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Ohio Bans Exotic ‘Pets’

Written by PETA | January 6, 2011

Way to go, Ohio! Gov. Ted Strickland issued an executive order today prohibiting Ohio residents from owning, breeding, selling, or trading wild exotic animals. People who already own exotic animals will not be allowed to breed, sell, or trade them and will have to register them with the state each year, making it easier for law enforcement to monitor the animals.

The ban comes none too soon. Ohio has had its share of captive animal attacks—the most recent being the fatal attack by a black bear on a handler last August. Wild animals who are kept in captivity are denied everything that is natural and important to them, and this causes many of them to lash out in frustration.

grjenkin/CC by 2.0

Barely a month ago, lawmakers in Oregon passed a similar ban designed to protect both animals and humans from the often dire consequences of keeping wild animals in captivity. Hopefully, more states will quickly follow suit. In the meantime, we’d like to remind you never to patronize roadside petting zoos, traveling shows, or “take-a-picture-with-a-tiger” exhibits. True wildlife sanctuaries aren’t open to the public, don’t take animals on the road, and never breed animals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Greengal says:

    Why do police have to destroy the exotic animals? Why can’t they bring in the proper people to transport these animals back into the wild where they belong? PETA please work on this! I saw an episode of Fatal Attraction and it’s sickening. I wish people realize these animals belong in the wild and not in cages. If they love them so much, why don’t they let them stay where they belong?! Do they ever think about what’s going to happen to “their” animals when they end up attacking them?! Some people are so stupid and selfish!!!

  • Donna Stayner says:

    They can’t even look past even how a Domestic Cat can make affectionate pets, many domestic cats hunt as effectively as wild predators. That is how they differ than what these compounds are doing with their wild animals. Not having the proper care they need as shots etc.. They get more disease and physical injury. Shouldn’t be able to KEEP a Wild Animal as Bears, Tigers, etc… If you can’t give them the proper Environment or prove Adequate Vet Care. So they won’t be harm to other wildlife with Disease, or attack people who come in Contact with them, or able to breed these wild animals too. So PLEASE we are SPEAKING out for The Ones Who Can’t SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES to BAND these Breeders and Compounds and let The WILD have the LIFE that was given to them by GOD!!! That was to LIVE FREE in Their own ENVIRONMENT!!!  Not Trapped in some BACKYARD that may not even be fit for YOUR FAMILY DOG!!!!!

  • PETA says:

    Webb – Thank you for contacting us with your concerns about the Tiger Truck Stop. We have campaigned against this roadside hellhole for many years. We have filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and state officials, and have written countless letters and worked with local activists in an effort to get the tigers “retired” (there used to be several tigers in 2 different locations). We wrote to the owner of the truck stop asking him to relinquish the tigers to a sanctuary; we offered to help pay the costs. We’ve had this as an action alert on our website. In 2009, after months of aggressive campaigning to get Louisiana officials to order Michael Sandlin to give up Tony, they did the exact opposite. On February 17, 2009, the Iberville Parish Council voted to allow Michael Sandlin to keep Tony at the truck stop. While they did impose conditions on “improving” Tony’s care, this action opened the door for Sandlin to qualify for a state permit from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, which granted him one in December 2009. It was renewed in December 2010. We are disappointed to say the least. We are asking people to strongly voice their objections to the annual renewal of Michael Sandlin’s state permit. Please drop a note to: Robert Barham, Secretary Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries 2000 Quail Dr. Baton Rouge, LA 70808 225-765-2800 One last thing to note: Michael Sandlin will not be able to “replace” Tony when Tony dies or is relinquished to sanctuary. Thank you for caring.

  • Virginia says:

    This is a great start, more states and provinces should ban exotic animals. There are far too many bad owners and people buying something on a whim and then they end up where; dead or left for someone else to take care of and try to untraumatize the animal!

  • Webb says:

    Is there anything PETA can do for Tony the Tiger imprisoned by owner Mr. Michael Sandlin of Tony The Truck Stop Tiger, located in Grosse Tete, Louisiana, whose permit was renewed by Louisiana Dept of Wildlife Fisheries in Dec of 2010, despite 42,000 signatures collected by World Society for the Protection of Animals, & countless letters protesting the morally wrong consequence for this animal’s health & well being, when there was, & has been the option of relocating Tony to an accredited big cat sanctuary? Can PETA help?

  • Rachel says:

    I’m so happy Ohio has finally banned the owning, breeding, and trading of exotic animals! There is no reason for any private individual to own any of these animals, and a trade in them only encourages people to continue breeding them for private ownership.

  • Sean says:

    Just because some people do not know how to handle exotic animals does not mean that all people should have to suffer. Do you know what happens if someone fails to register their exotic animal? They can come take it from their home, and destroy it. I’m so glad PETA is for the destruction of exotic animals because they are kept in a domesticated home. Which most get treated better than I do in these homes. The others, get sent to a sanctuary that is already low on space, and put into a cage for the rest of it’s life. This ban is stupid, and ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many domestic dog attacks I have seen in Ohio lately, and those are just the ones I have seen on television. What’s next? Spot being banned? I have to say that reregistering your exotic pet and micro chipping could be great. But there should not be a ban. Maybe PETA should look into what happens to these animals when they are taken from a loving home. I’m actually ashamed of you PETA, way to go.

  • Kara Barnes says:

    It is about time wildlife got banned from being pets!!!

  • AndreaaaNRC says:

    Yayyy Oregon!:D this makes up for our high property taxes

  • Hanaberry says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!

  • Victoria says:

    Finally!!I hope he listens to my e-mail I sent him about classroom dissection before he leaves office, though.

  • jlbkane says:

    YAY!! 🙂 🙂