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PETA Expose Prompts PETCO to Make Sweeping Changes

Written by PETA | February 21, 2008

After lengthy discussions with PETA, PETCO has announced that it will reduce the number of animals for sale in its stores nationwide by 30% and revamp its live-animal vendor certification standards to improve conditions at all of its pet suppliers, starting with Rainbow World Exotics (RWE) in Hamilton, Texas.

At RWE—a hellish facility that breeds and brokers tens of thousands of animals who will be sold at pet stores, including PETCO and PetSmart—PETA found abuse and neglect of small animals and birds, including the following:

•Rabbits were neutered by an employee using a dull razor and Clorox wipes on the animals’ open incisions. One improperly anesthetized rabbit kicked and struggled during the surgery.

•Live hamsters, rats, and mice were dumped into trash cans, and animals were thrown against the floor in an attempt to kill them.

•Many animals were denied veterinary care, including a baby Goffin’s cockatoo named Angel, who Jack told you about in January; ferrets with rectal prolapses; and a guinea pig with a broken hip.

Watch the video posted below for more details on the horrors uncovered in the investigation, and check out the piece from the Today show, where the story broke nationally.

Change is good, but we wish that PETCO would have done even better and kissed its relationship with RWE goodbye. Says PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch, “It is astounding that an abusive mill like RWE can still call the nation’s two largest pet supply companies its customers.” She continues, “The decisions by PETCO and PetSmart not to cut ties with RWE make it clear that to them, the bottom line is far more important than ensuring that tens of thousands of animals avoid pain and suffering. PETA wants consumers to know that animals do not generally fare well in the pet trade. Animal shelters and pounds are the place to go when you are ready to offer a loving, responsible home to an animal.”

I couldn’t agree more. If you care about animals, don’t buy from stores that sell animals.

For what you can do to help, click here.


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  • tickedinorlando says:

    I haven’t been here before and I didn’t see the videos I came looking for help for fish abuse but I’ll get back to that. I have been employed by a Petsmart for a year now though. They didn’t want to hire me I had years of experience was a vet tech at a local animal shelter for years before it closed had many more years working in independant and a small chain’s fish departments and I was told they genreally refused experienced help because “they wouldn’t just follow the company’s position” when assisting customers on animal care and products. Well fish is a big seller for this store independants have closed around here so superstores are it and they needed someone who knew SOMETHING about fish as their employees knew little to nothing. So they hired me. I have been totally shocked at the complete and total lack of education offeredgiven employees. Okay if you don’t want to teach stockers or cashiers anything not too good since you expect them to present themselves as experts to customers but whatever. But even the specialty petcare associates fishbirdssmall animalsreptiles are given NO training in their charges they’re just turned loose and told to tell the customers whatever will sell. I figured maybe they didn’t bother with me since they knew of my training and experience. Wondered since the others knew so little but..?. Other people have come on since I was hired and I have found out how totally lacking their training is. If in doubt read the tag and say what it says. As far as management is concerned they resent every second you send caring for the animals you should be hounding the customers to buy as much as possible. They will order us NOT to care for the animals and stand by the podium instead. Heaven forbid they lose a quid of profit by having 2 petcare associates on the floor so one can be free to perform pet care. Rainbow does supply the small animals and they are often in bad shape guinea pigs especially. They often don’t treat late last year we had 6 large guinea pigs shohorned into 2 small trays all with ringworm all of which the manager refused to allow us to get treatment for. A couple died another associate and I got some stuff for the others. They were doing better when they sent them back to Rainbow . Reptiles are supplied by a place called Lasko they often come in with parasites and in poor shape. Birds come form Preferred Birds are they affiliated with Rainbow? now called Perfect Birds to distance themselves from the publicity about the psittacosis. Often overcrowded some mite issues and they won’t allow us to spend the time with the conure he needs for his mental wellbeing. Fish used to be from a FLorida farm Segrest but now the chain has cut out the middleman and stocks them in its warehouse wiht the rest of the dry stuff. They are purchased from Singapore and the warehouse often doesn’t seem to even know what the species they ship us are. In the store fish are NOT well treated. I don’t mean just because they sell some as feeders and please tell me what’s the difference between selling a mouse as food and selling a goldfish which despite its lack of eyelids and fur is just as smart?. They make no effort to meet the physical and psychological needs of their fish shoot they don’t even give customers the straight story on them half the time. There is supposed to be a policy in place which states we can refuse a sale ito a poor situation but I have been threatened with firing for refusing to sell goldfish to go into a bowl which is a slow painful death sentence for the fish bowls are water torture death chambers for goldfish which need a MINIMUM well filtered 10 gallons per fish to survive. Why dso they even sell bowls if they care about the animals well being? Oh yeah it’s not the animals’ well being it’s their profit’s well being and cruel ignoramuses like bowls and tiny tanks over something that fish can actually live in. Which brings me to why I came here in the first place what can IWE do to help fish? I wrote HSUS but of course they won’t respond fish aren’t cute and fuzzy. Many fish are very intelligent some even as much as primates and despite their to our easy preception lack of emotions they lead rich lives when allowed. Other more advanced countriesstates i.e. Switzerland and the sale of bowls altogether. I’m a broke nobody and no one will listen to me but would a group such as this be willing to support that as long as fish are kept as pets they should be maintained in such a manner as they can live free of fear and pain? What would it take to get the sales of bowls banned in the US? I can’t say anything about Petco I don’t shop and have never known an employee from there. Independants can be the best or the worst but are on average going to be far more knowledgeable and caring than the superstores. They are often in it for the love of the animals not just for the money.

