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Did PETA Go Too Far With Mepkin Abbey?

Written by PETA | December 21, 2007

If you’ve been following this story over the past few days, you’ll know that Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in South Carolina that runs an egg factory farm to cover its costs, has announced that it will be phasing out its egg production and switching to a new industry following a PETA investigation and subsequent pressure on the monks from our offices. And if you’ve been following my posts on the topic, you’ll know that a number of South Carolina residents who are familiar with the monastery have commented to say that they’re unhappy about this decision, claiming that it was unfair of us to go after the monks because they are decent men who do a lot of good in the community.

The way I see it, however, is that holy men—who should be setting an example for the people who look to them for guidance—need to be particularly accountable for cruel or unethical actions. While we have come to expect that CEOs of large corporations are going to be primarily concerned with their bottom line (and thus less immediately receptive to our concerns about their practices), in a case like this one—where good people have gone astray and are ignoring or failing to understand the fact that they are inflicting terrible suffering—it is all the more important that they be brought up short and asked to consider the damage they’re doing. Being a monk doesn’t mean that you should get off scott free when you’re caught doing something unethical—on the contrary, it means you should be held to a higher standard.

Anyone who has seen our investigation should know that the practices these monks were engaging in (such as confining chickens in cages so small that they had no room to move and denying sick animals veterinary care), as well as the practices that they were directly supporting (their suppliers slice off chicks’ beaks with a hot blade and grind up unwanted male chicks in a macerator), are cruel in the extreme, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all you really need to know about this case. This factory farm needed to be shut down whether it was run by money-grubbing fat cats or honorable but misguided holy men. Fortunately for us, and for the chickens, it was the latter.

For a more eloquent statement of these ideas, you can read the letter that PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich wrote to the Abbey when this investigation first broke here.

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  • says:

    Did PETA Go Too Far With Mepkin Abbey.. Amazing 🙂

  • tinytim says:

    Heck ya peta has gone crazy! When there are facilities with over a million hens you decide to pick on a monastary with 20000 hens. For your information they would sell the eggs to purchase what few supplies they need then they would donate the rest to less fortunate people. Peta has a lot of funding why couldnt they help the monks make the hen’s living quarters more acceptable? Would they rather have children from poor families go hungry in parts of S.C. than spend some of their protesting money to help both the monks and the less fortunate? I am glad peta is their to protect animals but this is just crazy! And the monks that are being attacked by PETA are vegetarians!

  • Dana says:

    Nicole I will agree with you that the Monks made the right ethical choice to stop their inhumane treatment of animals. Not a one of us has said we do not greatly respect that choice! They did not just stop the egg business the day peta protested though they have a little bit of time to figure out a new plan to humanely and ethically make money with out the suffering of innocent beings. Peta is all about the ethical treatment of animals…Monks are not animals…therefore it is not up to peta because of ethics to help these monks figure out which route in business they will now take. Now on the other hand you are free to get up off of your ass and go help him…I am so sick of hearing that Peta is ultimately responsible for helping to support these people…Peta did what they do stopped animal abuse…as for helping the monks that would be a human welfare issue that is up to each of you as individuals to get involved in…………………….. Roxanne do you call peaceful chickens cramped in cages on top of each other peaceful? Yes there are other issues out there that need to dealt with as far as animal abuse goes and sure there are much worse cases out there…but animal abuse is animal abuse no matter how small or large the extent may be Peta works to stop ALL animal abuse! How is it that Peta lies and chickens die? The Monks were responsible for the chickens dying….spent hens are sent to slaughter once they are of no use anymore how would that be petas fault they are not in business with the monks selling eggs……………..

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Dana I am happy for you to continue to adopt animals and get all your food from the grocery store with who knows what in it but I am going to continue to live to a great extent off of my land and I believe that I will prosper because I do this. Consequently so will the animals. I am you are we are part of the ecosystem whether we like it or not. It is my goal that the entire ecosystem is healthy including my family and self.

