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PETA Alerts FTC to Ringling’s Lies

Written by PETA | August 3, 2011

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act prohibits false and deceptive advertising, so why does the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus get away with promoting beaten elephants and whipped tigers as the “greatest show on Earth”? In a letter sent to the commission, PETA asks that very question.

Contrary to what Ringling’s self-serving PR department says, U.S. Department of Agriculture reports, photographs and video footage prove without a doubt that circus employees strike, stab, jab, hook, prod, beat, and bloody elephants with bullhooks and whip them, chain them, and electro-shock them in order to break the elephants and force them to perform unnatural and painful tricks

Right now, for example, three elephants—Sara, Nicole, and Karen—are being forced to perform grueling tricks in Ringling shows despite suffering from painful health ailments, including, in the case of Nicole and Karen, arthritis. Another elephant named Sarah is suffering from what appears to be a serious infection, but Ringling has ignored a veterinarian’s orders and Sarah is still being forced to perform night after night.

PETA’s FTC complaint is intended to force Ringling to tell the truth. The public can weigh in by refusing to buy a ticket.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor


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  • shang says:

    The elephants are suffering in silence, so we must speak up for them!

  • giovanna says:

    Poor elephants…this is orribile!!!!!!! giovanna italia

  • Brenda Martin says:

    You will never catch me with a circus ticket in my hand!! Poor elephants….

  • Michael says:

    It is heartbreaking to see elephants like that, being ripped away from their families, and put into “evil” inhumane societies. To go to the circus, I’d rather go to jail.

  • Sunil & Catherine says:

    Our Dear Sirs, Our Greetings to all of you there!We politely suggest out of mercy to our christian brethren and to all on earth that non-animal,non-fire,non-knife acts circus irreversibly continue for all our good.Even high trapeze acts with safety nets below should be performed. Thanking you and With Respects

  • tiziana says:

    Certally I refusing to buy a ticket to see all the circo That shame for man! Tiziana Italia

  • JLisek says:

    Boycott circuses and picket outside if you have time or make time for these poor animals.

  • mel says:

    I am so sad about. I am crying for this nasty situation.

  • Anne Robinson says:

    Why don`t some of the so called trainers` be put to the cruel workouts that these animals are put through, humans are really mongrels and many do not know love or compassion.

  • Anne Maher says:

    Look at these big heros!! Big brave excuses for men. Tying a baby down to make it do tricks!! Oh aren’t they so impressive!!! Don’t attend don’t buy tickets – let them go to hell!!

  • Alexandra says:

    Tat s awfulm, poor eternal soul of the poor elephants…

  • loveearth says:

    i feel soooooooooooooooooooo bad for those poor animals forced by pain and fear just for peoples amusment how can this even be legal how would you feel if somebody whipped you stabbed you with a bullhook but for them its even worse because they cant even tell others how much it hurts

  • alana says:

    This is terrible.

  • Jules D says:

    it really makes me sick to know how bad these poor gentle animals suffer all for your greed! just because they don’t speak don’t mean they can’t feel! Why don’t you whip yourselves and beat one another? see if that don’t hurt! I and like many of these wonderful loving animal friends are the voice of these voiceless animals and we argue you to put an end to the cruelty you are causing for Gods creatures!