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Orangutan Escapes From Another Zoo Exhibit

Written by PETA | May 21, 2008

LA Zoo, this time. Last week was Tampa. Could it, just possibly, be because these animals don’t want to be there? At least no one was hurt during this particular attempted escape, but that doesn’t change the fact that in addition to being (quite clearly) unsafe for visitors, the conditions animals are kept in at zoos are inhumane and unacceptable. There’s more information on this issue here.

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  • Walker says:

    Zoo’s in general are not bad things. They allow people to experience animals that they would otherwise never see as well as being a tool to educate and elighten people about conservation and animal rights. Because of zoos people are reminded of the wonders of wildlife and often times go home wanting to protect wildlife and help animals. While there may be a few places that have poor standards I would say the vast majority of zoos in the United States are well run and help to get the message of animal conservation to the public. The animals in these zoos are very well fed and taken care of and have plenty of room to roam and play. Education is the single most important factor in determining a person’s attitude towards animals. Zoos in particular if well run are intrumental in the fight for animal wellfare and wildlife conservation.

  • radish says:

    its true no human would ever contend to be locked up we value our freedom to highly but the fact of zoos been unethical prisons? what about how we lock our dogs up in our backyards or put colars around their necks to say we own them? branding horses cattle? even they’re locked up. zoos are just bigger backyards with more exotic pets in them none of them were ever born in the wild and zoos work to keep them in the best of care and work so they dont get bored or unhappy at least the zoos i no dolike the zoo near me they are breeding orangutangs specificaly to release them back into the wild in reserves so that the population can be brought back up. i dont think there is anything rong with zoos. but sometimes i think some like the elephant shouldnt be kept because of their size and wandering nature

  • Halv says:

    Check out CBC News online article on zoos today httpwww.cbc.caworldstory20080520fzoodebate.html Be sure to give your feedback link at bottom of page.

  • lynda downie says:

    I doubt that many of us would be content to let someone else control our lives. We highly value the freedom to make our own choices. This is as true of animals as it is of humans. No matter how good a zoo is it’s still a prison to those longing for freedom.

  • ObXmom says:

    I say “Run Orangutan Run!” Makes me so sad.

  • John Carmody says:

    Here in Ireland we also had an organutan escape a few weeks ago. So sad.