  • Mikaela Novotny says:

    It discust me. How can anyone watch while animals are treated like this???

  • michael scott says:

    I will start work soon at a pet store .I hope and pray I cn make a difference.

  • Linda says:

    Why don’t they have a video camera in back? All this would end with pets put out of sight!

  • Shane says:

    Bottom line if you want quality and people who care about what they sell you shop locally owned. They choose to own that business for a reason and they don’t purchase from farms and mills. on top of that your money goes back into your community. Petco petsmart and walmart by far the worst are awful places to shop period.

  • aaron says:

    i work for petco i know that we check each animal to make sure they are healthy and if they come in sick or injured they are rushed to a “hospital” room where we call the vet immediately and they are seen the next day. There are strict requirements for the care of the animals such as hourly animal checks and interactment. I know personally that everytime i do a check i take each animal and provide either enrichment or special attention to each one. If an animal is surrendered to us we have the vet check them out and then we adopt them with a proper environment and coupons to get the things they will need to keep that animal happy and healthy. We promote adoption first of any species and actually have adoption groups that come to our stores. Every animal i look after gets my personal attention and even when i’m not scheduled to work i go in and provide the same attention and interaction. we will NOT sell sick or injured animals and any that people abandon or turn into us we make sure are healthy and happy in their enviroment.

  • petlover says:

    Start at the beginning. Shut down any breeder that does not meet humaine standards for the care of their animals whatever the animal may be. Also remember that the way each store treats it’s animals is the responsibility of that stores management. Perhaps all stages of the pet market should be subjected to supprise inspections such as the food industry is. Make each facility pay for it’s own indescresions. The many abandoned pets that you mention as needing adopting do in fact exist. Most are the results of irresponsible owners. Many who bought “cute little things” only to discover that they needed to be cared for and then dumped them in a shelter. However there are many responsible pet owners who take very good care of their pets. Pets serve a very important service for many. They act as service animals for people with handicaps give comfort and companionship to many senior citizens ect. Dogs and cats are domesticated animals and would not do well without their humans so don’t tell people that they cannot have a pet. Their needs to be better regulation in the pet trade but for the animals as well as for the humans it serves a purpose of matching pet with person when done responsibly. Anyone thinking of getting a pet should research both the animal to see if it is a good match for them and the place where they are planning to obtain their pet. I agree it is a good thing to adopt a homeless animal however you need to make sure that the animal is one that you will keep and love not return when you find it does not suit you. Also don’t forget that many breeders are dedicated to breeding only helthy animals that meet the standards of the breed. Let’s give those people a thumbs up for caring. Shut down the “mills” support adoption of homeless animals and responsible breeders and suppliers. If you are really an animal lover start with your own actions before looking for fault in others. Each person should put their own actions under the spotlight before turning it on others.

  • Lauren says:

    Oh my goshI feel sooo bad! I bought a parakeet from a PETCO near Patchogue Long Island NY. It only lasted for 3 days! I thought that I did something to it turns out it was PETCO all along! I actually saw them get in a “shipment” of parakeets from NJ. One of the staff was taking then out of this disgustingly dirty small and crampped box right? One of them was in the box still it was sooo frightened that it started sqwaking! I felt so sad for the poor thing! I’m going to report them!

  • AnimalLover says:

    Hello I work at a pet superstore and I applaud everyone within this forum for their love of animals. Truely I wish that people such as you would visit my store so that I could confidently sell you an animal and know that it would be taken care of. The truth is…there are too many people who want an animal yet do not care to provide it with a healthy loving home. The good news is that my store is working hard to prevent such people from obtaining our animals. My general manager has addressed our staff at each meeting and told us to not sell animals to just anyone. If a customer cannot prove that they have adequate housing and supplies for caring for an animal we won’t sell it to them. We take the time to screen customers by talking to them and making sure that they are provided with the information necessary to give our animals the best homes possible. We also accept animals from people who can no longer provide proper care. These animals are cared for then placed for adoption within the store not for sale. My store supports adoption by encouraging people to search the local shelters for an animal before buying it from us. We are not looking for a profit from selling our own animals. See…we don’t make a profit from selling the individual animal. The profit results from people spending the money to provide proper care for the animal. Therefore it doesn’t matter the source for obtaining the animal. We also give coupon books to people who can provide adoption papers for their animal. These books are NEVER available for people who buy an animal from us. Employees within my store care for the animals and are all very knowledgeable. As a student studying animal behavior…I always do my best to tell people that the animal they are purchasing is an intelligent being with emotions wants and needs. Everything from our fish to our birds and small mammals are intelligent. I hope that by providing this information…some of you will at least acknowledge that there are people working within pet superstores that care GREATLY for the animals. We do not support abuse in any fashion. We do our best to educate people so that they can give wonderful homes to the animals. I know that not all stores are like mine but please simply acknowledge that not every pet store worker must be condemned. Some of us really do care…and are not in it for the profit.

  • Peanut says:

    Morning everyone! I just happened about this blog area as I was going to the PetSmart website to buy a product that they no longer carry in their stores but carry on the website. I’ve read most if not all the entries on this blog. Two thoughts I would like to add…lets say it’s my “two cents worth” to this blog… The first is that bad things happen to good “people” or animals in this case and vice versa. It is life. …but there are checks and balances. I saw a hamster running around in a pet store not PetCo or PetSmart that almost seemed half crazed to get out of the containment area it was in. It ran back and forth…even “leapfrogged” over other hamsters that got in its way. There were too many hamsters in the enclosure in my opinion but I think every hamster should have his or her own cage and own play items. I felt bad for the hamster that obviously wanted to go home with someone. In all honesty I didn’t know where to put him or her if I got it home. I love animals and want them to have a certain livelyhood if they come to my house. It is nothing for me to go without something on a paycheck to make sure that one of my many pets has something they need. When I picked them up at the pet store which all but a couple of them came from PetCo and PetSmart I have made sure that I have the proper equipment to make them a happy home. One of my hamsters died…it happens. I was heart broken and cried my heart out. Six months later one of my other hammies died while I held her and manicly called emergency pet hospitals to see if someone could help her. One place pulled a vet out of surgery to talk to me because I was soo distressed. Sugar died as I held her on my husband’s birthday 3 days before we got married. Life has checks and balances…yes Sugar died but she knew that I loved her a lot as she died. …back to the pet store hammie tho…I left the store without the hammie but it killed me to. My husband probably knew I wouldn’t be able to not get the hamster so he didn’t seem too surprised the next morning when I said I had to go back to the mall where the pet store was. All he said is “Guess we’re getting another hammie?.” We went to the pet store and the hammie saw me and started scrambling on top of the little wood houses they had in the enclosure…sort of saying “Here I am!” I had my husband go and get a clerk while I waited with the hammie so it wouldn’t think I was leaving again without him. I named him Freddy like in the book series because he reminded me of him and went to PetSmart to buy a certain type of cage that I find works best with my hammies. Freddy’s home is sitting in the living room so I can talk with him and make sure his transition is as stress free as possible. I can’t adopt them all…but I adopt all that my financial situation can handle and that I can handle because when I bring them home they entrust me with their happiness and healthful living. I won’t get into my vet bills just on regular checkups! LOL! For every bad person or store or breeder there is a good one…it’s the way of things. Sorry about the length but inflation has caused the “two cents” to be a bit more. The second thing I wanted to point out is that I read in several of the postings that quite a few people want PetSmart and PetCo to stop buying pets from RWE in general and stop selling pets entirely. OK but has anyone thought of what is going to happen to all the surplus that would cause regarding the pets that didn’t go to one of the pet stores? I wonder what RWE would do if they had all those animals potential adoptees with no one to sell them to? I think that would be more cruel than what is happening when you take in the big picture. If PetCo or PetSmart didn’t buy them…there may be someone that does that has very nefarious intentions. At least give them the option of finding a home with a family…what some people have indicated would end up as a slaughter to all the critters that you are trying to protect. Yes a percentage dies…and dies horribly. For that I am very sorry and I wish I could have adopted all of them. But what about the ones that I gave a home and the ones that I could give a home to in the future? Would you deny a “furry kid” a good home to a loving parent or would you try and help all the furry kids find loving parents and live good lives? Those are some very good questions in my opinion that haven’t really been address fully in this blog. There will always be a kid that wants a “teddy bear” hammie…so there will always be a market for it. Now we just have to get over some of the angst and educate companies on what is happening and what they need to do to change it…you won’t be able to stop the sale of critters…it’s a money maker no matter if we like it or not…I love my “kids” and have pictures of all of them on my desk at work living and passed away and tell my coworkers of their escapades like they tell me about their kids. Besides I believe in reincarnation…you have a crappy life this one…you have a better one next time. Checks and Balances… Sorry again for the length but my hammies g.piggy cats etc mean alot to me and critters in general do…even scaley ones…I don’t want to see more harm come to them than has already…and that is a possibility with what I was seeing here. Thanks for listening and have a wonderful day! I’m a Gemini…I always have alot to say! LOL!

