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And the Oscar Goes to … ‘The Cove’!

Written by PETA | March 8, 2010

OK, so we didn’t get to see a song-and-dance number featuring Steve Martin and vegetarian Alec Baldwin—who also narrated PETA’s now-classic documentary Meet Your Meat—but we’re still pretty happy about how the highly buzzed Food Inc./Cove face-off turned out.

The Oscar for Best Documentary went to frontrunner The Cove—the universally acclaimed examination of Japan’s bloody dolphin trade and slaughter. And in one of the most inspiring moments of the night, Ric O’Barry proved that he’ll stop at nothing to end the slaughter by displaying a sign encouraging people to get active for dolphins during his acceptance speech.

The win couldn’t have come at a better time for captive marine wildlife, as Sea World and other parks come under increasing scrutiny for their abysmal record of injuries and deaths of both trainers and animals in the wake of last month’s incident at SeaWorld.

On the red carpet, The Cove‘s director Louie Psihoyos put it best when he said, “One animal killing three people in one lifetime shows these animals are stressed, they don’t belong in captivity. And when we capture them out of the wild and force them to do stupid tricks for our amusement, it says more about our intelligence than it does theirs.”



Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Nicole says:

    This reminds me of that animal planet show “Whale Wars” that involved the japanese whalers who were killing and gutting whales for ‘scientific purposes’. Disgusting.

  • moo.lennon says:

    i was crying my heart out when i saw the previewsi really didnt know much about japanese killing poor dolphins!im so glad it won tho..and food inc was nominated!im so excite!meat eaters dont know what the hell theyre putting in their mouths till they die of a stroke.hee hee.

  • Mattia says:

    Happy news Great documentary

  • Carla says:

    I was SO happy that THE COVE won!!! I hope that this get’s the attention is deserves and that this “brutal” act stops for good!!!!!

  • Jolee Edmondson says:

    Steve Martin is also a vegetarian. I’m surprised PETA didn’t know that!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Great going!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The Cove was compelling and heartbreaking evidenced by the sheer human savagery perpetrated by humans against majestic dolphins. Food INC is an imperative documentary for all Americans to see! So is PETA’s meet your meat !

  • Cristina Fonseca says:

    And the Mayor of Taiji is still saying that the massacre of those poor dolphins are for “scientific purpouses” and “Traditional japanese way of life”.I read it in a brazilian newspaper today.Good joke for start the day!Congrats to The Cove and also to Food Inc.

  • michelle says:

    Well done “The Cove”. Huge debate on this on Yahoo comments under this article.

  • NT says:

    What a huge step for a documentary dealing with the always uncomfortable subject of animal cruelty to get the Oscar! I’m am very very pleased.