  • Roxanne Radabaugh says:

    Is the freedom of speech only allowed in this blog if it is yours? I have been to the monestary many of times. It is calm and serene. What is your problem? With all the mistreatment and dog fights out there being publically shown on t.v. but you are worried about the Monks. PETA LIES CHICKENS DIE. I am sure this blog will not be posted but all the same it is full of crap like many of your stories of mistreatment. Thank you for letting me air my opinion if in fact that it is up to your standards. Roxanne Radabaugh Moncks Corner SC

  • Dana says:

    Cochran I did not miss your so called theoretical point for you did not exactly make a point at all. Many times you have justified your killing of wild animals with the fact that you provide your family a chemical free meal so to tell the story again is quite pointless considering most of us do not buy your excuse at all. I see you completely ignored the comment I made in reference to you killing a million cats to save your children but this is not a shock! You always try and insult people intelligence when you are not quite sure how to respond to a comment by saying I am sorry you missed my point.. . frankly it is getting quite old. You pretend to have some compassionate side toward animals and then refer to yourself as barbaric which by the way is really comical when you think about it. If you cared about animals at all you would not eat them period end of story…you would not have to worry if they were chemical free hormone free or a wild kill. You are no different from the many hunters out there that swear they are doing something great for the protection of wild life by purchasing hunting licenses that supposedly go to fund wild life conservation. The truth is the balance of nature would work quite well without you hunting if we would just stop killing their natural predators. Hunting to me has will always be considered murder..It is a legal way to kill…a legal way for you and every other hunter to suppress the need to kill human beings…your comparisons of killing a million cats and your hunting hobby is concerning.. People who have great concern for animals do not hunt them down and shoot them for food and per one of your past post do not buy dogs from breeders just because they have to have a specific dog to meet their hunting needs…they adopt from shelters and would never dream of shooting and innocent being just for a meal!!!

  • Nicole Bulalacao says:

    Yes PETA did go too far. This organization pulled funding from an otherwise green and sustainable community without offering any real resolution. You all complain with no real results. Your ultimate intention was for people to go egg free but in reality people who buy Mepkin Abbey eggs to support their cause will just buy their eggs from the nextalbeit corporate brand at the market. Yes you all raised a good point that men of God should treat His creatures as it is written in the Bible. The monks realized that they lost sight of this fact and subsequently closed their farm. The monks did not have to legally close their farm but they did anyways in the name of their beliefs. But your interest group should feel the burden of keeping this monostary afloat. You do not lawfully have to do it. However on the basis of ethics which your group supposedly is built upon helping the monks get their feet off the ground to rebuild something to help them sustain their livelihoods is ethically the right thing to do. Because for all its worth the Trappist monks are by far the greenist living people out there. The live with minimal electricity eat food that they themselves grow and use limited amounts nonrenewable energy. PETA basically pulled a huge chunk of their funding that helps them sustain this type of lifea type of “green” life which PETA claims to support. If PETA really stands for the Ethical Treatment of anything I suggest getting off your elitist asses and start resolving how you are going to help these trappist monks sustain their wellbeings after you have just pulled their livelihoods from under their noses.oh and “being the first person in line to buy whatever the next crueltyfree product the abbey decides to sell” A. Elizabeth Post and Courier 28Dec2007 isn’t the type of responsiblityfree consumer support I was talking about.

  • Kristina says:

    Zanoni Did I ever once state I was a Christian? Thank you for ASSUMING that I was one. I could give a damn about organized religion … but that was not my point. Zanoni and Susannah S I was merely quoting the Bible is that a crime? I truly wanted to stay away from this blog but I will not allow someone to misinterpret what I have said. For that matter Susannah S. I must ask … how do you know what Christ would feel do act? That is profoundly presumptious. And no I meant ‘dominion’ because that is what it says in the bible. Maybe read it for your own education. On a side note Once again bringing up such issues as women’s rights is a red herring you do better to bring that up on another blog. My issue I will state once again is that PETA went after the ‘little guy’. There are bigger fish to fry than monks. Bring down the real villians and other people will follow.