  • Dee says:

    Okay. In the petsmart video they had a bit of a clip of cannabilism. A few hamsters were feeding on a dead one. Sure sure that looks horrible but guess what? That’s NATURE. NO I don’t like that they just left the poor thing lying there to be eaten. I’ve worked at a Pet Storeunfortunatelyand I KNOW just how hard the little ones have it. I KNOW how horrible it is to see a dead baby mouse missing its head because its mother ate it. I know the horrors and the realities and that’s the very reason I’m saying something. Cannibalism is completely accepted in nature. Male lions eat baby lions on the plains. Male bears will eat baby bears in the woods. Femal mice hamsters etc WILL eat their babies sometimes. THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE. If a wild mouse dies in someone’s attic other wild mice will find it and eat it. Get over it. You can’t stop animals from being animals. I agree with EVERYTHING in this video except for showing the freakishly dead animals who had been gnawed on or WERE being gnawed on…again I hate that the poor dead things were left there and I hate that people could plainly see whats going on…but damn. I had pet micetwin brothers born to my male and female mice Paulo and Nietzsche respectively and Julius killed and ate Brutus’ head yeah the irony I know. Honestly though? I love small animals. I love mice I love hamsters and rats and guinea pigs. I want to be able to have them as pets because they are smart friendly little creatures. I’ve had a hamster who loved belly rubs. I had a mouse who loved ear scratchies. I’ve play with pet rats that give me kisses on my nose when I ask them to. I want to be able to buy them if I want but I think DRASTIC measures need to be taken to help make sure that the environments of sale are kept in GOOD condition. That’s all.

  • Barbara says:

    With so much talk about Petland and their association with puppy mills I have not heard any talk about the birds and parrots sold at Petland PetCo and PetsMart. Where do you think they come from?? I would bet the conditions where these long livers come from isn’t any or much different than the puppy mills. None of these large companies have any business being in the pet trade market what ever the pet might be. Do they screen potential buyers? Of course not that would take money and time. Money is what they are out to make not spend.

  • Alysoun Mahoney says:

    I am a member of PETA and the Humane Society a donor to other animal welfare groups including Animals Asia and Pets Unlimited of San Francisco and the proud “parent” of 2 rescue dogs and 5 rescue cats. Though I normally purchase food and other products for my “kids” at independent stores that I feel demonstrate the highest ethical standards I feel I must comment on the comparison of PetCo and PetSmart presented by PETA. In my experience PetSmart has affiliated with pet rescue organizations that truly care about placing pets in adoptive families such as the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Arlington VA. PetCo on the other hand has chosen to affiliate with a Fairfax VA organization called 4Paws that keeps animals in locked cages at their stores for weeks and repeatedly loses adoption applications as well as historical records of animals that have been adopted in the past. So in sum if a choice is to be made as to whether PetSmart or PetCo is the more animalfriendly corporation I’d give PetSmart the higher score by far.

  • Jess0o13 says:

    dear black molly have you ever stopped to think that maybe every single little petsmart store is not EXACTLY the same? gasp!!!! some are shitty and some are good. some have managers and district managers and people who care that go around and make sure things are done the right way. HOWEVER… I know there are people who work at OTHER stores that would say their animals get little to no care. the same thing goes for Petco stores. I work at one that is VERY VERY concerned about the well being of the animals there. I have even gone through hours and hours of training to become one of the primary caretakers of the animals there. I PERSONALLY drive animals to the vet. our store just paid to have 4 rabbits that were brought in and abandoned by some prick spayed and neutered so we can adopt them out wo worrying about any of them breeding. I also know that other petcos are not as good as mine. EVERY STORE IS DIFFERENT. please stop your bitching. and also… dear peta you should probably know that bird DNA testing is a simple and harmless “procedure” and I use quotations on the word because of the fact that it can barely be called that… that is safe and effective. I have done this many times myself and the birds do not “scream in agony” or “almost die from the pain.” most do not even realize that it even happens in the first place. quick stop is applied to the nail even though it usually stops bleeding itself before you get a chance to do so and the bird comes out a little ruffled and pissed off that it was not allowed to move it’s feet for a few seconds. your claims are poor and uneducated at best. I suggest that your organization do more research before you make such absurd claims. oh and the gecko with the “apparent nose injury” was just shedding. it’s a simple thing that reptiles do.

