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In These Pants? I Don’t Think So

Written by PETA | October 22, 2009

We all know that Stella McCartney’s designs put the “hot” in haute couture. Unlike some designers who paradoxically try to revive lackluster collections by tossing in the skins of dead animals, Stella creates stunning designs without so much as a scrap of hideous hides.


fameball / CC
Stella McCartney


In the November 2009 edition of InStyle magazine, Stella takes the gloves off when talking about the colossal fashion faux pas of wearing animal skins:

“Just say no to leather, fur and python. Everyone knows this about me, but even if I liked leather, I just couldn’t wear leather pants. It’s so soft-rock trashy.”

Now I realize why seeing snakeskin on the runway turns my stomach—it’s the Muzak of the fashion world! Well, that and because snakes are skinned alive to collect steal it. Now, someone please make sure Marilyn Manson reads this month’s InStyle

Written by Heather Drennan

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  • PigPal says:

    Quite the nice title for this blog “In These Pants? I Don’t Think So”. Would the late singer Kirsty McColl have seen the humor? I THINK so. Very interesting point…if you’re saying that calling a collection “new” when it’s a rehash of a previously existing collection with revised accents using animal skins is a sign of creative incompetence. Is Armani lazy? Is he out of steam? Designers who take the stage at that lofty height should earn their place anew each season by showing us something we’ve never seen before. Definitely something without the morally disgusting transgression of skins.

  • Melanie says:

    That’s terrible about what Susan T said about the lambs. This is the first I had heard about it…it’s so sad

  • cal says:

    Great Post Susan T!!

  • Susan T says:

    Stella you are amazing! I love that no matter what magazine may feature you or celebrity gig you attend you always are a strong voice for compassion and avoiding cruelty to animals on every levelespecially fashion! Unlike Michael Kors a hideous man who actually confessed to Dan Matthews PETA’s VP that he loved Karakul lamb skinthat it was so “drapey” as a fabric! Fabric? It’s the $cking skin of a lamb that’s been literally ripped from the stomach of its mother! Yes they cut open her gut and remove these tiny unborn creatues because of their delicate incredibly soft infant skin! Most of the Karakul lamb comes from Afghanistan. Should it suprise you? Any human being that could actually wear a coat or other garment made from the tortured skins of these innocent helpless creatures is a soulless MONSTER!!! Thanks Stella for all you do to educate. There are so many people who STILL haven’t a clue and worse don’t seem to give a damn about anything but “me myself and I”. How pathetic and sad!

  • simara says:

    since you singled out Manson please make sure Dita Von Teese reads this article as well at 36 years old she should know better as she is some one who did a campaign for YOU yet she is anything but glamorous or cultured as she is always promoting leather fur silk wool clothes and “beauty” products that have animal ingredients and are tested on animals.

  • Chris says:

    I love her clothes! I just wish I could afford them

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Stella is amazing. But what else would you expect from the daughter of Paul and Linda Eastman McCartney?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Stella McCartney is humane compassionate visionary talented and gorgeous. Paul and Linda created a veritable angel.