  • Dorothy N says:

    Michelle I am willing to put cash on the line betting that the geniuses at PETA will do absolutely nothing for the monks whose livelihood they have destroyed. I would love to be proven wrong but sadly the history of PETA is that they are great at tearing down but not building up. Go ahead prove me wrong PETA. Set up a substitute for what you have broken and I pledge $100 donation.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Dana I am sorry you have missed the point to my theoretical situation. I promote wildlife because I believe someday as urban sprawl continues we will not be able to enjoy the biodiversity in the wild that we still enjoy today. The fact that I choose to harvestkillmurder a tiny percentage of said wildlife does not mean that I do not find it precious in fact I contend that it bolsters my appreciation for the wildlife I help promote. Since the lives of my family are infinitely more precious to me than any deer or quail though I care deeply for both I am proud to feed my family from my land healthy chemical free low fat high protein game. If I believed in gods I would thank the animal gods every time I harvested an animal but since I don’t I enjoy a moment of personal spiritual gratitude not completely different from religion each time I bring natures bounty be it plant or animal to my family’s table. I am thankful every time my family eats a grocery store free or at least limited meal. Call me barbaric if you will but if getting all my ultraprocessed foods from the grocery store while living elbow to elbow with an urban neighbor makes me civilized I choose to be a barbarian. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

  • Dana says:

    Michelle It is not up to Peta to find these monks a new way of providing for themselves. They have the opportunity to find some other way of making money but it is up to them to find that route not Peta. Maybe some of you that want to help them should start trying to find ways to do so on a personal level without asking Peta. I have seen many post here that say we will request supermarkets not stop carrying their eggs and we will boycott Peta or Peta please help the monks find another way of life but I have not seen one This is what I am going to do to help the monks………..If your concern is these monks look to help them. I am very pleased that they seen the error of their ways and will no longer practice animal cruelty that commends great praise and respect on their parts…but it is now up to them to find an alternative way of life for something that should not have been a way of life in the first place. The bigger corporations unfortunately do not have a conscience and they have the deep pockets to fund any backlash against their big companies….Peta does go after big companies it is just harder to make them see the error of their ways so quickly when for one they dont care about anything but money and they can buy themselves out of almost any fix with the money that the majority of Americans are providing them with on a daily bases by buying their products.

  • Dana says:

    Cochran Have you ever looked around at exactly what forum you are posting in? It would seem to me if you have such issues with child abuse you would not waste such valuable time in the Peta forums instead you would be spending all of your extra time working at safe homes or helping abused children. In that case you would not have one ounce of time to worry about your theory of the difference between children and animals. I think that you may be amongst the wrong crowd with your thought process but to each is own it is always good to be reminded exactly how the other side thinks. I myself do not think that this statement ever had anything to do with diminishing child abuse and you are being extra sensitive to even think so. I also would love to know why you promote animals especially wild animals??? What is it that you promote them for?? Was that suppose to be protect??? If so that would confuse me much more for you do very little for the protection of wild animals in fact you do the opposite you kill them. To me animal abuse is no less or more important than child abuse I think people that do either are weak minded scum of the earth people. I still do not see why you refuse to look at the link between animal abuse and child abuse you know that it is a proven fact that the majority of people that will harm animals would no doubt harm children as well. I just do not understand why instead of getting all bent out of shape over a comment you are not more willing to see the lines that run parallel between the two abuses and work toward a world without either. As for you torturing a million cats to save your children what on earth would you ever make a comment such as this for? The chances of you having to ever torture a million cats to save your children is slim to none so for you to make this comparison worries me more about you than any comparison between animal and child abuse ever will.

  • Michelle says:

    Hmm…so I read the original letter that was sent to the Abbey and it does sound like some of their practices really weren’t acceptable. But what frustrates me is that PETA is forced to go after people like the monks who although they have raised lots of chickens I’m almost certain those numbers would dwarf the numbers of chickens raised by huge corporations. Those are the people who should really be changing to make a huge difference in national and worldwide animal treatment. But I do understand that you really can’t go after the big guys because they are big and can defend themselves. I’m not condoning what the monks did I’m just frustrated that the big corporations won’t change. And as one of the other comments said PETA PLEASE don’t leave the abbey high and dry. Help them to find another way of supporting themselves since you took their source of income away from them.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Fair enough Dana but understand that abused children is a very sensitive issue and any comparison that might diminish said issue is in my opinion unacceptable. I love animals all animals and I work very hard to promote animals especially wild animals but I would torture a million cats if it would relieve the suffering of one innocent child. Fortunately this theoretical situation doesn’t exist but when it comes to children especially my own all animals otherwise are completely expendable and insignificant by comparison. Thank goodness I do not have to make such a choice.