  • Black Molly says:

    I lurk on this website from time to time reading old articles of socalled “animal abuse” from PetSmart. PetCo very bad. PetSmart I’ve never seen the abuse. I’ve been working at PetSmart as a Pet Care Specialist for a while now and I can honestly say that no one NOT A SOUL has ever mistreated a single pet in our department. Seeing as how we’re the only ones actually allowed to handle and sell the animals I guess that would mean that NO ONE IN THE WHOLE STORE MISTREATS ANIMALS. I can’t tell you how much training and learning I had to go through to get to where I am now. It didn’t happen overnight and it’s not like they hire people off the street who wear “I LIEK TO KILL AMINALS LOL” shirts or anything. For crying out loud things die. It’s life. Once a hamster died. No warning signs I KNOW this because every night when I am closing I open every cage carefully check EVERY SINGLE ANIMALBIRDREPTILE ETC look for signs of fights infections or disease and isolate those who are sick NOT TO PUT THEM IN SOME STRANGE BACK ROOM TO DIE BUT TO MAKE SURE THEY GET THE INDIVIDUALIZED CARE THEY DESERVE! no nothing. Just died. Were not going to run an autopsy and spend wasted money to find out WHY or anything. But we are going to severely disinfect that cage to make sure no other pets are harmed. Which leads me to the RWE stuff. Never in my time there have we received a bunch of mangled diseased or sick pets. The worst I’ve ever seen was about 5 or 6 parakeets all coming down with diarrhea at once. They were all treated by the LOVING staff and then a good while after being healed we kept them back there longer to make SURE they were completely done with the infection they were taken to the floor to YES BE SOLD AS PETS. Oh mercy me. Why are we selling animals as pets??? Because pets make people happy. I love animals I love people. I hate people who abuse animals. Once a guy came in and asked if he could buy an Oscar if he did would it eat his Betta. Well. Im not a big fan of fish. But even then I told him that it wasnt right. I technically cant refuse to sell him anything but after talking to him about it he decided to just get his Betta a nicer bowl instead. PETSMART ASSOCIATES ARE GOOD PEOPLE. PetCo however is somewhere I have a major problem with. There is one just across the street from my PetSmart. A woman came in one night looking quite distressed. She said she wanted to get herself a turtle but at PetCo the turtles had large cracks in their shells and just looked unhappy! Their water was dirty too!. Thats just the beginning. I do NOT know what they teach the people over at PetCo but it seems that every one Ive been to the people are RUDE and the animals are packed too many into too small of a space. LEAVE PETSMART ALONE AND TARGET PETCO!!!

  • andrewintoledo says:

    you folks at peta are doing wonderful things i try to help where i can but i cant keep up with you guys! please keep up the good work im right behind you!!! thanks!

  • Love 4 Animals says:

    Hey Thinker Man why don’t you start thinking???? Here is a little FYI for you PETA not only claims that it is solely petsmart but also petland and petco that have contributed to the buying of these animals I’m sorry if there are thousands of these little animals being bred they are certainly not just vanishing into thin air minus the ones that the workers at rainbow seem to throw in the trash these animals have to go somewhere and there were three of the main chain pet suppliers listed above not shame on PETA I applaud PETA endlessly for their actions towards the helping of these animals that cannot help themselves. More like shame on you for not doing your research and yet claiming to be “thinker man”! Next time “Think” before you post!!!

  • Lisa says:

    I work for a PetCo in Illinois and we do not get our animals from Rainbow. We have had animals come in sick before and the vendor will ask…”Do you want us to take it back?” We always say no because when we get a sick animal we take it to the vet that day or the next morning for proper medicine and care. Instead of giving it back to the vendor where who knows what will happen. We are one of the petco stores who has down sized there small animalbirdfish and reptile section. We truly do hourly animal checks clean cages food and water dishes and scape algae in tanks everyday we only get one bunny every few months from a local animal shelter to adopt out. We also at petco do not sell dogs or cats. I just want people to know that there are employees at petco’s who truly do care for these animals when they come in and give people proper information before they allow them to buy animals. I have personally refused the sale of animals to many people as well.

  • James says:

