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One More for the Pigs!

Written by PETA | April 13, 2007

Cargill.jpgYou may remember Smithfield Foods’ big January announcement that it is phasing out the use of gestation crates, followed shortly by Maple Leaf Foods’ decision to follow suit, and Burger King’s recent adoption of a new animal welfare plan that includes, among other things, reducing the amount of pig meat it purchases from suppliers that use crates. Well, we just got word from execs at another major pig meat producer (one of the world’s largest, in fact), Cargill Foods—which we had been encouraging to follow Smithfield’s lead—that it’s going to come through in a big way: Cargill has stopped using gestation crates in 50 percent of its pig factory farms!

We’re not breaking out the champagne just yet, as the company hasn’t agreed to a total phase-out of gestation crates, but this is a firm step in the right direction, and just another positive sign of big changes to come throughout the industry. Of course, PETA doesn’t make a secret of the fact that we don’t want any pigs bred or slaughtered for food, but the pigs who are there right now don’t have the luxury of hunkering down for a long campaign to win people’s hearts and minds about the injustices of industrialized farming. While we keep pushing companies behind the scenes to stop torturing animals, like, at all, millions of animals right now will experience a significant improvement in the quality of their lives. Which is pretty good for a given work day. I’ll let you know once they’ve gotten rid of gestation crates entirely. We’re working on it.

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  • Merete Hansen says:

    I’m SO happy for the pigs who I love with all my heart

  • Tim Johnston says:

    Great news for a step in the right direction. I believe that if the industries who made profit out of cruelty really understood the the huge number of people who despise and deplore thier practises they will respond more and more even if only on marketing angle. Well done P.E.T.A for gathering our voices together to let them know our feelings. Tim

  • Richard Kardan says:

    For me Happiness is Justice. To have the CEOs of KFC McD BK Wendy Purdue Tyson etc… locked inside their own factories gestation crates for a week. Then chopping off their finger tips with a dirty saw equivalent to cutting off pigs tails and ear lobes. And then if any of them is still alive after a month throw them in boiling water and serve their flesh in their highclass restaurants.

  • francelle a. says:

    i’m glad to hear cargill is making to pledge to reduce the amount of precious pigs being put in crates. maybe the roles should be reversed and put ALL slaughterhouse workers in crates and see how they like it for hurting innocent animals and their babies for sheerpleasure.i’ve stopped eating meat for over 15 years and will never touch beef or pork again.i eventually want to make the transition to quit all meat completely.

  • Animal Luvr says:

    Thank you so much PETA! I’m a vegetarian and I love these little guys as much as I hate the “products” they make out of them. Please keep up the good work!

  • Robby says:

    its really great news…um however although ive been always been a beleiver im new to PETA never having been involved with a big organization before as such i Have to ask…What ARE gestration crates? pleading look i have no idea What you do be on about or why they’re bad…so could you fill me in?

  • Fiona says:

    This is great news indeed. As I sit here with my two little dogs my two best friends I can’t see any difference between them and two little pigs. Thank God for PETA for giving me awareness helping me to decide to make the change become a Vegan. Wish all companies had the courage to make this type of change. Let’s acknowledge encourage them. Fiona xo

  • Brinda Jegatheesan says:

    I am very proud to be a PETA member because of the FANTASTIC work that you do to HELP and SAVE animals from the cruel hands of man. And Cargill congratulations to you for making the move to reduce the sad plight of the pigs by 50 I am hopefull that this will go all the way to a 100

  • sally says:

    The news is good it would be much better if they stopped farming animals for human consumptionit’s an outrage that people in this day and age still think it’s okay to slaughter harmless animals for consumptionit’s hard for me to think that I ever ate meatI’ve been a vegetarian for over 16 years and would never eat meat poultry or fish again. It hurts me to think of the torture and pain these animals go through I’m just thankful for pasta rice and veggies. All of us who are vegetarians should try to promote our cause and stop the endless pain of God’s greatest gift

  • kea says:

    Great news for the pigs thanks to the wounderful lifechanging help of peta and peta suporters. keep up the good work! next news letter i want to see that the cages are 100 gone but 50 still a fab start.

  • michele donahue says:

    i never was aware of how very cruel the factory farming industry was to the innocent animals im so very sorry for all the beef and pork i once used to eat all those animals suffered horribly for my selfish eating habits but please know i never realized all the abuse they suffered i have since stumbling apon factory farming horrors and researching it ever since then 8 months ago i have never eaten another piece of animal flesh and i vow never to do so again i fell in love with veggie burgers and meati wish others would also do so try it you will love it! i hope the animals forgive me i have always been an animal lover and awre of the abuse they suffer what makes me even sicker is the inhumane way in wich they are slaughtered even when they can no longer walk this burns a hole in my very soul and i only hope KARMA truly is for real and those that hurt these animals will be punished 3 folds! is the humane slaughter law a joke or something? because it’s not done humanely in my eyes at all how would you like to be cut up while your still alive!!!!! please help them PETA keep up your great work i hope i have helped by no longer ingesting them but i am sorry i never knew of the horrors thank god for PETA or i still would not know today thank you

  • Diane Vassallo says:

    I have been a vegetarian since 1993. I also don’t indulge on milk or eggs. Most dairy is not a part of my diet. My parents fed me lots of meat growing up in a very Italian family. I never wanted it. I couldn’t even touch raw chicken as small child. And just the smell of milk made me sick! One day I thought “enough is enough”. I will live my life my way. I still have to allow my family to indulge. However my youngest son refuses to eat pork of any kind. I have asked him to indulge me with a veggie meal once a week. He has. I serve my husband very little meat. He actually prefers soup and salad and loves fruit. I like that. However he grosses me out when he eats a hamburger in front of me. And if he eats fish just the smell of it makes me gag! I eat at Subway everyday for lunch because it is close to the office and I can get what I want and watch them make it for me. I always have a veggie sandwich or salad. People at work poke fun at me all the time. I am always forwarding emails and videos to those who will listen to the violent screams of all the innocent animals being abused and slaughtered. I will continue to make people hear me. All who know me know my love for animals. I would probably have an animal freedom farm if I could. Maybe someday. Thanks for all you do! One Healthy Vegetarian in Stony Brook NY

  • michele donahue says:

    im so thankful peta exist what would we do without them

  • Deanna Bollo says:

    I cannot express the respect I feel for PETA and the relentless way in which you pursue this beatiful struggle to free all animals from cruelty in pursuit of the truth which is that they are not here for consumption and exploitation but to be shared in this planet and enrichen our lives! Thank you PETA you are an inspiration.

  • matteo says:

    Well I want them to know that a step in the right direction is still very FAR from buying Cargill products!

  • Linda Amador says:

    good news for the pigsbut i won’t be satisfied till there is NO factory farming.

  • Jessie O. says:

    WOW I am all to happy to hear about a step in the right direction! Although I’ve never been 100 vegetarian I still don’t think meat has to be a main meal. I’ve watched the video’s on the factory farming of all animals and cried my eyes out. Hopefully one day we will realize that if we are going to eat animals even sometimes that they deserve a good life prior to being slaughtered a countryside to graze upon the sun over their heads and a companion.

  • Maria Joà says:

    Parabns! bom ler sempre quando a PETA consegue dar um paso em frente para que os animais tenham uma vida decente e sejam respeitados. Obrigada PETA por existires.

  • Mercedez says:

    I am SO happy that atleast 50 of these pigs at this farm are doing somewhat better. But the farm hasnt said how they housed the girls… I dont know… I dont like eating meat and HATE the though and there is no justifying for it not nowadays. PETA you make me proud to be vegen!

  • gloria says:

    im sooo happy to hear about help for the suffering pigsi cry all the time for all the salughtered helpless animals i thank peta for all they do.

  • Romea Ž says:

    This kind of good news gives also a hope for the survival of all human beings and of our unique ” mother” called planet EARTH and not only for some animals who have been and are still today daily tortured just for the lust and greadinest of some creatures calling himselves a HOMOSAPIENS instead a HOMOPREDATORYCARNIVOUS

  • Dani says:

    Great job! I am so proud of you all!

  • katy lifei says:

    still very sad for the one still in the crates ..! Bot is a step foreword made by Cargil!Fopefully with our help others will follow this changes!

  • maritza says:

    contrats to cargill!! it is hard to get multy billion dollar companies to actually give a damn and we should not only urge other complanies to do so but truly give the companies that have made an effort the thanx they deserve.

  • stephanie says:

    Very heartwarming…I blink away tears as I pray for the suffering of these innocent animals to be completely eliminated…WHILE I am a veggie over 2 decades I realize that a large segment of the population demands animal flesh for their meals I wonder how many would stop or reduce their consumption if they were to view the revealing videos…I also wonder if the persentage would have been 100 if companies refused to buy pork ENTIRELY if gestation crates continued to be used. While I was delightfully surprised happy to hear this news… it also reveals just how much leverage “consumers” of animal flesh have…perhaps PETA could persuade companie to issue even stronger ultimatums in the future. Facory Farms are all abour $$ refuse to spend…they will compliy. Ask companies to be a bit more courageous. If the killing of farm animals can not be stopped the methods can be improved so that death comes swiftly wout excessive emotional physical pain. I believe that when an animal dies a violent death…those who later ingest the flesh also ingest the hate faer pain inflicted on these beautiful creatures. Thank you PETA for moving the welfare of these animals along a better path. Namaste

  • Tea says:

    Great! Finnally a good news!

  • carol johnson says:

    Thank you Cargill for showing compassion for the helpless animals you cage. Thank you PETA for fighting for these wonderful creations of God.