  • Susannah S says:

    Dorothy N OK. I’m willing to be a “jerk” and I would even welcome the “fight” if it means that the animals benefit from it and finally come into their own and have rights just like us humans. Jerks Against Jerky YES!

  • Dorothy N says:

    In the end PETA is right to go after ANYONE who abuses ANY animal or who keeps animals in ways that prevent them from living a healthy and natural life. Fine go ahead and do that. When you pick your battles poorly like going after the little guy instead of the conglomerate and use tactics that make reasonable people recoil with revulsion like visit schools with horrific pictures like the antiabortion people do don’t act all surprised when people who would have been your allies in protecting animals think you are jerks and fight against you.

  • Susannah S says:

    Note to Kristina Please. NOT the old “God gave people dominion over animals” thing. Dominion does NOT mean “domination.” It means stewardship as in caring for looking out for acting in the best interests of animals under our care. Nothing in the gospels or in the teachings of Jesus or any other great spiritual teacher for that matter would justify or defend the current conditions under which most animals categorized as “food” are kept today. The factory farms are travesties of farming having nothing to do with the well being of the animals and everything to do with the almighty buck! If they keep proliferating they will in time destroy us between the adverse affects they have on the environment and the rampant diseases that result from overcrowding many of which are resistant to nearly all antibiotics because of the overuse of said antibiotics on these farms. Whether we like it not we HAVE to pay attention to our misuse and abuse of farm animals and the lands they occupy. It’s in our own interest as well as theirs. “Dominion?” No. Exploitation is the word you’re looking for. Abusive wasteful often criminally negligent exploitation. If you think Jesus would defend this you couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion. And the more I think about it I applaud the work that PETA did in shutting down Mepkin Abbey’s egg production. And Dana “None of us ARA are who we are because of religion.” I’m not entirely sure about that in my case although I know what you mean. I’m Catholicalthough the Church might have a few issues with me on the subject of what that means and I take the injunction to respect all life very seriously. Although my religion wasn’t the initial reason I became vegan and ARA I find much to support those positions in my faith particularly from the writings of certain Trappist monks ironically enough. There are so many layers and levels of awareness to becoming an ARA and it usually happens in increments rather than all at once. I think spiritual practice augments and helps that transition rather than working against it. But your point was a good one.

  • Le Petit Prince says:

    Dana great comment great expose! Thanks Merci!

  • Karen says:

    To me “chickenfriendly” means not killing and eating them. That doesn’t seem friendly at all. Minimize abuse? Really. If someone is beating you over the head do you say “Please minimize this abuse over a period of time?” No you say “STOP IT NOW!” Here we go with “force” again. We can’t force anyone to do anything. If a business or group succumbs to pressure great. It’s the American way. But as powerful as we may be we cannot force. We can protest speak up encourage cajole etc. but we cannot force. If you feel “forced” perhaps it’s something inside you speaking to you. Sorry but if abuses occur in “your” town we may show up. And please get yourself an education or at least a dictionary.

  • Dana says:

    All you people that claim so hard to be God fearing people in this forum…I know some of you make comments about Jesus God but have no religion at all…but the ones of you that do claim to have faith why on earth do you use religion as a foundation to justify any animal abuse…why do you take verses that may or may not mean what you think they do and throw them out in such negative ways. Anyone who claims to have any faith at all should be well aware of your teachings…no church I have ever attended sent out the message go and bash everyone with religious versus and push people away from the church. Unfortunately you all need to get in touch with God more than us animal rights advocates ever will for we are not the ones pushing people away from God!!!!!! I do not think that God Jesus or any other religious figure would approve of any of you using the bible in this manner…all it does is take people that do have faith but are also are animal rights activist and make them start to question the whole religious deal all together!!!!!!! You are pushing people away from Christianity so be very careful for your punishment on judgement day may actually be far worse than those of us that care about All of God creatures. The history channel recently ran a great special called Banned from the Bible it is about all of the books that humans made the choice not to put in the bible…HUMANS! Have you ever stopped to really think that their could be more out there due to the fact that humans were responsible for putting the bible together…would you trust anything that our government officials got together and decided what goes in and what goes out in the creation of the Bible today? Where the times of the creation of the bible really that different in terms of manipulation political gain and propaganda I for one do not think so because the wickedness of humans has been around since the start of time….Would you trust George Bush to write the Bible So what if there is more to this than you know…and what if the ARA are right and you are wrong? None of us ARA are who we are because of religion it is just a part of who we are! many times its a calling that can not be ignored…we do not try and justify one inch of it with religion so why on earth should the rest of you use it to justify going against us? Cochran Ingrid Newkirks statement is a boy is a pig………..was not a comparison my gosh if you would listen to the whole thing you would know the comparison boils down to we all share a central nervous system and we all feel PAIN!!!!!!!