    I worked for Petsmart in Texas for two years and yes this kind of stuff does happen. Rainbow was our supplier and I saw firsthand how many animals were rejected from each delivery for being sick and diseased. Not surprising as the Rainbow “delivery drivers” were often unsavory characters hillbillies who sometimes wreaked of marijuana. We constantly ended up with guinea pigs that had head tilt ringworm badly mangled or deformed etc. Hamsters and gerbils that were injured and often attacked and chewed eachother due to stress. And birds in terrible condition as well. I was present during TWO recalls of birds due to potential diseases and read the carefully worded press releases we were supposed to hand to customers. I also witnessed the poor care given to adoptable cats that reside at the store. Illness spreads quickly throughout the population because of overcrowding and poor care. I would often see cats dropping worms with tapeworms ringworm ear mites eye infections URI etc. Cat adoptions is a win win situation for Petsmart good PR for the company and easy pet supply sales. I wish they would let the public see the back rooms were they keep sick animals and new arrivals. Both have tiny cages where multiple stressed and injured animals are crammed. Ever seen 12 hamsters in a shoebox sized cage? How about 20 parakeets in a 30″ square cage? I have. To complicate matters employees were supposed to treat sick and injured animals. Most of the employees were teens and were not responsible enough to meet that task. Getting an animal to a vet was often slowed or simply refused by management who didnt want to accumulate high vet bills its counts against the store budget. The fact is Petsmart is a fortune 500 company that profits from animals sales and accessories. They pay their people poorly and cut corners with materials and vet costs and the animals are the ones who inevitably suffer. Im no longer on their payroll my choice I found a better job and dont live in fear of their internet silence policy. When they put your family at risk by selling you a sick pet you deserve to know the truth. Read the back of those pet sales contracts and youll see what I mean.

  • Paige says:

    so do this mean they’re not hurting animals anymore?

  • Darin says:

    i worked for petco for two years as a operations manager if you want any info on petco and their animal programs please ask. Petco and Petsmart have to stop selling animals!

  • katreena says:

    I 100 agree with the points made by many people on here exposing people who torture and kill animals will show the world who these people are and force change. Its like the kid who took the cookie from the cookie jar he kept doing it until his mom caught him and he was ppunished since then the kid never took the cookie from the cookie jar. We are not forcing ideas as you can not force someone to change there mind unless they want to change. So we are not forcing we are exposing and hoping people and companies will change. Many companies do not know what goes on in their warehouses as they are in one place and the warehouse is in a different. By showing these companies what is really going on sometimes they want to change as they have been shown what was happening. Keep up the good work everyone is standing up for these animals. I have respect for anyone who is helping to stop this from happening. Like the quote says ‘if you have to be human atleast be humaine’.

  • ChowChow says:

    Right on LD ! That is the best solution I ever heard . There are sooooo many homeless animals on this planet there IS NO REASON to breed except greed !

  • LD says:

    LOL Karen you are too funny ! PETA should not be put down for exposing Petmart and Petco . There is no reason to be using abusive breeders when there are many that are not. I volunteer in a shelter and there are so many homeless animals that Petco and Petsmart could buy from them stop producing more therefore stop the breeding and abuse and give the ones already born a home !

  • Animal Lovr says:

    I love animals and anyone who hurts them or mistreats them is an enemy of mine. Petsmart and RWE. I’ve bought animals from PETCO but only rats. She lived for a while until my dog ate her. She tried to kill every living animal except for humans. My rat was in her cage but somehow my dog pulled her out. The cage was still closed when i found it but no rat. I found her a few minutes later on the floor. She was dead but she looked no where near as bad as the living animals at RWE. I miss her. The others were fine because when I got them my dog had run away and she never came back. I miss her too. But i am trying to stop animal cruelty one step at a time. Cuz I luv em!

  • karen says:

    The film shown by Peta reflects one PetSmart store in Connecticut. It claims 100 pets died during the investigators time there. It claims animals were left to die and hidden from customers. Is it possible that they were placed in the back room to be humanely treated? How can an organization take what happened in one store and claim that it happens systemwide? Shame on you PETA for overstating and making claims you can’t substantiate universally.

  • Thinker Man says:

    then dont shut down PETCO shutdown Rainbow World Exoctics!

  • Dawn Moneyhan says:

    I have to wonder what is REALLY going on. I contacted the SPCA in Texas to investigate this case. After all these months of publicity I found it very funny that they’d never heard of the problem at Rainbow Exotics. PETA has posted all of this information but if conditions were as PETA makes it out to be then why were the authorities not contacted? There are laws against this sort of thing and if they were being broken somoene other than PETA would have stepped in by now to enforce those laws. Is it not PETA’s responsibility to report crimes to the proper authorities? Or are they feeling that they are above the law? Something stinks… and it’s not just the neglected animals! If everything reported on the website about this case is true then PETA is just as guilty as Rainbow Exotics for not reporting this to the PROPER authorities!

