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PETA and German Circus Owner Agree About Tigers

Written by PETA | December 11, 2009

Well, sort of. I’ll explain.

About 170 audience members at Pagel’s Dinner Circus—OK, wait, I must point out how ridiculous that is. I’m all for Dinner and a Movie, but “Dinner and a Circus”? But I digress. During one of the circus’s performances this week, 170 horrified audience members witnessed tiger “trainer” Christian Walliser get mauled by three Bengal tigers.


english.cctv / CC
Tiger Trainer


Circus owner Stefan Pagels stated that, because “the show must go on” and because “the tigers did nothing wrong,” the animals will not be killed as so many others are when they fight back or run amok. While his claim that the tigers were “playing” with the fallen trainer is ridiculous (hello?), we do agree that the tigers, who are and will always be wild animals, did no wrong. They’re huge, strong, powerful animals, and whether in a jungle where they belong or abused in a circus, tigers retain their instincts to hunt, flee, or defend themselves if threatened.

Whether they’re being held captive in a barren pit, forced to labor for lazy humans, put on display, or used in photo ops with the public, the only certainty with wild animals who are exploited by humans is that one day, they will fight back.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Lesley Connor says:

    Sick picture just look at it like all circus animals it is so vile that a beautiful ‘wild’ beast is sitting to attention to ‘entertain’ stupid people who think it is amusing. Wake up world it is not entertainment you circus goers need your heads checking. Take all the people from the audience and put them into a foreign environment away from their family and beat crap out of them until they submit to every torture imaginable and tell them that is all they can expect until they die see how they like that idea!

  • Michelle says:

    What gorgeous animals these are. I totaly beleive not to put a wild animal a sleep because it attack someone. Those are their natural instincts. We shouldn’t be blaming the animal.

  • Michele says:

    Can you imagine how many times they must’ve beat that tiger to kill it’s spirit and force himher to perform? I know it’s horrible but a part of me wishes the tiger WAS put to sleep cause I just KNOW that the trainer probably beat himher even more that night. It’s a loselose situation.. Forget the trainer I hope the tiger’s okay.

  • geordie gibbard says:

    i say hurray for the tigar i could care less about some two bit money hungary animal trainer.I wish this sort of thing happened more often then maybe people will think twice before they dicide to make a career out of abusing animals for entertainment. I hope the tigar is OK.

  • lisa says:

    Serves the trainers right the tigers had had enough of the abuse and torture they endure in these circuses.

  • nymous says:

    Yay! Tigers fought back. !!!

  • Max says:

    This is awsome that the owner of the Circus realized the animal didn’t do anything wrong and respected it for what it is.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Tigers are lamentably and unpardonably being massacred in their native homelands in Africa and Asia too !

  • NT says:

    What a sad sight. Nothing short of slavery. How can anyone find this amusing?