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Oh, Madonna

Written by PETA | December 8, 2006

Look out, ladies and gentlemen, here comes Madonna. In a £35,000 chinchilla fur coat. For those of you doing the math, that means Madge needs to have more than 60 furry animals electrocuted just to keep her warm on a Wednesday night—which means that if you’re planning on being anywhere near her U.K. residence this Christmas, you might want to hide your babies and your family pets. The story, such as it is, is that Madonna was spotted last Wednesday at a Mayfair restaurant called Cecconi’s positively drowning in the dead animals, which had been sewn together for her by the designers at Fendi.

Why would anyone with a shred of decency ever consider wearing such a thing? The prevailing theory around here is that when it comes to making headlines, Madonna is just too old to flash her beaver like Britney Spears, so she brought out the chinchilla. (Oh, zing! See what I did there?)

Anyway, we fired off a letter to her this morning to ask her to just for God’s sake, stop it, and you can read that here. If you’d like to let her know how you feel yourself, you can contact her using the following information:

Liz Rosenberg (Madonna’s US publicist)
[email protected]

Barbara Charone (Madonna’s UK publicist)
[email protected]

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  • Madison says:

    I think animal skinning should be a law to ALL people who are not AGAINST animal skinny please STOP animal skinning and start making FOE! Madison Trevino

  • Health man says:

    I wanted to tell you that I’ve been eating primarily a vegan diet for the last seven months with a lot of it being raw fruits and veggies. And its great! WBR LeoP

  • Liling says:

    I think this woman is absolutely crazy Cant stand her! and she is just seeking attentionfor god’s sake…..

  • Jack says:

    “the author at one point implies that because madonna is wearing chinchilla fur…..that she wouldn’t be opposed to wearing a BABY or your pet poodle!” Dear Kate Um I’m not even really sure where to start with this one. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to most readers of this blog that I don’t actually think Madonna is likely to kill and wear people’s babies and pets. So for anyone else who has been assiduously avoiding the United Kingdom for fear that their pet poodles may be savaged by furwearing pop stars I do apologize for any confusion. As far as I can tell Mrs. Ciccone only condones cruelty that is sanctioned by law. Of course that doesn’t make it any less cruel.

  • kate says:

    are you serious?? does no one but me see something VERY wrong with this story?? the author at one point implies that because madonna is wearing chinchilla fur…..that she wouldn’t be opposed to wearing a BABY or your pet poodle! come on!! i’m all for stopping animal cruelty though my definition of that word may be a little different than yours but i also have the COMMON SENSE required to put things in perspective. how in good conscience can you imply that the life of a chinchilla while precious as one of god’s creatures is as important as that of a child??

  • right... says:

    …so according to you lot wearing animal fur would be the same as wearing the skins of unborn babies and every person in the world can obviously afford to eat a HEALTHY vegan diet. Get real! Oh and dont twist that and say “if you can afford fur you can afford a healthy vegan diet” I accept that that is true but those two points were not intended to be interlinked.

  • eddy says:

    i will not cover hershe is too informed to make such a mistake.let’s face it she is a great artist but with the coldest heart concerning the animal rightsshame on u MISS PERFECTIONu almost convinced me throught the yearsbtch!

  • Nena says:

    As a Madonna fan I am disappointed to find out that she was wearing a fur coat. I remember reading many times that Madonna was against this sort of thing and that she has always worn fake fur. So this surprises me. But in her defense once she receives the letter against animal cruelty I can say that she will be compassionate towards the subject. Madonna is not heartless lets give her the benefit of doubt. She has spoken for issues like animal extinction AIDS world hunger and global warming. I do not agree with her wearing furs but she is human and is entitled to make a mistake. Lets give it time.

  • shnaps says:

    Madonna beleives in karma an stuff like that.SOlet her face the consequences of a stupid act like this one and I hope her to be reincarnated in tiny cute chinchillashe will learn the lesson OH SO WELLLOL I think a pie thrown at her face will do so too hahaha..