  • Evan says:

    FIRSTLY!!! THAT IS ONE SUPPLIER OUT OF THOUSANDS!!!! PETSMART CANADA DOES NOT SELL RABBITS AND WE BARELY DO IN THE STATES ANYMORE EITHER PETSMART DOES NOT SEX THEIR PARROTS ANYMORE!! This is a horrible site to see and something needs to be done… blaming petsmart isn’t gonna do a thing when they cant even prove thats a supplier for petsmart!! I work at PetSmart.. PetSmart has vets that are suppose to regularly check breeding facilities to make sure they are humane. . . OBVIOUSLY PetSmart doesnt support treating PETS inhumanely sounds like some Vets aren’t doing their jobs. It’s sad but these things happen. If Petsmart hated animals we wouldn’t give free space out to HUMANE adoption agencies to get their rescues adopted. There are also pages upon pages of rules of conduct we do not sell animals to those we believe will be using as live feed other then fish. We do not sell fish or any other animal to a customer unless we are positive they have everything needed to support that animal alot of the times we will walk them through the store and show them exactly what they need plus we require customers to have aquariums running for 24hours before they can purchase fish. 99.99 of people who work at petsmart are people who LOVE pets and animals in general! There is mistreatment wherever you go and if you are found to have illtreated any animal at petsmart it is immediate job termination. Yahoo! Answers probably causes more damage then PetSmart with all this little kids pretending they know what they are talking about giving wrong advice. I have met many fellow petsmart employees on this website ones that aren’t giving guess’ as answers.. You are a self righteous pompous . Edit WE CAN RESELL RETURNED ANIMALS AND WE DO AFTER THEY VISIT THE CLOSEST VET TO BE CHECKED!! WE ALSO GUARANTEE PETS! WE HAVE SPENT 4000$ SAVING A GERBILS LIFE FOR A CUSTOMER!

  • Tamara says:

    Tara I totally understand where you and your husband are coming from. AndI know I am gonna get yelled at for this unless this thread is dead but sometimes you have to make ethical choices. After I lost a goodpaying full time job a few years ago I needed something. But I refused and still refuse to work at Wally World I know that’s a different topic or any pet store. I would dig ditches for half the pay or work at a car wash or something meaning hard physical work for little pay before I would do any of those other things. I hope your hubby will be able to find another job while he is going to school. But as much as he loves his job and the animals the bottom line is that he is supporting the abuse.

  • Tamara says:

    Rose I got the police called on me at a Petco back in those wild PETA Petco campaign days for taking photos of ferrets lying in their own feces. Also majorly hasseled by the Petco managers and employees while waiting for said officers to arrive. They wanted my film didn’t have a digital yet and I of course refused. I had other personal pics on there. And even if I didn’t they were not getting it. Then they offered to take my film to Wally World down the street to get developed and they would take the ferret pics and negatives. I told them they were crazy if they thought I was hanging around there for over an hour waiting for that…nonsense…although I don’t believe that was the word I used. Also had an employee bend down by the back of my car. Now that scared me. I thought he may have been messing with my car in some way. When the police arrived I told them about the car thing just in case something did happen there and they were fairly ticked at the manager for bothering them…snicker… There was nothing they could do because there was no sign posted in a visible place stating no photographs could be taken in the store.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I am friends with several Petco employees who live in my town. One other petstore employee went through the vet tech program with me. I know many pet store employees are underpaid and have a hard time paying for schooling I worked in a pet store too before I finished college. Many employees there also wish the stores would not sell animals. I hope these caring folks go on to get a degree in animal care so they can get out. Some especially shortsighted folks will yell at employees if they object to animals being sold there. It’s like yelling at a teen working at McDonald’s useless. Target the owners the folks making millions not $7 an hour!

  • Tara says:

    My husband has been employed at Petco while he has been working toward a degree but I didn’t know about RWE until now. What I do know is that we are animal lovers and he has had extensive training at Petco. He would cry if he ever saw abuse in his store and won’t let people buy certain small animals unless they have proper setup or habitat ferrets and “Nemo” fish for example. He speaks of the animals as individuals and points each out to me when I visit the store. My point I guess is that there are some folks working at Petco who are conscientious empathetic and true animal lovers who watch out for the welfare of the adorable critters. It’s hard to find a minimum wage job that is fulfilling and he loves working there and if anyone was hired at his store that turned out to be apathetic they would be gone very soon. His heart will be broken when I show him the video and pictures of RWE.

  • Misty Gourley says:

    This is outragous! Every living creature should be treated with the same respect that you would demand for yourself. I dont understand how someone can be cruel to a living breathing animal that can feel pain and loneliness. Something should be done to change the way these poor inocent animals are being treated. These animals were brought in this world for selfish reasons and the most respectable thing that we could do is help them to have a good quality of life and not be treated like some trash that you could pick up on the side of the road.

