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‘People’s Court’ Rules: ‘Don’t Wear Fur’

Written by PETA | May 17, 2010

The verdict inside the courtroom on Friday’s People’s Court was against a consignment shop that donated a fur-wearer’s musty minks after they didn’t sell, but outside, the show’s host and legal analyst, Harvey Levin, announced his own judgment about wearing fur: “It’s just cruel. … The skin ought to stay on the animals.”



Caring people should always find in favor of animals by boycotting fur—or risk being found guilty of supporting an indefensible industry that profits from horrific animal suffering and slaughter. Thanks to all the warm, stylish alternatives to animal fur and skins, there’s no excuse not to follow Levin’s verdict: “Don’t wear fur.”

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • JUNE says:

    THANK YOU, HARVEY! I did not know this, until a recent episode of TMZ, wherein he said “it’s terrible” (regarding celebs wearing fur during Fashion Week or something). I watch the
    show because it’s usually hilarious, and now I am very, very pleased to learn that Mr. Levin
    shares my sentiments regarding these issues.

  • George Igaka says:

    I believe killing for fur is illegal. Wearing it cool. I know tribes in Africa eat the full animals and even parts that I will leave to your imagination. In Harare Zimbabwe Africa the Leather men trade cooking oil and salt food seasoning. Otherwise the furs rot away in a tribes garbage pit. I find nothing wrong if the full animal is eaten by and specifically for the tribe survival. All animal leathers are a poor man clothing or material in Africa. The Africans laugh when they hear Americans’ desires for Furs. I Love furs as long as they are not on the endangered list.

  • sandra becker says:

    John if you weren’t so sheltered you would know that Harvey Levin has spoken out for animals many many times. Now to me Harvey is a real man! Sorry to inform you John J.

  • maureen says:

    Beth Ann I was trying to think of a better way to say it and couldn’t. Thanks You go girl!!!!!!

  • Julia says:

    I for one have been changed because of Harvey Levin. About eight months ago I was watching a TMZ episode and he said he was a pescatarian. I did some research and… fast forward eight months and I am a happy healthy vegetarian trying to become vegan. Vegetarianism has greatly improved my selfesteem attitude and grades.

  • trixie says:

    Another reason to love Harvey this is on today httpwww.tmz.com20100518sandrabullockhouseterminixfumigated I love Sandra but love even more how Harvey called Terminix what they are bug murderers. And another reason I love Harvey??? On TMZ live he is always calling out the ugly mean people who wear fur like Rhianna Aretha Franklin puke have a heart attack already you horrible woman Kanye’s ugly girlfriend whatshername. It takes balls to speak the truth. Thanks Harvey!!! Love you!!!

  • Pam says:

    PETA donates furs that people donated to them because they didn’t want them anymore because they realize the cruelty. They give them tothe homeless people and also animals. PETA always works for the benefit of animals. If movie stars didn’t have Paparazzi they wouldn’t be movie stars and I am sure many up and coming potential stars would kill to be on TMZ. This is a great forum for Harvey to reach the shallow people who actually watch this show. Go Harvey.

  • Lizann Hope says:

    I have enjoyed Harvey Levin on television for decades. Thank you Mr. Levin I am very happy you made that anti fur statement!!!! Now if we can just make fur illegal. Please continue to spread the anti fur message. You are in a wonderful position to do so. The public needs to see “Inside the Chinese Fur Trade.” Maybe a tv special?

  • Beth Ann Perrone says:

    Jade Speaking on behalf of PETA yes they do pass along donated furs to homeless people. They also take spray paint and mark a big X on the coats so they don’t go back into “circulation”. They do this for a few reasons. 1. To encourage people to give their furs up for a good cause. 2. To at least make good use out of the coats buy letting people who truely need their warmth wear them. 3. To make a statement. If more homeless people wear furs than “trendy fashionistas” maybe they won’t be so popular and sought after. PETA also uses furs to put in the bedding of baby animals who have lost their mothers to hunting or other acts of animal cruely. Basically PETA is just making the best out of a bad situation. They are hardly supporting the fur industry.

  • Fran says:

    It takes a big man to stand up for helpless animals Love you Harvey!!

  • Jade says:

    Um… pardon me for being blunt but isn’t this group PETA the same ones who donate furs to the homeless? What side do you stand on? And please answer here on the boards not in Email. People need to know the truth.

  • ROXANNE says:


  • Michele says:

    Harvey is actually a vegan and although I don’t get to watch TMZ all the time whenever I have watched it he has made some sort of statement involving animal rights and I think he has raised awareness amongst the staffers about issues like fur and slaughterhouses. Way to go Harvey!!

  • BB says:

    Harvey has a huge audience and I love the fact that he is willing to talk about this when others are talking about how beautiful someone is when they’re wearing fur. Harvey never lets it go wo commenting and I just wish others had the guts to do the same. Supporting actors that wear fur or adding fur to their clothes like J Lopez Diddy Weir needs to stop. If we don’t approve don’t support them in any way! I don’t even want to see faux fur because I don’t trust that it’s not real. More people who wear fur Lindsay Lohan Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton foolish young ladies that don’t have a clue how many furbearing animals or tortured or killed or they just don’t care. Charlize Theron and Pamela Anderson DON’T wear fur thank you!

  • K.J.S says:

    While his work with TMZ could be considered a joke he has spoken out against animal cruelty many times.

  • maureen says:

    Dear John I am an unknown person and I would like to think my attitude about fur is taken seriously. Who cares if you think he has no credibility. If we all thought that waythen there would be even more animals with their fur stripped from them.Right on Harvey Levin those of you in the spot light should send the message about furand the cost of life it takes. CUDOS to you!!!!What better platform to stand on and speak your mind.

  • Kylee Adam says:

    Harvey Levin is also a vegetarian so obviously he truly cares about the animals. His show TMZ is not even bad compared to some of the other paparazzi out there. He’s hilarious cares for animals and is a cool guy! Don’t go around making rude comments because someone is trying to stand up for animals but you happen to dislike the person who actually made the comment! You should be thankful that he is shining a light on how horrible the fur industry is. Don’t be so quick to judge next time.

  • John J says:

    I can appreciate why his statement about fur is notable. But really this guy is a joke he has no credibility and only exploits others on that TMZ show. Why give him any spotlight be cause he makes one antifur comment it could have been just an attempt for more attention.