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Payback Is Hell–A Round-Up

Written by PETA | October 13, 2009

Today, I sing the praises of the Internet. Not for e-mail—which is handy, yes—but all that Viagra spam irks me. (Hello? It’s called “Veggie Viagra“). Or online games (like I need another addiction. The real reason I love the Internet so much is because now my “cosmic justice file” has grown exponentially and now comes with an international flavor.

Let’s have a looksie at some of my faves, shall we?

buzzfeed / CC
Matador gored


Now, tell which of the above is your favorite example of cosmic justice.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Kira says:

    In my opinion the worst thing about the human race is that we consider ourselves to be more deserving than any other species. If an animal kills or injures a person then the animal will lose its life. So if a human goes fishing or hunting shouldn’t the human face the same fate as the animals they harm? In fact if i were to be killed by an animal my last words would probably be “Don’t kill the animal.” However many people would consider this to be unfair because they do not realize the error of their ways. The best thing that we can do for animals is to educate people about the reasons animals should have rights.

  • madison says:

    obviously the picture is the best! and karma IS a b animal or human.

  • Need more gore says:

    If only the bull’s horn had say ripped out through the side of the matador’s torso his stomach intestines etc were hanging out he bled to death in front of the crowd. It would have made me even happier. Literally. The gutless prick will probably come out of hospital be made a hero…

  • vegancoin says:

    not a very “macho” sport bullfighting. more like unbelievably childish acts of cowardice and unnecessary sadistic violence. totally insane. all bloodsports are for cowards anyway…

  • Steven Book-Lover says:

    What few people know is that when the matador thrust his sword into the back of the neck of the bull … it doesn’t kill the bull … simply paralyse it. The bull falls and is then dragged out of the arena by horses … and then killed. This method is often used in slaughterhouses by trusting a knife in the back of the neck of animals that are still conscious to immobilize them … cows or horses that are about to have their legs amputated while still alive.

  • DianeC says:

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for any of these individuals. They made their intentional choices to harm or cause distress to other innocent beings so too bad deal with the consequences. It is a universal LAW what you dish out you eventually get back!

  • patty says:

    YAY for all of them!! last photo is great. Karma is karma human or animal. all these people plus many more deserve what they got!

  • emma says:

    My fave is brother kwans revenge im glad that man died and i dont give a toss if some think im uncaring and harsh my feelings on primates are very strong and anyone who harms them in any way deserves what they get i wish those at covance drop dead and huntingdon life science drops dead and all those who test on animals in the most cruel ways die. i wouldnt give a rats arse if people who torture and abuse animals all die 2morrow. as for the fishing debate i really have no opinion because i think theres more important animal issues that we should concentrate on putting an end to such as labsfur farms and factory abuse so fishing is low on my list of things to stop and as for the spider story i hate them i hoover them up and my cat eats them they are horrid insects and not in the same league as the animals that REALLY need our help i did laugh tho when i read that story fancy trying to set it on fire in his house what a plonker he should av just squashed it.

  • Mark says:

    your right Kurt a fish and that women are not equal that fish didn’t kill a human for “sport” karma did. and what type of human are you that you actually think a human’s life is more valuable than a fish? you are so ignorant do some research zoos are prison’s animals are FORCED to live there they are imprisoned in tiny boring stressful unnatural cages where people gawk at them all day they are usually neglected and often abused.Fishes feel pain how would YOU feel with a hook through your cheek and than suffocating as you are ripped from your home to death. the only loser here is YOU. how you can be here on this site that has SPELLED out the facts for you and still babble like a whiny self righteous jerk is amazing could you make any bigger a fool of yourself?

  • Kurt K says:

    James By your reasoning every person in the world that has eaten meat or hunted animals deserves to die. I refuse to believe that the woman who fell out of her boat while fishing deserved to die or that her life was equal to the fish she was catching. Are you also suggesting that a young boy deserved to watch his father get attacked by a shark because they enjoy fishing? The man who was killed by the tiger didn’t deserve to die. IF there was anybody at the zoo that didn’t deserve to die it was the man who actually took care of the tiger. Man I would love to meet you in person. You seem like a real winner.