  • Afra says:

    If there is a god or goddess where is the mercy for the innocent? In spite of spiritual beliefs we cannot wait for supreme beings to save the helpless…it is up to us! My heart bleeds endlessly for these poor creatures. We have strong leaders in the organization of PETA. Never give up the writing and demonstrating for the rest of your lives. Don’t get side tracked and don’t be discouraged for too long at a time!… For every victory so much work must be done by you and by me! love Afra

  • Amy Holford says:

    Pigs are so very intelligent and deserve so much more recognition as far as their place on our earth. My opinion comes not from exposure to any religious beliefs but rather from standing with a few very smart and “weathered” pigs in Mansfield Massachusetts just before they were to make their unfortunate trip to the slaughterhouse. I was very young. I haven’t been the same person since that day. I’m very proud to not be the same person I only wish we could all be exposed to the very “thing” that made me feel about pigs how I feel today. I can only hope that some great and powerful person or group of people can get rid of those horrible and most morally unacceptable for ANY living creature especially a pig gestation crates forever! Sincerely Amy A. Holford Mansfield MA 02048

  • Natasha says:

    wow thats really great im just a kid and me and my friends all hate animal cruelty above all else but its hard because we feel so helpless because we cant donate when our parents dont have big amounts to spare lucky things like Peta exist so i can feel good about signing petitions and geeting my friends into free range and no veal… keep up the gr8 work luv Yah

  • Cuckoo4tofu (Chelsea D.) says:

    This is good news. I guess this really is the year of the pig.

  • Stephanie says:

    Well done! When good news like this comes around it increases hope that animals can and will be liberated from the suffering that human beings inflict on them. It’s nice to not feel despairing! Stephanie

  • Lisa Allender says:

    Thank You for working towards using NO gestation crates. Pigs are smart creatures I respectGod Bless You for removing some of the suffering they endure…. I pray one day soon that NO gestation crates wil be used and that pigs will be allowed some exercise and fresh air.

  • Brett C says:

    That is great news! I don’t believe that using animals for food will be abolished entirely at least for now but making their lives a little bit better is a good start. This is a move in the right direction Cargill. Kudos to you and everyone at PETA that helped in this.

  • desi says:

    that is really good news i love pigs and when i heard this i was really happy for me and the pigs but most of all the pigs i dont get how people can be so mean to them everybody says when you eat alot that you are eating like a pig but how is that possible becuse pigs are very intelaggent and when they get full they stop eating but unlike horses they dont they eat and eat ya i know that they smell but i still love them i have about 16 pigs and i love them all.

  • Sherricatsmeow says:

    God Help Us Save All Animals! I LOVE IT

  • fiona says:

    This sounds like great news but what will they be using instead of the gestation crates?

  • Crista says:

    I am impressed with these major companies which are taking these steps to change. I know then that we can make a difference for animal rights! Ever since I was a child I respected and loved every animal even bugs. I don’t make a lot of money and wish I could donate more to these funds and good causes. I believe the government should contribute more. Schools should teach more about the environment and animals that these are things to respect and cherish not to use for profit and think of animals as objects that don’t feel. It’s not just our world but the animals too.

  • Carolelorraine says:

    One victory at a time until all pigs are free from cruelty. A giant step in the right direction!

  • Reece says:

    I applaud Cargill for taking this important step. PETA keep urging them to go 100. While we can’t make the world stop killing animals companies like Cargill can adopt changes that speak to demands of the meateating public. And those demands are to stop animal cruelty through industry standards like gestation crates beak searing and barbarically caging animals. Kudos to Cargill now let’s go for 100!

  • Pamela Bertsch says:

    Seems to be the fashion to go the ‘animal welfare’ route! So encouraging! Thanks PETA for all you have done and are doing to help the voiceless live better lives!

  • Sandy says:

    It does my heart good to read that Cargill will stop using gestration crates 50 of pigs. 100 is the answer but it is a good start.

  • healthyoak says:

    Congratulations on your work on behalf of pigs. A kudos to Cargill too for doing what is right and healthy. It’s great to see PETA and Cargill working to make a better world for all. Thank you.

  • Dana says:

    Way to go Peta! Without you and your struggle for animal justice millions more animals would suffer unecessarily. Keep it up till ALL factory animals are treated humanely!

  • joan Brodnax says:

    od bless and be with with your endeaver to stop the crual treatment of animals.

  • Angie says:

    I am so pleased that I have decided to NOT consume anything made with an animal…I tell my friends..that I can’t consume anything with a face! I have in my closet leather jackets and shoes but have realized that just throwing them out would make the sacrifice that those animals gave worth nothing so I will wear them till they are worn out but will NEVER buy another item made from the skin of an animal nor eat anything made from the life of another living thing…my children while they are in my home as well as all guests live by this rule. I will not BBQ a steak for a friend nor make a Milkshake with the milk someone brings over…I leave it in their hands. My conscience needs to be clear!!! I dont just love fluffy cute animals but all animals…I respect LIFE! I have been clean since Jan…yippee for me and yippee for all the lives I have saved!

  • Valentina says:

    That’s a good news! Hope to receive good ones again soon!!

  • Josh says:

    It’s really great to hear that these improvements are being done. Millions of unheard voices are 1 step closer to providing a more humane lifestyle for these helpless animals. Who cant speak out for themselves.. Just because they don’t speak like you doesn’t mean they don’t feel like you!

  • Jess says:

    Yeah thats for the update on the advance cant wait for them to be abolished completely. x

  • Tina says:

    Thanks for the good news. I find the factory farming of animals barbaric. It hurts me to feel so powerlesswhen all I want to do stop it NOW. But it’s good to hear about a step in the right direction.