  • Mikkie says:

    Instead of abandoning the animals and letting the abuse continue PETCO decided to keep rainbow as their supplier and EDUCATE and train their staff. PETCO also makes unannounced visits to rainbow to make sure animals are being treated properly. I’m sure PETCO is glad you exposed this but why don’t you explain WHY PETCO hasn’t dropped rainbow. They already explained it to you. They do not want these animals to continue to suffer so they are doing whatever they can to help.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Although PETA is chipping away at this crisis one piece at a time they seem to be making progress and quickly! Achieving a spot on the Today show was very impressive and important. IMHO the exotic animal trade is one of the worst horrors of our time endangered wildlife being taken from the wild whole ecosystems like coral reefs being destroyed by cyanide fishing exotic animals being sold as pets etc a nightmare that humankind has inflicted on the animal world. Having worked in a shelter vet clinic wildlife rehab center and as a biologist I’ve seen wild animals in pet stores and in people’s homes be unintentionally negelected and tortured in the most heinous ways. Pet stores give the wrong information to customers and perpetuate myths that these compex creatures are easier to care for than a dog or cat nothing could be farther from the truth! This applies to rabbits and other small pets as well. Then zoos and pet stores have the gall to say that breeding wildlife in captivity keeps them from going “extinct” a disgusting lie only animals living in the wild count as a wild population. They are using the environmental crisis to sell products! The pet store trade is unacceptable and I urge PETA and others here to keep speaking out about it and the public will eventually get the message!!

  • erica says:

    i was never aware that regular pet stores do that when i used 3 fish for an ETHICAL expirment he asked what kind of expirment but i never knew keeping fish in glass bowls wasn’t nice i’ll surely make a pond for them now.

  • Me says:

    If you guys think the abuse is bad for animals before they arrive at these pet stores work in a Petco or Petsmart grooming salon as I do. I’ve tried to make a difference for 4 years now having worked at both. I finally realized that working for them and trying to change things from within won’t work. I will soon be blowing the whistle on this. I have seen dogs abused to death YES DEATH hit choked slapped forced into stressful grooming processes with little or no compassion from the groomer cut burned by hot blades etc. If anyone reading this takes your dog to ANY grooming facility BEWARE!!!!!!

  • Lisa Molitor says:

    No pets should be sold. Only rescue the ones we have in circulation on this globe. We must learn from our mistakes and end the breeding of animals for pets. We did rescue our dog and she will be living out the rest of her life with a loving family. None…should be sold…ever!

  • rose says:

    Once I went to a local petstore and began to hand out fliers and talk to people and share some pics I printed up off the computer. The manager ran out and began screaming at me and I calmly asked him if he was aware of the horror he was supporting. He immidiately called the cops after that and I got banned but my friend told me that a few weeks later it closed down.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    “If you care about animals don’t buy from stores that sell animals.” True to that. Also promote spayandneuter and always adopt!

  • katie says:

    the WORST part of this rwe petco petsmart fiasco is the simple bottom line and it can not be overstated… gentle helpless creatures are SUFFERING!! these “pets” are born into this world without any choice in the matter. and for their short lives they may be at the mercy of some disinterested or just plain sadistic employees. many of these creatures will be bought only to be abused or neglected. and that’s what’s so sad… little lives that are essentially doomed! on a lighter note ANY positive improvement for animals however slim is a good thing. i’m glad peta commends petco’s efforts.

  • Rosie Sydney, Australia says:

    I think that exposing people who inflict animal cruelty onto these creatures is a fantastic thing. Although I believe that if you present people with the facts and don’t pester them too much they will listen. I think it’s a balance of the both. Try first off to persuade them with some simple facts questions and what they can do to change their ways. If that doesn’t work you hit them were it hurts. Eg expose them for the nogooders they are. People know that PETA can influence alot of people so they listen. In this case the more pressure put on by the public media and PETA the more they will give in and the more animals will be saved from this kind of treatment.

  • indycar01 says:

    ok ronnie bevis n butthead ..did you say leave aretha alone?… yaaa i forgot she DOESNT have enough BRAINS to get fake! fur.. force our views on others? HUH… better drop out of school. i wouldNT want any teacher to educate you FORCE THERE WAYS ON YOU!

  • Mark says:

    Ronnie I believe that the purpose of animal rights is to rethink the very attitude that other species are our property and exploiting them is our “choice.” Once we seriously include other animals in ethics saying “it’s people’s choice to support foxes being skinned alive” is no better than saying “it’s people’s choice to beat their children.” Thankfully as in this PETCO case and many others PETA’s tactics have ended more suffering and injustice than those of perhaps any other animal rights organization.

  • ronnie says:

    I really beleive in treating every living creature with respect. Life is a balance. Hurting animals is not right. Picking on people who don’t beleive as we do is not right either. As long as they follow the laws we can’t get out of line and force our views on others because whats the differance between their rational and ours. We make change by influence and modeling behavior not bully tactics. Leave Aretha alone. If she likes yucky furs well thats her indiscretionsadness to live with.

  • kelly says:

    Remember that PetLAND also buys animals from these mills and PetLAND also buys all its puppies from PUPPY MILLS yes every single Petland store Petco and Petsmart do not sell puppies from puppy mills Petland is the WORST when it comes to supporting animal abuse