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Pamela Anderson’s Postage Stamp Could Save Seals

Written by PETA | February 27, 2010

Our “weapon of mass distraction” struck again today when PETA bombshell Pamela Anderson delivered a package to the mailbox directly across the street from the Vancouver office of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Pamela Anderson

Personally I’d watch her drop off her electric bill, but this piece of mail has lives depending on it: Anderson was sending Prime Minister Stephen Harper a letter and more than 500,000 petition signatures imploring him to cancel next month’s seal slaughter.


Pamela Anderson

Environment Canada’s new data show ice levels at a 30-year low in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Anderson is appealing to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to spare what is expected to be a historically low number of seal pups from next month’s seal slaughter.

“The absence of this birthing habitat will have dangerous consequences for the entire seal population,” writes Anderson. “I ask that you heed your own government’s assessment and call off this year’s commercial seal slaughter in light of this unique environmental situation.”

Was your signature sealed inside that envelope? Sign our Facebook petition and join over half a million people who have already let Harper know that we won’t rest until he calls off the annual massacre for good.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Carla says:

    It’s murder .. end of subject. The world is watching you Canada and I will never step foot in that disgraceful country. Ever. There are many other jobs out there wout having to kill innocent seals. Get a life…

  • Cathy says:

    Just a quick message to the Newfi who said the people depend on the hunt to get them thru the winter otherwise they would go hungry. Paul McCartney offered to financially support them for the wages they would lose from the hunt and they still refused. I have to wonder if they really do depend on the hunt for money or if they enjoy the thrill of the kill.

  • Carol Quincy says:

    I have always loved vacationing in Toronto however I cannot bring myself to visit Canada until the seal slaughter is over. This heartless hunt of helpless seal pups must end. Thank you to the celebrities who stand up for what they believe in.

  • Ashlee Harris says:

    And please don’t judge all CanadiansNewfoundlanders on just a few who do the seal hunt were not all heartless. I love animals i have 2 cat’s and a dog of my own. I love the seals but like I said they are not going to listen to me epically if they never even gave Pam the time of day.

  • Ashlee Harris says:

    Well this is the last time I’m having a say in this. i said my part and I didn’t put anyone down or anything. But apparently just because I’m a Newfoundlander who is also aloud to speak their mind i’m getting bashed at. do you guy’s realize that half of Newfoundlanders are moving out of the Province because there is no work my Father is a fisherman and he has to support 5 kid’s pay bills to make sure there’s food for them to eat if we close down everything that has to do with hunting animals then what it going to be left for Newfoundland? where are people going to get the money to survive? I have said it once and I’ll say it again i dont agree to how the seals are killed just as much as the next person but just because im from Newfoundland you think that the government is going to listen to one person. I mean hello Pamela tried to talk to him and did he listen noo… so pleas stop gaining up on me last time I looked it was a free Country.

  • mick says:

    I would have taken my grandson to the Olympics a truely onceinalifetime event for both of us however I can’t support any Canadian business while this barbarity continues. The circumstances cited by Newfy really resound with me as I was raised in a now defunct loggingfishing community. Their government owes them a great deal of assistance in transitioning to a new economic base.

  • Louise McGannon says:

    Great job Pamela. Why do they call it a “hunt”? It isn’t hunting means stalking your prey not walking up to it and clubbing it while it looks you in the face.

  • Amanda says:

    Newfoundlander those poor people won’t be able to feed themselves if they don’t club seals wah wah wah! Those people are barbarians for doing that and if they starve on social assistance then they entirely deserve it. It’s karma and we should let it happen. If they were better people then maybe I’d feel sorry for them but if the end of the seal hunt means that these people end up on the streets then they fully deserve to be there. Let them.

  • You should know me by now says:

    What this ‘hunt’ is in simple terms Offensive behaviour in public!

  • emma says:

    when i was a small child i remember my parents showing me a tv programme about the seal slaughter quite graphic too and it was about 30 years ago!. it breaks my heart to think that this still goes on today still brutal and pointless. there are some people that are still so ignorant my step daughters fur trim on her coat i explained to her in a nice compassionate way where it comes from but she just doesnt care!! my son refuses to go near her when she wears the coat. how do you educate people who simply do not want to learn who simply do not care. its a sad sad world we live in when fashion and labels are more important than lives.

  • Shivam Gandhi says:

    Thankyou Pam for your support. We seriously need to stop the slaughter of these baby seals. You shoul see to see how to save animals even more.

  • christine gonzales says:

    ALL canadians should be ashamed of these cruel and barbaric actions. This type of torture should be outlawed!!! BABY KILLERS!!!

  • Linda says:

    Way to go Pam! I would like to report that Prime Minister Harper on the Canadian news Monday made reference to the recently ended Olympic Games that the games are about the athletes and not politics. I find that funny since not only did his Conservative party but the other three parties as well Liberal NDP and the Bloc Que. vote to have the Canadian Olympic athletes wear none other than SEAL FUR!!! On another note a couple of years ago a generous American woman and I don’t recall her name offered one million dollars to the Canadian Government to work towards a solution to assist the Canadian fisherman find alternative solutions to killing seals for profit. The offer was flatly refused. Perhaps someone out there remembers her name. PS I will continue to boycott Canadian fish as long as this gruesome slaughter continues.

  • Carla says:

    Pamela Anderson Love you!!!

  • Rissa says:

    Is this for real? httpwww.eonline.comuberblogb104044GeorgeClooneyTheOtherWhiteMeatlikeProduct.html?intcidhomecoverflowblogGeorgeClooneyTheOtherWhiteMeatlikeProduct

  • Tammy says:

    I just love Pam! Thank you! You rock girl!