  • Susannah S says:

    In the end PETA is right to go after ANYONE who abuses ANY animal or who keeps animals in ways that prevent them from living a healthy and natural life. So PETA was right to go after Mepkin Abbey’s egg factory and if it helped to shut it down that’s good. I have a soft spot for the Trappists being devoted to the works of Thomas Merton but neither Merton nor most Trappists would condone raising chickens at all let alone raising them in that cruel and unnatural way. So well done PETA! And I still say stay on top of the big guys too. I want to see the big egg conglomerates out of business as soon as possible.

  • Mike P. says:

    It’s issues like these that causes anger and hate towards PETA.

  • Darla says:

    You did not go too far! Exposing cruelty of any type is not wrong. Those men of God should read their Bible to see what God thinks of animals. Whom did he first create to keep Adam company? Whom did Noah take on the ark? God highly ranks animals and so do I! They should know better they deserve what they get.

  • rafael says:

    Good job PETA! By the way the words ‘fish’ and ‘bread’ and ‘stone’ and ‘jug’ and ‘water’ and ‘wine’ appearing in the gospels have a symbolic meaning and stand for human qualities! The twelve baskets filled with ‘fish’ and ‘bread’ mean ‘the twelve tribes of Israel some chapters later on Jesus explaining this himself! It’s funny to see how some animal haters use every opportunity to take the gospels and Jesus as a ‘green light’ for animal abuse! But an idiot remains an idiot and there is no medicine against it too bad for them!

  • Michele says:

    Antigone1000 and Compassion4theMasses your comments are GREAT! You have summed it up very well. There are lots of other great comments here too from betty Aj Maya etc etc. A human who IS an animal as well just should not get to decide who gets treated well and who does not. This is just like racism only it applies to a particular species instead. I am not a religious person but for those of you who are defending the monks based on religion and the Bible you should check out the Christian Vegetarian Association at http://www.allcreatures.orgcva.

  • betty gale says:

    barbaric well done peta monks acting like villains i am a practicing catholic this needs to be told so it never happens again i do not eat factory eggs why can they not make candles or knit mittens so they make extra money i have 3 jobs so my children can go to catholic school to learn this torture on animals CLOSE THEM DOWN AND PUT SOME OF THEM IN THOSE TINY CAGES ANIMAL ABUSERS THEY NEED TO LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aj says:

    Once again to my sarcastic surprise I see religion rearing its ugly head in a conflict where it does not belong. Try taking it out of the picture. A monk is a person and a chicken is an animal. If any person were caught abusing an animal in any way shape or form the proper authorities would be alerted. PETA being the proper authority in this case did the right thing. Congradulations on helping innocence.

  • Dorothy N says:

    afriend listen I wasn’t the one who brought up Jesus it was you PETAtheologians who claimed Jesus was on your side. FYI Jesus ATE FISH he didn’t just “speak down” to unevolved tax collectors. For the record I’m an agnostic and despise realityaverse zealots whether they be right wing fundamentalists or left wing PETA extremists. There are no grays in an zealot’s world and no way to come to compromise. A zealot will equate a lesbian mother with a murderer a family farm with an industrial meat slaughterhouse or a meat slaughterhouse with the Jewish holocaust. And in so doing a zealot will abet evil by obfuscating what it really means. A splinter really is different than a 200 year old redwood you know even though they are both made of wood…

  • carol tuskan says:

    Animal welfare applies to EVERYONE. No compromising on this issue. WAY TO GO PETA!

