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“Paint Panthers” Bring Fur Message Home to Donna Karan

Written by PETA | April 9, 2008

Earlier this week, a group calling itself the “Paint Panthers” e-mailed my friend Michael McGraw, who works out of PETA’s New York office, to inform him that they had visited Donna Karan’s home in The Hamptons and done a little “redecorating,” stenciling “Donna Karan: Bunny Butcher” and painting a rabbit on the pavement with the message, “I don’t want to be a handbag.” The handwriting leaves a little to be desired, but the message is fairly plain.

Donna Karan, who was visited at home in February by an animal activist who walked into her living room and cued up a DVD of fur farm footage, is under fire for her refusal to remove fur from her collections. You can write to her about this lapse in judgment here.





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  • Emma says:

    This is wrong. I do not believe in using fur but sereously. The people who did this should be embarrassed to show their faces in public. There are much better ways to handle these things. Emma

  • Writer says:

    I really hope that everyone that wrote “yeah great work wish I was there wish I was that brave” dont eat meat that you are true vegans only eat fallen fruits and beans redpees and so on that only got the justice mark on it. If not dont write something like that if. Stop see small animals like humans. They are NOT! You CANT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THIS! You dont buy her stuff anyway the poeple who do will keep on buying them. You are hating in the wrong direction. Create fakefure fashion that gets bigger if you really hate when small animals gets killed. You really think that all these big brands buy fure from someone like the video clips on youtube… if you do you are really stupid. Stop hating fashion. Creat your own. paint panthers fools

  • Betrtha says:

    STOP killing animals!!! Will you like to someboydy come and take your skin. Be human I think you are the animal.

  • Patrice says:

    Daniel Broussard You must be retarded. Where there is demand there will be supply. You can skin them yourself or you can pay someone else to. It doesn’t matter in the end.

  • eloise says:

    Her refusal to retract fur from her fashion line is still not reason enough for those “painters” to get personal. What they did is an ugly thing and should not be applauded in this manner. There must be another way to get the message across. A more democratic way.



  • Avatar says:

    daniel broussard everybody involved in fur is guilty in exactly the same way there is no excuse in using it for fashion! you are as guilty as the producer because if there is no demand for it there is no production!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Daniel Hello! Being a fashion designer must be such a cool career. Sadly folks who buy fur are actually doing more damage than those who torture the mink and other animals. For example if I buy elephant tusks the money goes to poachers who may very well be poverty stricken and desperate to support their families for survival. Although I am only handing out money I have a good life and I have many choices for material goods but the poachers are often desperate for money and feel they have no choice. The same is true with people who run fur farms they are not Hollywood wealthy and they will do whatever gets them money. Unlike yourself and many other talented designers these folks have little education and don’t have the decent life that you and I enjoy. I promise you if you were face to face with one of these animals you would not be capable of torturing and slaughtering it unless you were extremely desperate for money. I agree with you about the tactics though. From the bottom of my heart I hope you will consider it from the animal’s persepective not from those humans who may offend you. Peace!

  • daniel broussard says:

    hi there! well i am a fashion designer as well and i can tell you that if we are using fur we arent the ones who are torturingkilling the animals and even if we dont use them this people are still killing them! im not saying ipm in fvor of that but come on! you dont have to give us such a hard time for using fur!! besides there are other much more classy and civilized ways to tell her off from using fur… i guess doing stuff like that just makes us designers angry and it is just not helping your cause is it? im so very sorry to be the antagonist here but… someone had to raise his voice for dear Donna!! ciao… Daniel

  • kj says:

    Well done painters job well done.

  • kayj says:

    Well done guys next time make it nastier as she is one nasty nasty women and industry. dont buy any of her prodcuts esp her perfume it smells lke rotting flesh. More money in the bank for you less for her. Go Panthers

  • april lang says:

    With all your meditation and yoga you still can’t see that killing animals for their fur is just cruel abusive and wrong? You could be a leader for other designers and fashionistas by getting the message and having the courage to spread the word KIllING ANIMALS FOR THEIR FUR IS WRONG! NO MORE FUR!

  • mary stark says:

    When they put on fur what do they see in the mirror. Do they imagine that they look beautiful? They are ugly on the inside as well as on the outside. Paint Pathers have my full support. I will now tell as many people as I can about Donna Karan Jennifer LopezBeyonce and fur.

  • Juliet says:

    Actually I forgot to add earlier…it’s one thing to lack intelligence and be ignorant but once the the truth is shown there are no excuses. Well this really shows her intellect level and CLASSLESS character. She is pure trash. Juliet

  • Juliet says:

    DKNY…hmm maybe it should stand for DKNY “Don’t Know Nothing Yet” After all Donna Karen’s showing how stupid she really is. Well I’m glad this was revealed since I found out I have thrown out anything I own by her and promise never to buy again. I am telling my friends to avoid her items too. I really hate her now. Juliet

  • Jennifer Dunn says:

    Maybe this ignorant woman will listen when her millions of $ begin to fall. STOP THIS WOMAN NOW!!!! It makes me sick.

  • Sal says:

    Donna Karan is a piece of crap!!!!

  • Mary says:

    Paint Donna next! I’ll happily write a check to the first one to “paintball” her in an ecofriendly way of course in public!

  • Bix says:

    Thank You Paint Panthers! Way to kick some arse! Best wishes to you all. “Bunny Power!” xoxoxo Bix ..

  • bobby shaidaie says:

    I never knew jlo and beyonce wear fur!!! what a bunch of ghetto slime!!!!

  • Bird says:

    Donna Don’t Karin

  • MeL says:

    Next time the paint panthers do this…keep the rest of us informed! They should hit Beyonce and JLo’s pads next!!! Hell I’ll bring the lemonade!

  • Marco says:

    …… looks like something I would do hahahaha this is a great Idea she got what she had comming to her!

  • Brittany says:


  • FREE TIBET says:

    Hey Donna Karan it is time to come out of stone age now! Take a chance to stop this bloody criminal abuse for dirty moneymaking now!

  • Yuenf says:

    yes.. the message is evident and plain for all to see..or in this case for whoever uses that drive.. which may incl..her friends.. her guests?.. presuming it’s nonrain ‘washawayable’.. and is stuck there on the tarmac ‘forevermore’.. how embarrassing.. she’s gonna get tired of seeing and reading that msg each and every time she goes home..that’s for sure.. I wish Paint panthers would do the same ‘paint tarmac makeover treatment’ also for Gaultier Fendi Escada.. etc and all the greedy for profits horrid stone hearted and heartless others.. ps. wouldn’t bloodred paint have been more appropriate ? .. anyway I hope she gets the msg..

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I would have loved to have been a part of this. Get a clue Donna Karan. PAINT PANTHERS YOU RULE!!!!! Peace!!!!!

  • John Carmody says:

    Happy scrubbing Donna you scrubber! haha

  • marie says:

    Awsome. I wish I had the guts to do things like that.

  • Jason Levy says:

    Great job Paint Panthers!!

  • karla says:

    Thats Great! Maybe that heartless woman will stop using fur!