  • Jenn Young says:

    Good job Pam. Tak care for animals… your a good role model… thanks for that!

  • michelle says:

    Everybody needs to support the film Skin Trade a documentary about the horrors of fur and supposedly “faux fur”. This needs to be seen by the world and hopefully have same impact as did The Cove.

  • Rachel Giguere-Talbot says:

    Bravo Pam ! We need you the seals cant talk and you are their voices. Your heart is beautyfull. Thanks for your involvment. Hope the hunters and the one who approved them will grow up in their mind and experience Love and learn to respect animals as they are part of the universe just like us. We all make ONE !!!

  • John Carmody says:

    Seriously no one can get enough of what Pam does for animal rights! We just simply can’t get enough of you your a lady and a superstar at that! Lots of love from the emerald isle!

  • Michelle says:

    Great going Pamthankyou very much for taking the time to save our beautiful seals it broke my heart watching the clip of them being slaughtered. I dont know why or how this fur industry ever got started but it should have not ever been started.I am literally holding my breath till i know that our seals will be safe. Thanks again Pam you are a star.

  • David R. says:

    Pam in a swimsuit will sell tons of stamps. Yowwzahh!

  • sally says:

    just to say I think the queen should get involved they have soldiers patroling vast wastes of nothing when there are still loads of illegal seal hunts going on they ALL need stopping perhaps petition the queen for some backup to protect the seals from the illegal as well as legal culls? those soldiers are just wasting time where they are! nobody will bother with canada this side of the atlantic whilst this goes on they need to know mother england is NOT happy!

  • Chrissy VanderHeide-Stolarski says:

    If there are people from Newfoundland who oppose the seal hunt then DO SOMETHING!PROTEST! GET SIGNATURES! LET’S HEAR YOUR VOICE!! Canada is home to the greatest slaughter of marine mammals in the worldand I am getting fed up with our government that wants to hang on to the cruelest slaughter on the planet! This is legalized animal abuse. I can’t be a ‘proud’ Canadian until this brutality against those babies are permanently put into the darkest pages of Canada’s Horror History Books!

  • Eric says:

    Newfoundland residents need to do what they’ve had to do in the US Rust Belt and what the many citizens of Detroit are having to do now. Retool your archaic industries and learn a new skill that is more in line with what the global economy is all about. Perpetuating “traditions” that have no relevance to this day and age not only destroys the environment for the rest of us but the future of generations of Newfoundlanders.

  • Clarke says:

    Glad to know that someone is doing something about it. you have my support a 100. This useless hunt is really a shame for Canada

  • michelle says:

    Newfi we welcome your post and we hope you will help us in asking your gov’t to end the seal slaughter. We need the people of Newfoundland’s support in order to end this cruel trade.

  • michelle says:

    I hope people will not attack Newfi’s post. Heshe has the right to express their views and hopefully PETA and the people of Newfoundland can come to an agreement. Let’s not attack someone because their views are different from ours especially if this is there way of life from birth. Let’s show the world that PETA members supporters and animal lovers are descent compassionate and civilized.

  • Carla Sandalis says:

    Thanks Pam Great Job! The seal hunt in Nova Scotia at Hay Island wilderness protected area has been cancelled for this year. Due to lack of Gov’t funding to process the seals. Nova Scotians could really use the tax dollars somewhere else. Keep up the good work!

  • spiderwoman says:

    Pam is a fascinating personality and PETA rocks!!!

  • cmid says:

    Newfoundlander…. It is no surprise that your fisheries are closed. Do you not know that there is a boycott of East Canadian Seafood going on promoted by the Humane Society? I am one of many who have joined the boycott until your people stop this barbaric practice. I have also joined PETA’s boycott of Canadian Maple syrup as well…

  • Elle says:

    You go girl!!!!

  • Dawn says:

    Great job Pam!!!!!

  • Newfi says:

    I am a Newfoundlander and I also don’t agree in how the Seals are killed however they have put our cod fishery on hold and the fishery is many familes week to week pay without it where would many people be on Social Assistance? Hungry and Living on the streets you have to realis that this is what alot of Newfoundlanders have grown up around and for many its the only way they know how to live. unlesst Peta is ready to take the bill for thosands of Newfoundlanders houseing food medical ect the you need to understand where I am comming from. Like I said befor I dont agree on how they are killed but what are we supposed to do about money when thats all most of us know.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Over 500000 signatures Wow! The seal hunt has to end. The environment cannot support it and pelt prices are at an all time low $15 per pelt as opposed to up to $115. Infact the EU will have banned seal pelt imports later this year! Then we have Harper EATING seal flesh to try to bring it back? Nobody wants seal skin or bodies. Period.

  • NT says:

    Pam is so brave. I know how defensive and offended some Canadians can get when you attack their socalled “traditions”. Good for you Pam!

  • Dawn says:

    well done Pam but I doubt Stephen Harper will do the decent thing.he is one of many sick Canadians. apart from Inuitsneeds there is no need for any seal products in this day and age.

  • Aneliese says:

    Go Pam! I’m Canadian too and I’m so glad there are so many people trying to help end this hunt.

  • Anil says:

    hi pamela happy holi

  • michelle says:

    Pam is beautiful inside and out. The seals love you. Why won’t Canada listen??? Canadians seem to be very compassionate and green. Why won’t the gov’t propose a bill so the people can vote to stop this violence??? Oh Canada….