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PETA Offers Tofurkys to Laid-Off GM Workers

Written by PETA | December 24, 2008

Some folks at our PETA headquarters were moved when they read that after spending the last few days packing up bags of food for needy families, a General Motors plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, has shut down, and thousands of workers have lost their jobs. So, we’re extending the same offer that we gave to AT&T folks last week—because we still have bonus Tofurkeys left. So, if you’re among the first 100 laid-off GM employees to contact us, we’ll send you a healthy, hearty Tofurky roast to share with your family this holiday season.

Our best wishes and hopes for a brighter New Year to you and yours.

Written by Sarah King

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  • Anita50882 says:

    Awww this is so kind! More of this giving will give PETA good publicity and help people in need. Great job!

  • carolyn says:

    Well done PETA! Compassion is the name of the game.

  • Michael Andrew says:

    I do my work and volunteer service from my home. proud adopter of 15 cats. And I like Tofurkey I am a vegetarian but my cats are not.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Very sad news for a lot of workers. The good news is if you follow a vegetarian diet you can do so very cheaply. Buy grains oatmeal brown rice wheat berries etc. in bulk and either cellopacked or canned kidney beans chickpeas lentils split peas etc. Buy fruits and veggies in season and big bags of potatoes. Not only will you thrive but your health may take a pleasant unexpected upturn.

  • Curtis says:

    Great idea PETA! Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer and I bought a Tofurky feast! I plan to make it for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow evening.