  • S Morris says:

    Luv it! Luv ’em ALL! YEA FOR PAY BACK! I’m fur the animals!

  • Paul says:

    This is a response to Emile’s post. I agree that it is wrong to only consider the value in human life but it is also wrong to only consider the value in animal’s lives. All living sentient beings deserve to be treated with respect. I personally believe that it is wrong to take joy in the death of any living thing. Yes the humans who were killedharmed in these stories were doing the same to the animals but all life has value and all life deserves to live to its full potential. I hope that someday humans that do harm to animals will be punished by prison time but to kill them would be wrong. Killing anything is wrong.

  • James says:

    IT SICKENS ME THAT SOME OF YOU ARE SO FOCUSED ON THE PART OF THIS REPORTS THAT CONCERN THE HUMAN BEINGS they are not innocent they were causing great harm and murder to a truly innocent animal. I agree with the post further up if a person did something to another innocent human being would you be crying about their karma? do you feel sad for the person that murders robs and rapes another innocent? so why is it different if it an animal? poor poor humans is right but I say that to those of you who can only see the value in human life if you truly think that an animals life is any less valuable than a human being than you have no idea what valuing life means. the humans in these reports got what they deserve you murder a lifewhy should yours be unharmed? it should not. get some courage people and put your tears into real honesty and learn to respect animals as they should be and stop shedding tears for humans that are cruel. James

  • Emile says:

    When a man wants to murder a tiger he calls it sport when the tiger wants to murder him he calls it ferocity. George Bernard Shaw

  • darla hill says:

    YaI think all the killers and abusers of animals and kidsect should all get whats coming them.I would like nothing better than the plague to weed these sick minded people off the face of the earthnot tomorrowbut today.But these people are going to be around killingraping and abusing animals and othersso we need to put better people in officewho have a heart and a brain to come up with better solutions without killing and abusing and justifying that need to killect.We have to put our heads together in come up with plans of weeding these inhumane humans outall together from making decissions!

  • Mia says:

    I understand where you’re coming from Paul and two wrongs definitely dont make a right but.. some people just ASK for it dont they? When people drag animals out of the wilderness bring them to the city and lock them up in cages.. it’s a little difficult for me to feel sorry for them when they get mauled. Maybe I take karma too seriously..

  • sara says:

    look.. peta i understand your beliefs and stuff and think animal cruelty is terrible.. but your actually happy that a woman died while fishing? thats terrible…

  • chara says:

    i completely agree with paul it is disgusting to me that a person is able to laugh at the pain and even death of another.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The Hindus and Jains are tenably correct about their karmic consequences creed. In other words what goes around comes around.

  • simara says:

    i am truly appreciative for this blog.I don’t sit at work awaiting to hear about the torture of human beings but I do feel some relief when the many people who torture harm and murder animals get pay back if you daughter was god forbid raped wouldn’t you get some satisfaction from the rapist having their balls caught in a door jam and falling off and than being sent to jail and raped? I would some people can get SO offended when a human is harmedI can relate IF that human is innocent but if that human is one who lacks humanity and has harmed even one innocent being than I am happy to hear it.Of course I would much rather hear that everyone is Vegan and that all animals weather they be innocent humans or non human are equally respected. If you care SO much about life than you should be Vegan it doesnt make you a saint or perfect but it saves BILLIONS of lives and that’s a good start.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Nonhuman animals resist exploitation and strike back against human oppressors. They all deserve freedom and liberation not subjugation and domination. May we all struggle onwards living vegan and working for rights and justice for all.

  • Paul says:

    i am an ardent supporter for animal rights but i don’t really like enjoying the misfortune of any living being whether human or animal. animal cruelty is sick and wrong just as it is sick and wrong to be happy that a woman drowned while fishing.

  • Aneliese says:

    Haha last photo.

  • Susan T says:

    Ah! Sweet pure righteous justice! Though the bull died he didn’t die in vain this time. Bravo! Too bad that horn couldn’t have ripped him right in the cahones where he so desperately deserved to get! it. Either way I hope and pray his days as a bull “torturer” ended right here.

  • lulu says:

    Who can choose just one? I especially liked the spider’s revengebut that photo seriously made my month.