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Pamela Anderson Takes On Mars Candy

Written by PETA | December 15, 2007

The wonderful Pamela Anderson, who was once paid to promote M&M’s, has come out against Mars Candy for funding inhumane experiments on animals in violation of its own written policy. Pam faxed a letter to Mars President Paul S. Michaels this week expressing her support for PETA’s Mars Campaign, and letting him know that she will be encouraging her fans to boycott the candy this Holiday season. “When my friends at PETA showed me evidence that Mars continues to fund cruel and pointless animal tests,” she writes, “I was shocked—and it takes a lot to shock me.”

You can read the full letter here.


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  • Ashley says:

    I am a newly devoted vegan PETA has changed my life and I felt obligated to post a comment directed at the people who want “proof” of animal testing at MARS. If you heard about numerous PEOPLE being helf captive against their will and tortured endlessly for the sake of candy would you still ask for proof? Would you not think there’s a reason PETA is stepping in? Its not like they pulled MARS’s name out of a hat and decided “I think we’ll slander MARS today…for no good reason”. If animals could speak up they would…….so instead I will…and PETA will…..people like you make me sick to my stomach….I can only hope you can find whatever’s left of your hearts and if not encourage don’t discourage others from trying to save something with a beating heart and feelings…..If you were in that position I would do the same for you.

  • stephen blank, Sr. says:

    this crap has been going on forever! it’s all about money! us government gives them fundsso they continue these stupid tests.who are these sick human beings? i would like to do the same tests on themthey deserve the pain.what a bunch of jerks! society is sick man!

  • Lauren says:

    first of all for all you “proof needers” PETA has a video on some of the tests Mars does and its not just rats there are cats and household pets in it too. I couldnt even finish the whole video and I start crying non stop every time I think of these poor animals.Also GREAT job Pam you rock!

  • nikki says:

    dont forget mars candy isnt just mms its starburts skittles three musketeers milky way twix dove candies and many more!! help and animl stop eating mars and eat hersheys instead they refuse to fund the tests! thenk you hersheys!!

  • nikki says:

    thsi is my comment and wut i think they are only funding the animal tests because they want more money but what they dont no is that they ara also goin to be losing money mars candy is candy maker of many candies that u probably dont no about such as mms dove candies three musketteers sittles twix starburst and many more. if u are wondering which candies are mars look on the back of the rapper and if it is mars dont be afraid to call the number and givethem your comments tell them off!! instead of buying mars which helps them fund thr animal tests BUY HERSHEYS they refuse to fund the tests!! go hersheys!! its not fair to test on animals because they have no choice or say in the matter. some stupid pple would let u test on them and that is fair because the pple can say if they want to or not but the anials are being forced in to torture and that is thr whole life they no nuthing else. be kind and save an anml stop eating mars!!! and please call the mars number and tell them off!! and to all u who hate anmls who nos wut happeed to ur brains but y let them suffer please help them to because they dont deserve it life without aimals would be horrible imagine no cows pigs or chickens or dogs or fish we would be gone witout animals we need them more than u think pple please give your love help tear down mars candy and post this on as many websites as u can. thankyou!!!!

  • fred nagashi says:

    If you have good taste buds you can often taste a slight rodent taste on Hershey bars. This is because rats run rampant at night in any place where there is food. In the day rats will hide but the taste remains on the food. I first realized this phenomenon in prison sad to say but I have come to recognize this since then. Some batches of chocolate have a rat or rodent hint of flavore that will be apparent randomly. After all the government allows a certain amount in the product from the beginning. Chocorat.

  • April. says:

    Thank you very much Pam Animals deserve to be treated right. And I’m glad your doing it the right way. Its amazing such a big star with a busy life stands up so much for animals and really believes in them. Thanks Pam your an inspiration. Its okay that you made a mistake we’re people. We all make mistakes you did not know of what they were doing so its not your fault. I think they should be knocked off the candy market I just wish they would be. But for now Pam good work. Keep on Helping Animals. and yes your right Ana. as for Anne Browning Robert honestly go find another page to gawk on. If you don’t support it don’t read it unless you are want to become an animal helper. Don’t bother us with you dumb chit chat when we honestly don’t wanna hear you say those kinds of things on an animal helping site. Robert needs a few more than a thousand tests run on him. And Anne Browing needs to keep her topics that have nothing to do with Helping Animals off these PETA pages. She as well as many other people and Robert I can see do not have a heart. Well I do so I suggest you get one or the animals will come back one day and rip you a new one. Sounds crazy but I believe that one day Animals will get their turn to fight back so just back off before you get hurt!

  • Ana says:

    anne browning You’re on the wrong blog this one is for animals’ rights. There are many worthy orgs for children that maybe you should engage with. Instead of criticizing go out and actively help children instead of wasting time on this blog. robert Since you made the suggestion I think it only natural that you be the first to have yourself tested on in a lab. Maybe you’ll enjoy the torture.