  • Chris Tucker says:

    What came first the chicken or the egg or the cage. Good work Peta !

  • stephanie says:

    in my personal opinion PETA did not go too far. No animal deserves to suffer the way those chickens suffered. for those of you that think this was okay shame on you! if someone cut off your nose with a blade then shoved you in a blender or put you in a cage smaller than you are and then never fed you would you like it? i bet you wouldn’t. maybe someone should do that to you you’d think twice before you said animal abuse was okay. which is basically what your saying by claiming that PETA went too far.

  • Sonia says:

    Just far enough as far as I’m concerned. Funny they didn’t decided to go free range like you would imagine eggs supplied by monks to be mustn’t be enough money in that hey even though they love everyone of the chickens. For those that say Peta is picking on the monks and not the big businesses that is crap they pick on everyone who are torturing animals that they know about.

  • Ashley H. says:

    Maya I couldn’t have said it better. This is after all PETA and we are FOR ANIMALS. It’s not fair that a living breathing being should suffer such a miserable life and have nothing to look forward to except deing from desease and misery. I honestly believe that any person who can sit there and honestly not feel anything at all for an innocent creature getting tortured is a bad person with no heart and after reading reading these blogs I have unfortunately come to see that there is alot of bad people in this world including Mr. COCKrhan “MD”. It’s so sad that there is so little compassian in the world. I don’t care who they are if they area busing animals and PETA shut them down than it’s a victory hands down. And by the way Tom your comment had to be the most juvenile comment EVER with absolutely no argument. Alfred Moessner It’s very possible to have free range cows and chickens. Not only is it possible but it would be great for the economy if you really think about it. And Rickey Ross I grew up on farms all my life right outside of Miami and had every animal you could think of. I especially loved my baby chickens. I never debeaked any of my chicks and took very very good care of all my animals. I don’t know what cruel farm you grew up on but none of my farms ever EVER supported that cruelty.

  • Compassion4theMasses says:

    Some People see some animal activists as extremists and do not see that the bottom line is to bring justice for animals. It does not matter if the group is a small religious unit or a large corporation. Animals need to be treated as fairly as a baby person or any other living creature. The person who does not understand Peta’s operation has not opened their heart to an animal really looked into their eyes and does not have compassion. It is terrible that in a society like today that we still have racism and cruelty to animals and want to fight to keep it that way. As long as violence is not used Peta has not gone too far.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Many people on here are saying that PETA should have gone after bigger egg producersfactory farming businesses instead of focusing on these monks. Well remember that PETA DOES target the larger entities on an ongoing basis but obviously bigger organizations are harder to change. Sowe should be thankful for this smaller victory that may help in gaining larger victories down the road. You have to pick your battles and take any win you can get because they all help the cause.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Dr. Cochran I also cringe at the comparison most of the time when people look at my cats and say “They’re like your children!” It makes me kind of nauseous. However I think the reason people use that analogy is that SO MANY people treat other living beings like objects. At that point how the hell do you educate them?? Our local zoo that keeps a margay in a tiny steel cage where it can’t stand up the people who chain their dog outside in the belowfreezing weather the people who adopted a cat from the local shelter and returned it completely emaciated and said their ten year old didn’t feed it? What would YOU say to those folks to help them understand their illegal and despicable actions? I’ve done it for many years and the only analogy that works sometimes is “is that how you would treat a child?” Peace!

  • animalfriend says:

    Dorothy N unfortunately it’s you who are the ignorant in the whole story when Jesus talked about meat and fish he was talking to ignorant people so he had to use ordinary words about the meat it was exactly in the tax collector’s house! do you think they were eating ambrosia? in that times people were far behind in evolution! Jesus himself said that he shall send the Holy Spirit after his disappearance because he could not tell us everything because the world would not understand it! Apparently you are one of those who still does not understand! And an allegoric story is not history too!!! Today we have the Saints and studying their lifestyle you should hear other things than meateating for ex St. Benedict of Nursia St. John from the Cross St. Theresia of Lisieux St. Bruno the Carthesian St. Hubertus St. Bernard of Clairvaux St. Francis from Assisi St. Joseph of Copertino St. Chrysostomos and all the Churchfathers of the first Christian hour also the first Christians in the world in Ethiopia are still nowadays strict vegetarians and so on ! also St. Paul was against meateating and additionally to this many other religions like Hinduism Sikkhism Buddhism Taoism Sufism etc. are against the killing of animals! but this here is not a religious blog! so it’s better for you to go for a retarded old fashioned traditional ‘christian’ blog! Christopher Cochran i’m not childless but me and my children love our animals as we love ourselves it would be better that you would not have animals instead of… you’re really really boring!

