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PETA Names Top Five Vegetarian-Friendly Rehab Centers

Written by PETA | September 2, 2008

As more and more people kick their meat addiction, we thought we’d rate the top five vegetarian-friendly rehab centers. More and more celebrities every day are going to rehab—to the point where it’s almost become trendy. Hopefully they’ll take a note from our blog and check out our list below:

5. The Meadows (Arizona): All about fresh, organic root veggies, tofu, veggie burgers, and vegetarian casseroles, this desert oasis has helped the likes of Kate Moss, Eric Benet, Mike Tyson, Elle McPherson, Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Paul Gascoigne, Ron Wood, Kerry Katona, Michael Barrymore, and Whitney Houston.

4. Hazelden (Minnesota): Hazelden offers Gardenburgers, veggie chili, veggie riblets, vegetable egg rolls, and sautéed vegetable sandwiches. Calvin Klein and Aaron Sorkin are two of the famous faces who have stayed at this ultra-famous facility.

3. Passages (California): Daily vegetarian and vegan soups and salads, vegetables, fresh fruit, squeezed juice, hummus, tabouleh, pasta primavera, vegetarian lasagne, wild mushroom pasta, vegetarian tacos and burritos, and veggie burgers are just a few of the menu must-haves at Passages, which has catered to Mel Gibson, among other stars.

2. Cottonwood de Tucson (Arizona): Baked rigatoni with spinach, wasabi mashed potatoes with snap peas, veggie pizza, veggie fried rice with spring rolls, portobello mushrooms stuffed with polenta, vegetable tostadas, green corn tostadas, and a daily salad bar are just some of the many vegetarian options that this favorite facility for rockers in recovery have offered to residents like Ron Wood, Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell, and Robbie Williams.

1 .Caron Foundation (Pennsylvania): Offering five-star eating for stars including Liza Minnelli, Steven Tyler, and Miss USA Tara Conner, the Carol Foundation is a vegan’s paradise. Daily vegetarian options include vegetable pot pies, black-bean patties with pineapple chutney, veggie dogs with vegetarian chili, veggie pita sandwiches, roasted vegetables and tofu bakes, seven-vegetable orzo stew, Jamaican delight over rice (a sweet and sour combo of roasted peppers and tropical fruit), ratatouille and tofu, spinach mushroom pies, veggie arroz rojo with sun-dried tomatoes, tofu tetrazzini, vegetarian paella, three-bean stir-fries, Caesar salad with portobello mushrooms, broccoli-tofu turnovers, vegetarian tacos, tofu stir-fries, vegetarian barbecue, vegetable fajitas, and tofu with peppers, peanuts, and mushrooms. There’s also a HUGE salad bar, and soy milk, rice milk, and soy cheese are available upon request.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Janis Binder says:

    I am a Newly Vegeterian and God willing I will be Going in for major surgery. During Recovery they said plenty of protein. I will not go back to meat. I live in the state of Maryland so Do you know any rehab/ nursing home that only practice Vegeterian?

  • Evaristo Luna says:

    I am looking for a vegan friendly rehab I don’t really have money though and I am court ordered any ideas anyone? I live in Los Angeles County.

  • Brenda says:

    Well Cottonwood de Tucson might have been in the top five when this story was written but I wonder how they’re doing now. Too bad they forced out the Chef that created this delicious menu!! My understanding is someone in charge said he wasn’t meeting the needs of the vegetarians. Sounds like someone at Cottonwood de Tucson didn’t know a good thing when it was staring them right in the face!! Shame on them! Was someone on…………….?

  • Sally says:

    Why are my comments never approved??? I already wrote this maybe it will actually be ok’d this time … In response to the CaronCarol one Caesar salad is hardly vegetarian. It’s got anchovy paste in the dressing.

  • halrhp says:

    I read it the same way Holly did rehab to get off meat addiction! Are there any? I’ve been veg since 1972 and it didn’t take any convincing or incentives I just lost the desire to eat the stuff. The health and moral considerations fell in place later.

  • Holly says:

    Oh I thought they were there to fight their addiction to eating meat not taking drugsalcohol!!

  • brandie r says:

    That’s pretty neat. And if the celeb or average Joe Schmoe happens to be vegetarian then they know they have a few options. Although let the focus still be the addiction that needs to be kicked.