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Orphaned Bears Saved From Cages

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | December 13, 2011

As cubs, sibling brown bears Marko and Maria were captured in the Albanian mountains after their mother was killed by hunters. For two long years, they languished in tiny cages outside a restaurant in Tirana, Albania, barely surviving on scraps of bread.

A compassionate woman who was determined to rescue the bears from this miserable situation contacted PETA for help. For nearly a year, PETA assisted the tireless animal activist by reaching out to many animal protection organizations. In September, a breakthrough in the case finally came when Libearty Bear Sanctuary, a large, reputable bear sanctuary in Europe, agreed to help and arranged for Marko and Maria to be transported to their new home in Romania. The two will now spend the rest of their lives exploring 170 acres of lush forests, climbing trees, drinking from streams, and swimming in pools with the 56 other bears who live at Libearty.

Marko’s and Maria’s lives were changed forever because someone cared enough to get involved. If you know of an animal who is suffering—perhaps a dog who is kept chained in a neighbor’s backyard—please be that someone. Take action. You can make a difference!

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  • Chris says:

    People in this part of the world treat animals like garbage. I drove through Albania on to Montenegro. I stayed in Montenegro for 2 weeks last fall. What I saw people doing to stray dogs would break your heart. At cafes in mountainous villages it is a hobby for men to get drunk then shoot helpless stray dogs. There currently is a boycott of this country going on for human rights violations, I ask of everyone to email the administrator and ask them to put animal rights on their demand list. The site is tell the administrators that we will support their boycott if they help protect animals rights as well.

  • Michael says:

    Its sad that people hunt or put bears in cages, some people just have no heart.

  • MP says:

    My best wishers to PETA. Thanks for your good work!

  • coco says:

    L’homme est la plus cruelle espèce que la terre est jamais portée!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    This is a poem dating from the war in Sarajevo in the 1980’s. The last animal in the Sarajevo zoo A bear Died Because the seasons changed And the leaves fell off the trees Exposing to snipers The keepers Who were trying to feed it.

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    So very happy for Marko and Maria! My heart thanks the compassionate woman knocking at the Right Door for help: PETA (of course)and many thanks also to the wonderful Libearty Bear Sanctuary! This rescue story made my day! ♥♥♥

  • CN says:

    What a relief. If only all caged bears had a guardian angel like this one. Please post photos of the bears in their new home!

  • Chris says:

    great that the life of these bears will improve. just watched an really big brown bear in one of my favourite animal parks here in germany. but unfortunatly it reminds me about an little restaurant in the everglades, florida usa alligator alley where the owner chained an alligator as visior attraction. thats about 10 years ago i saw that. i dont know what happend to him. greetings!