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PETA Movie Shows What Bunnies ‘Scream 4’

Written by PETA | April 18, 2011

Scream 4 had audiences gasping and jumping in their seats this weekend. But if the audience had seen PETA’s “scream” movie, they would really be terrified. Our undercover video of rabbits as they are killed for their fur shows the animals as they scream while their skin is peeled off their bodies. 


Scream 4
star and vegetarian Aimee Teegarden spoke out against the cruelty of fur in her ad for PETA.

Please join Aimee in making sure that the only killing you condone is the fake, fun, movie variety, and always run screaming away from fur

Written by Michelle Sherrow




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  • chicagogirl says:

    I find anyone who wears fur disgusting,vain,ignorant,selfish,and certainly no one i would want to communicate with except to educate them on how these animals SUFFER unimaginal pain. Who actually thinks that wearing fur looks good? Really? To me it just shows what an evil person they are. It make me sick!!!!

  • lisa says:

    My daughter recently went to watch Screan 4 which has just been realised here in the UK although she didnt rate the film much lol, she said and also her friends what made it worth while watching was the fact that Aimee was against fur and a vegetarian,just shows what impact actors and actresses have on the younger generation.

  • Jackie says:

    Congrats to Aimee, whio is smart enough to realize you canmake a anti-fur statement without taking your clothes off!

  • Carla* says:

    Jay, thanks the the link! I will tell everyone I know about this company. I live in Canada and never heard of them before. They try really hard to convince you that what their doing is actually good for the environment and the animals they murder. Unbelievable!! Everyone should write them voicing their opinion, click on contact at the bottom of the page. As far as these bunny torturers go, there’s a really warm spot for you in hell!

  • anona says:

    i can’t even bring myself to watch this because i get so sick and hysterical over it. i can’t imagine ever being anything but vegan ever again.

  • Ozzie says:

    you got to be a pretty sick twisted freak to want to wear anything, eat anything or drink that comes from an animal. After all that we know today, how and where animals are raised for food and clothing, I dont understand how any decent human being can consciously be a part of this insanity.

  • Charlotte Khennaf says:

    The existence of these rabbits falls below the worst level of degradation imaginable. The above footage just shows that the ‘normal’ consumer is willing to accept this mutilation. As long as he/she gets the fluffy cuffs on the new winter jacket. What level of IQ/EQ is that? Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • xxtataxx1 says:

    This is truly disgusting. The fact that these innocent bunnies have to endure such torture is sickening, let alone heart breaking.I can’t understand how these animals are being used for their fur, people just want to what? wear 40 dead animals over their dress to what impress people? oooh look at me i can afford to buy 40 tortured animals and wear them all on one coat. Really? Are you serious! How could somebody be so ignorant? They aren’t cool at all and nobody damn cares if your famous or not! Go eat some salad and for the love of God leave his animals alone and let them live their lives in peace just as intended.

  • Jay says:

    An outfit called Canada Goose sells fur trimmed coats. I saw a lot of them in Toronto this Winter. Lots of mindless teens especially. These coats are sold everywhere. They claim that the coyote fur is ethical and not from “farms”. Where does one get these quantities of coyote fur exactly, ethically. From where I see, they’ve been long overdue for some unwanted attention from the community.