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Pelt Pusher Anna Wintour Receives PETA Recognition?

Written by PETA | June 20, 2008


It is no surprise that every year, both deserving and not-so-deserving souls pop up on the Queen of England’s honors list. In some quarters, certain OBEs are known as “other b****’s efforts,” while others are simply regarded as sales awards, as is the case for much disliked Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Given Wintour’s reputation as a pelt pusher with a habit of accepting free furs, her new OBE has quickly been dubbed “other beings’ efforts.”

Wintour will receive further recognition from PETA for her tireless work promoting an industry in which foxes, minks, and chinchillas are confined for months to crowded, filthy cages before being suffocated, gassed, or genitally electrocuted. We are sending Wintour a certificate entitling her to a brain scan to identify the arrested development of her mirror neuron, the part of the cerebral cortex that allows a person to experience empathy—or not.

Posted by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • gemc says:

    I guess they all figured out how SELFCENTERED heartless and selfish to the core she was.. that’s why they all up’d and left.. cant’ blame them really ?? or maybe her house was full of dead animal fur pelts up to the rafters and all she did was sit around in her spare time admiring stroking and petting them.. and wondering on what next fashion item these once tormented and tortured animals’ dead skins and furs would look better or best in ? she lives a vacuant life of wading through pictures of clothes more clothes more fashion.. followed by pictures of gormless dead expressionless models on the catwalk.. she’s an old mutton becuase all she does is follow follow and follow and even more nauseous this old mutton wears FUR!! quick pass me the sick bag!!

  • Saucy says:

    Johnny Johnny Johnny I think I like you. We could videotape it. Sell it. We could title it ” The Death of an Error “

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I think you’re right Lynda. Her greed gene has obliterated her empathy gene. It must be sad for her to be so egocentric.

  • Tielman says:

    Can someone post her mail address? I think as a celebrity she should be open to public scrutiny and feedback.

  • lynda downie says:

    Cheers Ingrid! Maybe Wintour disabled that area of her brain empathy can really cut into the bottom line!

  • johnine cimbaro says:

    Considering the fact that she has had soo many husbandsall of whom LEFT HERmind youwhy the surprise?No one REALLY likes hershe has the clout that is ALL! Her “followers” still think its the ‘ME’ generation! You know the clones of each other that all seem to add ‘clothing designer’ to their things to do before I die list!!ha!ha!I think Ms Wintour should be put into a slaughterhouse strapped to a chair forced to watch the ‘murder’ that was committed just so “Ms. Hasbeen” can keep warm!! Warm? Her? Yes she NEEDS at least 25 electric blankets for that! How about we wrap her in a fewthrow her in a tub then plug in!!?? NOW “THATS HOT”!!…Calm down now…it’s ONLY A JOKE!!

  • Aleasha says:

    Foxes are gorgeous creatures that don’t deserve to be killed for their fur. Minks are inquisitive and funny animals that deserve the right to live. Chinchillas from rescue organizations make wonderful pets and are loving beings.

  • Maureen says:

    Well considering the Queen’s cerimonial soldiers are obliged to wear butchered bears on their heads Anna probably felt quite at home at Buckingham Palace

  • beth says:

    this one seems like a lost case.. I think someone dropped this idiot on her clout when she was a baby and since then.. she has never recovered.. definitely a loose screw jangling about in that skull of hers.. hopeless. hopeless case.. no compassion.. no sympathy.. no empathy.. no pity.. no kindness.. no consideration.. no anything .. nothigng.. except gloating and drooling over what is the ‘latest fashion trend.. ‘.. what is the latest look.. ‘waht is in look.. what is out look’.. talk about brain DEAD!!!!! hopeless entity of a human being.. she just follows and follows.. she has no mind of her own.. a shell of a soul.. or shoudl I call her soulless rather?.. anyway. horrid horrid heartless creature.. even an amoeba has more compassion in it’s body than this nasty specimen of a woman..

  • r says:

    Maybe its time she be retired from this position and her magazine trased FOR good. Only those persons who have no heart and soul cannot feel for any other living being. Shes just trash and so is her magazine. a real life white piece of trash

  • Soliel says:

    Wow she is about as deep as a puddle. I enjoy fashion myself. I think it can be fun and expressive but in no way would I EVER wear the skin of another animal for it. And truly when you look at real fur it’s GARISH. UGLY! Ugly on the human that is perfect for the animal it came from. Fake fur is much sweeter and funner. You know an animal did not have to die for it and it’s often so out there and fun it’s the right choice. It’s just unbelievable how some people who have so much like Ms. Wintour and Donna Karan can be so uncompassionate so lacking in basic decency so selfish…so heartless. Just amazing.

  • Susan Morgan says:

    “…We call them dumb animalsand so they arefor they cannot tell us how they feelbut they do not suffer less because they have no words.” QuoteAnna Sowellin her novel Black Beauty. It is truly a crime to kill like this.

  • Carla says:

    Well done Ingrid!! Keep up the beautiful work!! But she is pretty pretty scary that is!!

  • Antoinette says:

    Great post Ingrid