  • claire says:

    great jobpam! my family and i usually buy LOADS of mms for our christmas but NOT this year! bags and BAGS of mms were used 9 and i mean ALOT! and we were a great sorce of businessi have a huge family! so well just find something else to snack on!

  • K says:

    A big thanks to Pam!!

  • Caboose says:

    Yo vanna Commendable effort.

  • Jessica says:

    I was shocked to see that this still goes on! With all the technology we have today you think this wouldnt even be thought of. Hershey’s all the way!

  • robert says:

    If we can’t use animals to experiment then maybe all PETA members should volunteer so we may experiment on them.

  • Carla says:

    Tony Makauska “They” breed the Rats to have submisive behavior in order to make killing them a breeze not to fight their death like the rats you claim infest your water ways sewers So please don’t think what they’re doing will “EVER”

  • bernardo san felice says:

    Leirro i think that you don’t have the mental capacity to understand that Pam is the best and the smartest personality in this world!

  • Anonymous says:

    who is still a pamela anderson fan?? shes like 50 fuck off pam! i luuuv mars candy! and i hate animals especially dogs! GO VICK!!

  • Terriers Rule says:

    Anonymous that is a really backwards thing to say. Would you prefer we go back to living in a day and age of no rights for women? Your comment is so ludicrous I can’t imagine why you would say that about your “own gender” as you claim especially since you ARE a woman!

  • Caboose says:

    cappucino This off topic but are you supposed to keep a G.I Assault Rifle Pistol and ammo in Switzerland?

  • Leirro says:

    Pamela Anderson is a ditz and in my opinion is doing this only for attention. I don’t think she has the mental capacity to understand what exactly laboratory experiments on animals are anyway. Dizzy broad!

  • Pam says:

    Yet another “big name” that can’t find it’s way to being humane. I will have NO problem boycotting this company. Just hope we don’t find out down the road that other similar companies are doing the same. It’s a continual battle. Thanks Pam for your vigilance.

  • rojo says:

    Yovanna you have done very well.

  • tony makauskas says:

    Every one is screaming about the horrendous treqtment of rats and mice by Mars. Here in Chicago we are trying our best to kill them!! I don’t know what these experiments provebut if they killmice and rats more power to Mars. There are many more serious animal issues to address than to get worked up about a Corporation killing rodents!

  • Anne Browning says:

    PETA has some good points to it but as a meateating leather wearing American I wished more effort was put into saving children from conception to the foster care system…

  • Tom says:

    In spite of everybody I want to give a big thanks to Mars for making sure their candy taste better than the rest.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yet another control tactic. the majority of women today have nothing better to do than try to control the rest of the populations behaviour. I dont want or need your help. I am truly ashamed to be of the same gender as the majority of todays overeducated and liberal to the point of insanity society.

  • Pamela L. says:

    I have just sent out a lengthy letter to the FTC about Mars Inc. and how it is unacceptable to treat those helpless little animals in their cruel vile experiments! This kind of abuse is always horrifyingas is all abuse to animals. Once again Pamela Anderson’s voice is there to speak out and help the animals. I have always admired her for her motivation and kindness.

  • *Yo-vanna* says:

    I am very happy becouse Pam had done that.I can only writte thatbecouse I am from Serbia and I lear English only 45min on a day becouse my class have that learn in a school.Peoplesorry if I have some mistakes!Can somebody say to me if I have some mistakes?Please!?I can writte you somethin on my learn about animalsthat is goodofcourseZivotinje su najdivnija bica na svetu!Hvala P.E.T.I. sto postoji i sto se zalaze za ta nezna stvorenja!

  • Craig Petersen says:

    Wait a minute….. I’m confused here. Now while I commend Pam for ‘sticking up’ for animals why is she promoting candy manufactures who use MILK as one of the ingredients in ALL of their items. And as one poster has ALREADY stated candy causes many problems on it’s own. When I buy ‘treats’ I ALWAYS buy from company’s who offer some VEGAN items. When ever I see obese people and their over weight kids heading for the candy isle I silently say to myself yeah like you REALLY need that. However 9 times out of 10 their shopping cart is filled with meat hamburger chicken pork fish eggs ice cream frozen French fries soda and milk. If Pamela were to do anything she should be forcing ALL candy manufactures to get rid of dairy ingredients entirely. Telling customers to shift from one candy maker to another is just hypocritical.

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    Paul Carla is correct she’s probably referring to nutritional deficiencies which occur when junk food with loads of sugar rob kids of calcium absorption. And I’m curious what has Anderson done to make her a hypocrite? She admitted to making a mistake she did not know at the time that MARS was conducting animal tests. Making a mistake and admitting to it later makes her a good person not a hypocrite.

  • Ark says:

    Excuse me I hate to sound like a bother but where exacyly is all of the proof? I mean she keeps throwing around the word “evidence” and yet I myself have yet to see any. I also have an extreamly hard time believeing that harming innocent animals has ANYTHING to do with making candy. If there is any proof of this Show me.

