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Payback Is Hell

Written by PETA | July 16, 2010
Pleple2000 / CC by 2.0

Earlier this week, we told you the cautionary tale of a pork rind–munching trucker who nearly choked to death. Now we turn your attention to a report about a man who, after shooting and butchering a domestic pig, took a bullet himself after his dog stepped on the loaded rifle that the man had placed on the front seat of his pickup truck. The man is expected make a full recovery.

So here’s some food for thought: If pig-eaters aren’t concerned that their habit is cruel to animals. and dangerous to their own health and the environment, will the increasing threat of cosmic justice convince them to drop the chops? Your thoughts?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Krystina says:

    ah PETA you let me down on this one. While usually i’m right there with you fighting the good fight this one went wrong. This is just reinforcing the negative stereotype people already associate with sharks. This will only do more harm then good. EPIC FAIL PETA.

  • Holly says:

    Teach our children kindness so they are effected by suffering and not numb to it. Go Vegan…

  • Maya, CVT says:

    And by the way I agree that PETA is a revolutionary organization and I thank the Earth for them every day. There is no way in hell I would bother posting about them all the time if I were not a huge supporter of their organization overall. It’s just that PETA does not seem to see how they are driving people right back to that plate of steak because that is what they are doing with these tactics. They may never see why unless they hire a psychologist.

  • gerry says:

    This ad needs more clarification. For all the great things Peta has donethey are numerousone should not forget that the chief administrator there will ocasionally make decisions based on marketing the Peta namebrand first and the animals second. This does not happen often but regularly when Peta is not in the news for some time. This is not necessarily a bad thing due to the importance of what advertizers have known for years. Peta will conduct fantastic traveling campaigns across the country but STRANGELY not notify their members that they are coming to their city to help out. Also the protest will last only as long as it takes for the media to show up translation to hell with the locals.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Susan I share your concern for animals and I agree with everything you said. However I’ve worked professionally both with wildlife and domestic animals for many years now. I’m sorry to tell you that PETA’s inyourface style has driven more people away from animal rights than it has enlightened people. PETA has only hurt the cause with their ads. Yes people know the ad is just an eyecathcer. But most of the general public are “guilty” of eating meat ignorance of how to care for their pets etc. People know this and they have guilt about it. PETA’s tactics only make the general public feel attacked assaluted and angry. It is worse than worthless it is harmful and not conducive to education. PETA needs to hire some PR people or psychologists if they want real change. Peace. Maya

  • Susan T says:

    This is to Maya. If the media were truly unbiased it would be wonderful if people who are passionate about ending animal cruelty in all walks of life could be heard regularly. But the networks have no guts and the sponsors would pull out faster than you can say K F C. Maya ask your neighbor if she’s willing to watch animals being tortured and killed so she understands what’s happening and may be moved to actually do something about it. Most of the time media just rejects the ads because they are “not appropriate for the viewing public.” Of course animal cruelty is not appropriate but that’s precisely the pointpeople have to see and know what’s happening before action occurs to end these practices. Right now as I write this animal torture continues on a scale that should make people gasp in horror and its done under the guise of agriculture “sport” medicine and entertainment. The problem with humans is that we’ve lost our connection to all life other than human life. And its because of this missing link that we continue to wage wars and kill others without batting an eyelash. Isaac Bashevis Singer once said that..”as long as human beings go on shedding the blood of animals there will never be any peace.” Anyone with a pea brain knows the shark is not out for revenge. It’s just clever wording of the ad….paybacks what we do to innocent creatures ARE A BITCH… AND THEY DAMN WELL SHOULD BE!!!

  • Katie says:

    I think that what you are doing is awesome. I think that billboard will be very effective because we have so many idiots that dont realize what they are doing and if they do they dont stop anyways. I feel the same way you do because i LOVE sharks with a passion and will pursue a career in them. I have a feeling this will stick in their heads. your amazing peta!

  • paul says:

    Lets not advertise shark week …on the Dirty Jobs show on discovery channel during shark week. They baited a hook and caught a rare and seldom seen Greenland shark then killed one and cut it up for studying on TV..that is horrid. Discovery Channel lost my respect

  • Sarah says:

    This ad is very wrong. Sharks do not know the concept of revenge. It is a human emotion and while sharks feel pain it does not make them human. As a person who finds sharks beautiful and amazing animals I find this insulting to the shark. As well to the humans. Someone mentioned that a shark would not be offended if he saw this ad. That is lovely but the shark will not see this ad. A shark cannot understand this ad. You forget that it is humans you are trying to reach out to with your messages and thus you need to dig down and find those human emotions like revenge…but on a kinder level. If you release this ad I’m worried that it will be PETA killing the sharks and not just fishermen. Shark Week is trying their best to help show people that sharks are only animals programmed to hunt and survive. Yes not everything on Shark Week is ‘PETA safe’ but that still doesn’t mean that they have a message that they are trying to get across. That message is ‘Sharks are NOT maneaters.’ And also that picture is VERY wrong. When a shark attacks it is usually a test bite thinking the person is a natural prey seal turtle etc it is very rare almost never that a shark completely eats a person. Human is not their natural diet. So please think about the sharks that will be hated because of this ad. Think about how many people are going to laugh at you already You were very close to having me support you but sadly this crossed the line. I’m sorry I hope you can redeem yourself since it looks like you lost a lot of fanbase. Please think about the HUMANS who you are advertising to. Humans I know how much you dislike them are your only chance at saving the shark. There may be many PETA Vegans etc but there are a lot more meat eaters and a lot more people who don’t care about the welfare of animals. Sarah

  • Chunks says:

    Although funny at first it could be a bit less scarythis ad does not scream “Hey!Lets help sharks stableize their populatoin!” to the general public.

  • Emily says:

    Humans ruin everything. Everyone needs to go green and care about eachother and all creatures on this planet. Earth is ours to SHARE!

  • A Boy from Oz says:

    This is just plain wrong. I’m from Australia specifically the south coast. That region’s ocean comes straight from Antarctica and with it seals and naturally sharks. So we tend to have a lot of Great Whites lurking about. Most of us Aussies know that the Great White is a savage killing machine but hey he’s an apex predator that’s what they do. Most of us know that anyone who gets attacked by a Great White is usually a victim of mistaken identity from below to the shark’s eyes we look an awful lot like a seal therefore lunch. We take sensible precautions to avoid shark attacks in fact in Adelaide during the summer there is routinely helicopter overflights of the beaches on Shark Watch patrol. Should the chopper spot a shark getting too close to the beach they’ll radio it in and the beach will be immediately closed off. But we also know that not all sharks are maneaters. Many are actually harmless like the Grey Nurse. These sharks are fisheaters so we don’t even vaguely resemble a meal to them. And they almost never attack people. And in the west we have those gentle giants the whale sharks which you can go swimming with for a price. So to those with a bit of knowledge sharks are not maneating monsters deliberately out for our blood. Your billboard screams otherwise however. And not only does it fail to elicit sympathy for these ancient creatures it paints them in a horrible light.

  • Kelly says:

    I usually am all for your ads and campaigns but I think this ad is a little offensive.