  • Dorothy N says:

    Um… all you people who keep saying Jesus would never condone what the monks are doing you do realize Jesus ate fish and had parables about meat meals like killing the fatted calf to welcome a prodigal son home? Ignorance about what you talk about also diminishes your cause. FYI.

  • sharon says:

    I don’t know whether PETA went too far. I know that the video’s of the HUGE chicken operations look much dirtier and vile than the Monks egg farm. Living in the Charleston area I chose to buy the Mepkin Abbey Eggs when they were available over those that were shipped in from across the country. I thought it was better for the environment less shipping and wasted fuel. I guess I’ll just have to raise my own chickens for eggs. Don’t worry they’ll be able to run around we have about 12 acres and they’ll have plenty of food and water.

  • Caroline Rowland says:

    Not at all! Thankyou for your efforts to shut down this cruelty factory. So glad so many lives will not suffer in future in those cages and that my fellow carolinians had a little education in what they are really buying into when they dont purposely select free range. Good job maybe those monks can pray for forgiveness and go on to do something good with their lives that will benefit this planet.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I do not advocate poor conditions for chickens but whenever someone attempts to equate the abuse of children to the abuse of chickens I believe it to be an innappropriate comparison. This is where Ingrid and I disagree. I would never trust a pediatrician without kids nor would I hold a childless person’s comparisons Ingrid’s famous “is a boy” comment in any validity.

  • Caboose says:

    wow crossfire! I’m the sniper in the red building 6th floor if you need me. Dont be surprised if you find me playing HalfLife or reading Bushisms

  • Zanoni says:

    Kristina you tell us that ‘God gave dominion over all the beasts to Adam’! This is a socalled catastrophic misinterpretation of an ancient mystic tale like the culpabilization of Eve having offered ‘the apple to Adam’! This symbolic ancient tale was the reason of women’s discrimination since ever but anyhow please know that not everybody here on the blog is Christian! There are many other religions here and all they have the same right! Me i’m a Taoist and hence I strictly refuse every kind of interference with nature and the animal kingdom! They have the same right to live as we do without being oppressed tortured and killed in every moment and also I doubt that the Christ should condone something like this and please don’t try to play a good Christian and to give bible lessons we are wellinformed! Thanks for the caring love!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I think it’s an excellent point why target a monestary when these big polluting industries are getting away with murder? I think the answer is that chickens are chickens and they suffer equally no matter who is abusing them. And big conglomerates take DECADES to shut down unfortunately and PETA is working hard at that every day. In the meantime if they can quickly save hundreds of animals why not do so? As I said before PETA has an obligation to follow up and help the Abbey gain more profit than ever. They deserve a reward now. I also think it’s perfectly reasonable to talk about abusing children and chickens in the same sentence. Listen no one is saying “Chickens should have a car a good education and be able to have health insurance” All we’re saying is look at the conditions we’re keeping these living beings in. Even my freaking plants have more light and space than those poor animals. WTF????? If someone were keeping children in those cages the punishment from the authorities and society would be severe. We are not saying that children ARE chickens we are just saying that chickens should be treated as living dependent beings not like garbage.

  • octopus says:

    cocky as far as i can see you’re neither in the urgency room nor out for hunting! so you think as it is vacation that there is nobody onboard and you can open your mouth widely but behold me i’m eyes and ears at peta because i’ve got aaaaaall my free time alone at home for to watch and prevent all the evil spirits getting the upper hand here on Christmas eve and the holy silent night! capisc????

  • King Kobra says:

    Christopher Cochran as you reproached to the PETA bloggers to be breastbeating and teethgnashing so i’m proud to be one of them because i see that this makes you feeling bored! and soon i hope we shall be cochranfree! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!