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PETA Offers Rudy a Job

Written by PETA | February 1, 2008

As of this Wednesday, it looks like Rudy Giuliani isn’t going to be getting that other job he was applying for, but that doesn’t mean he’s run out of options for serious public service, and his first exciting new employment opportunity arrived by fax today, in the form of an offer from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk to be our new Animal Emergency Response Division Ambassador. If he were to accept the offer, Rudy’s duties would include helping to get PETA’s public service announcements about animal emergencies shown on television and heard on the radio, and meeting with officials who make contingency plans for natural disasters to remind them of the importance of keeping animal-integrated families united. You can read Ingrid’s letter here, and I’ll let you know how Rudy responds.


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  • Ashes says:

    Jim I moved from a red state to a blue and didn’t see much difference. I knew of only a handful of vegetarians in the red state and haven’t met many in the blue. Everyone eats at steakhouses in the blue state and most people who own pets work long hours and leave the pets locked up alone all that time each day. I’m not sure what blue state you could have moved from to have seen such stark cultural differences in terms of eating meat or thinking about animals. Where I am the only difference is that the blue staters get more of their meat from factory farming than from hunting.

  • stoptorture says:

    I can think of some awful TERRORISTS in New York that need to be done away with. Maybe he could finally address them? Its a long shot but good to see Peta trying to enlist him against the TERRORISTS that torture poor animals. New York is full of really awful terrorists like HLS and Columbia and others. Actually try to point out to him exactly why they are terrorists just like al qaeda and the nazis. So many of these torturers are just like those infamous enemies as far as their VICTIMS are concerned!

  • Jim says:

    How about telling all those red state Republican voters to stop hunting and grilling steak on grills. Honestly I moved from a Blue state to a Red and it is quite shocking the cultural difference. Animals barely enter one’s consciousness in a Red state. How about John Edwards for this post?

  • mike says:

    Republicans and Democrats support cruelty to animals . AETA

  • Ryan says:

    I doubt he’ll do it after the milk advertisment against him. But then again you never know.

  • Caboose says:

    Kelly ARAs make only a minority of the voters. Why does PETA always pick the wrong people to represent them?

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Rudy Giuliani is insane.

  • kelly says:

    Maybe Rudy can clue the Republican party in to the fact that they are losing voters because too many Republicans support animal abuse. When Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner who was chairman of the House Judiciary Committee at the time!!! actually got into bed with dog fighters and helped protect them from legislation the Republicans have a problem. httpsensenbrennerwatch.blogspot.com200708sensenbrennercutmichaelvickbreak.html Because Sensenbrenner colluded with dog fighters Michael Vick’s charges were far less than they would have been. There are some Democrats that support animal abusers but overall it’s the Republicans that are the worst. Part of the problem is that too many Republicans blindly follow the dictates of the farming industry which supports and promotes every kind of animal abuse under the sun even puppy mills and dog fighting.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    What a great letter! I saw impressive efforts by animal rescuers after 911 and Katrina. I wonder how many people died by deciding to stay with their pets and how many animals perished on their own. I’ve heard rumors that Rudy is interested in greening NYC maybe there’s hope. I liked the letter beautifully written!