  • cappuccino says:

    in switzerland we knew already 15 years ago that mars makes very cruel animal tests and so do nestl! these ruthless rascals try to sell their products everywhere to stupid people but this unhealthy stuff is not just bad for the body in general but also for the teeth shut them down!!!

  • Holly says:

    Rock Candy Have Fun and enjoy! These ingredients 1 cup water 2 cups of granulated sugar A few drops of your favorite candy flavoring such as peppermint cherry or lemon more drops stronger flavor optional A few drops of food coloring more drops darker color optional Directions Tie one end of the piece of string around the middle of the stick or pencil. Cut the string if necessary so that it is a little shorter than your jar. Moisten the string with a little water and roll it in the sugar. Put the paper clip on the end of the string to help it hang straight down. Lay the stick over the top of the glass jar so that the string hangs down inside the jar. The end of the string should not touch the bottom of the jar. Cook the candy mixture. Put the cup of water into the sauce pan and heat until it boils. Add 2 cups of sugar to the boiling water while stirring. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. If you have a candy thermometer the temperature of the sugar water should reach 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove pan from heat. If you want to add flavoring or color stir it in now. Pour the hot mixture into the jar. Let the sugar water sit for a few days where no one will bother it. The crystals will begin to form along the string in a few hours. Let them grow for 3 to 10 days or more. There are two things that will make the largest crystals Making a thick sugar water mixture Be sure you put in the whole 2 cups of sugar or even a little more. Letting them grow for more days When you’re ready to eat the rock candy take the candycovered string out of the jar. Break the pieces apart and enjoy. Store leftover candy in a covered container. Some adults like to flavor tea or coffee by putting a piece of rock candy in the cup. Maybe you shouldn’t use purple coloring if you want to share your candy with them! Remember to brush your teeth!

  • Teresa says:

    Paul…who is the hypocrite? Someone who is trying to do something for the animals or someone who writes a post against someone who is truly doing something??? Think twice…oh well…IF you can actually think…

  • Sandy says:

    I was horrified at the news of painful animal testing by Mars. All for the sake of candy? Something we shouldnt be eating anyways? Something that supports obesity heart disease diabetes and other diseases? And the poor animals are suffering to continue our suffering? Never again will I buy from them this has given me fun ideas to stuff my kids stockings with things they can benefit from something that doesnt hurt the environment or the animals. Shame on you Mars!

  • Terriers Rule says:

    I don’t usually revere celebrities but Pamela Anderson is a good example of a woman who while she may not be the physical example of what all women can strive to look like and creates unrealistic expectations about body image still she seems to have a good heart. It’s ironic she ended up marrying men who treated her so poorly but alas that seems to be the way things are for many good women. I also give her big kudos for going antiUgg.

  • Caboose says:

    Rebbeca Make teh rock candy instead.

  • millie says:

    once i found out about the horrible goings on at mars i spread the word at school about it and met a few nice new people doing it people i didnt even know went to my school and got them to stop eating mars products stupid mars !

  • Rebecca says:

    So now that i know that mars dose these kinda things…. goodbye mms

  • Paul says:

    Chocolate doesn’t stunt growth ‘Carla.’ You’re thinking of the myth that caffeine stunts growth. Pamela Anderson is just a big hypocrite.

  • Carla says:

    I just don’t get it!! What does putting a rat in freezing water and allowing it to swim around and around just to kill them thereafter have to do with Candy??? And killing rats to find out how much cocoa was left in their tiny bodies! Not worth my tax dollars I’m sorry!! We just don’t need to eat that junk anyway. Too much of it will make you sick and stunt your childrens growth!!

  • kristina says:

    thanks pam you rock! NO EATING MM’s FOR NOW!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I love gift wrapping. It’s an event for me. This Christmas I was going to order MMs in red white and green for everyone I have a gift for. I was going to get their names put on the MMs and put them in a cute little pouch and tie them to the gift box. All my presents were going to be decorated like that. NOT ANYMORE MARS!!! Thanks Pam for everything you do!!!

  • Lisa Buchman says:

    I was shocked to know this company funds these terrible experiments on animals that cant speak for themselves and tell me that it hurts! I am glad pamela is helping on this matter. Hopefully they will stop!

  • Gen says:

    You say this happens with rats and such…but yet so far I have seen no proof of source of what MARS is doing. So before I do anything and tell people how bad they are its like this…Proof Or it never happened..I mean total proof.

  • Susannah S says:

    This showed up on the main news page at AOL today! Way to go Pam!

  • Llauren says:

    Now that I know Mars funds cruel animal test’s I’m not buying!!!

  • sebastian resendiz says:

    well i think if they wanna get money experiment with their bodies not with animal that cannot give opinions

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Thank you Pammy I will spread the word to family and friends. Judith

  • Caboose says:

    Heres an interesting fact You know that movie E.T? Well the producers were planning on using MMs in the movie but Mars refused because they found E.T so ugly that it might scare the kids. So the producers used Hershy’s Reeses Pieces instead. The movie was a HIT and Hershy’s stock value went up. Stupid Mars.

  • sherri smith says:

    Good job Pam. Thank you for speaking up.