazing dressed in fur.

  • Kirsty says:

    David Beckham changed his mind about purchasing a fur coat fearing a backlash from animal rights protestors. He fell in love with a Christian Dior fox fur jacket during a shopping trip to London’s exclusive Harrods department store. A source told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper “He really took to the coat and after he’d put it on he couldn’t stop gazing at himself in the mirror. “He liked the red colour but explained he couldn’t buy it as he was concerned about the animal rights brigade. David clearly isnt antifur he’s just scared of being targeted by PETA.

  • yuki says:

    she doesn’t wear fur check out this article..

  • Kelly says:

    I do not think that she is. I’ve read articles in People Magazine that she did and said how she does eat fish. AND she has been seen eating lunch with Katie Holmes sharing fish and steamed veggies. so she is not a vegetarian.

  • Whatshisface says:

    The reason you didn’t know Victoria Beckham was a vegetarian is because she ISN’T a vegetarian. Not unless chicken and fish are now vegetables.

  • april says:

    What? Victoria Beckham is a VEGETARIAN? that’s GREAT I never used to like her that much until now! thank you Victoria for speaking up for the lambs and animal rights! I’m a VEGETARIAN too and I’m never gonna change I’ve always been a VEGETARIAN and I’ve always loved animals!

  • Caroline says:

    Its amusing and hypocritical of Victoria being a vegetarian but absolutely having no qualms about flaunting dead animal skins! It kindaa beats the purpose and shows the ultimate disregard and compassion for the number of animals who get slaughtered everyday mercilessly for this. These people should just stop wearing fur. Really. Caroline

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    We all need to applaud Victoria. This is a beginning for her. We need to have patience. And maybe in short time we shall hope she will be a spokesperson for PETA speaking about the horrific fur trade. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Just give her time…

  • Jolee Edmondson says:

    It’s nice that Victoria Beckham is a vegetarian. Now if she would just stop wearing fur. What a hypocrite she is!

  • serinity says:

    David doesn’t wear the Kangaroo skin boots anymore.

  • Taylor says:

    She’s a vegetarian? I never knew that..but doesn’t she wear fur? And doesn’t David wear boots made out of kangeroo skin?

  • Sarah says:

    that is so cool i didnt know that Victoria Beckham is a vegetarian.

  • doug says:

    What I dont get is though she wears fur doesn’t she? She a Vegetarian and cares about animals yet will wear the skin of dead ones on her body…… huh

  • Canaduck says:

    People on the article site are mocking her for caring because they’re “just lambs”. What if there were two dogs frolicking on Posh Spice’s lawn instead? Some of these people are so shortsighted that it’s ridiculous.

  • alain decourt says:

    thank you posh spice for speaking up for the lambs it’s great to hear your voice for these almost forgotten animals which are suffering above all around easter time! the silence of the lambs has lasted too long!