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Patricia De Le

Written by PETA | September 17, 2010

International star and former Miss Panama Patricia De León is urging everyone to turn their backs on bullfighting. In an exclusive interview with PETA, De León says, “I don’t believe that hurting a bull for entertainment is the right thing to do.”

Watch her entire thought-provoking interview:

Please also voice your objection to another sadistic spectacle called “Toro de la Vega,” in which a young bull is chased through the streets of the Spanish city of Tordesillas and stabbed with darts until he is bleeding and crippled before he is killed.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • NUNO says:

    STOP TOURO DE LA VEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!

  • Kara Culp says:

    Change is in Our Midst…the shift for the Rights of All Sentient Beings is in Motion…It is Time***

  • Martta-Liisa Harju says:

    There are good traditions and bad traditions. Torturing animals is a cruel, sick, greedy, ugly tradition, a stinking rotten egg smashed in the middle of Guernica.

  • Paúl says:

    Hola Patricia, soy el sobrino de blanca. Interesante tu punto de vista, pero la cultura latina se debe respetar. Las corridas de toros son un arte que se debe aceptar como es. Si no te gusta no vayas a ver.. Saludos,

  • Maria says:

    This Spanish tradition is also present in many Latin countries, like mine: Colombia. In the festivities of many towns carnivals high class people pay to see a bull being tortured and killed after being kept alive with little food or water. We call it here the Culture of Torture and its sadly considered art by the wealthy powerful minority

  • Macy says:

    Such a disgusting culture and Sadist are people out there in Spain.How can anyone in the world be this barbaric for the sake of entertainment.I pray that God has to be many many folds brutal with people who do this.

  • Peter Jones says:

    This is 2010 when are the people in these countries going to grow up. What I object to most is that because countries like Spain are in the E.U it is my hard worked for U.K taxes that are subsidising this barbarity. They say “It is our culture”, well fine but don’t use my money to pay for it.

  • Will says:

    this is absolutely disgusting. shame on you spain

  • Debrah says:

    I hate to say this but it seems to me that the Spanish culture is one of the few so called “civilised” cultures who openly and with pride, engage in legal animal abuse. Bullfighting, toro de la vega, farro do boi (in Brazil) and not to forget, the burning of live bulls. Sadistic, brutal…..I will never, never, never visit a Spanish speaking country as long as these practises continue! And what blows me away is that these people have the gall to call themselves God-fearing, Christian people. Puleeeze! Totally disgusting.

  • David Munoz says:

    Great Message! I am Latin as well and I agree with you 100% very well said! Thank you!

  • Wald Ganger says:

    Can this really be entertaining? Really?

  • Laurie says:

    Bless your heart-Miss Panama for speaking out against this torture to bulls! Bullfighting is a disgrace and completely needs to stopped-EVERYWHERE! Thank You so much from My Heart To YOURS!~

  • David says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for posting the Patricia De León video clip.

    I recently posted on this subject on my new blog, The Daily Maul. Here’s a direct link to the post:

    Keep fighting the good fight,


  • Banger says:

    That chick is hot!