  • Elizabeth says:

    To Me Apparently you wear fur also otherwise you would not be supporting Madonna in which case you should not be on a Peta blog.

  • me says:

    People should be able to wear whatever they want without people telling them not to. I think that if Madonna wants to wear fur let her and don’t throw a pie or anything else her because people should be free to do what they want!

  • brasco says:

    I just want to share that in islam religion when it comes to eat meatschiken beef sheep mostly never pigsit is very forbidden to show the knife to the animalalways treat him gently and face “to the quibla” we pray in the name of God the almighty then we do the cut once for all usually done by specialiston the floor one by one when it is industialand in this case the next animal is kept out of sight of what happened to his matethat’s what is called casher for jews and halal for moslims.In our religionGod tells us thatevery good or bad act will be seenand every animal even an aunt will ask for justice when the humans had hurt them for sack of abuse and torture.

  • Corey says:

    I used to think Madonna sucks and now I know that she’s a despicable person to boot. I feel a boycott coming on. And thank you Jo for your references to Genesis I’m not religious at all but I hate it when people say that God put animals here for us to use so now I can tell them those quotes. And by the way wether or not Jesus was a vegetarian one has to wonder if he would be today? anyways as for the overpopulation theory consider this the only reason that deer and not chinchillas btw would increase their numbers left unchecked is because we already elimated their natural predators! That’s not the circle of life that’s waltsing into an ecosystem and replacing every role with humans. But after a while the predators would come back and order would be restored we’re the obtrusive ones not nature. You’re a hunter you should know being out there get it through your hunting capped skull. Also consider this one day when we have forced all other species off of the planet we will have to resort to cannibalism for meat. Vegetarianism is starting to look better and better huh? That’s all. Vegans rule and have a nice day.

  • Gazala says:

    Such a shame when such an influential person like Madonna exposes evil. I’m ashamed I had respect for the fine artist.

  • eddy says:

    it is disgustingi’ll boycott her for a while and wish her the curse of the 40 chinchillasand God knows how i love this girl. IS HER COMPASSION FOR MALAWI’s KIDS GENUINE

  • Cali says:

    The animal’s lives are important. They want to survive and live too! I have no respect for Madonna.

  • Joanne says:

    I don’t know how anyone can still be a Madonna fan! She is truly a poor excuse for a human being! Too bad money can’t buy intelligence. Madonna you are nothing but trash. I gotta believe God has a special place for people like you. Our world is not overpopulated by animals it is overpopulated by despicable human beings!

  • Chelsea (Cuckoo4tofu) says:

    I already knew Madonna was a bitch so her wearing fur doesn’t come as a surprise to me. She hunts pheasants in England so she can pretend she’s British and she offends those of the Catholic religion by naming herself after the virgin Mary ironic isn’t it? and playacting herself being crucified on a cross at one of her concerts. Her recent “humanitarian” acts don’t erase her coldheartedness towards animals. When it comes to living feeling beings the decision not eitheror a good morallyattributed person supports kindness to BOTH humans AND animals. To those of you using the “overpopulation” excuse for hunting and fur harvesting I doubt you would be saying that if Madonna was wearing a coat made from the skins of child orphans from a thirdworld country who might have otherwise spread disease or suffered and died from starvation.

  • Elizabeth says:

    To Becca and anyone else who thinks killing animals for fur is ok due to the overpopulation guess again. If there is such an overpopulation of animals then why are there “fur farms”? Horrible farms where animals are bred born raised solely for their fur not hunted in the wild not that this is any better but so much for controlling the population. These fur farmers just add to it only to make them suffer a painful and lonely caged life then to die the same kind of death. Has anyone seen the video of the arctic fox being skinned alive? At the end of the video it is thrown in a pile of other skinned foxes and it is clearly still alive sitting up and looking around with it’s steaming white flesh dripping with blood. Anyone still think this is ok??

  • Brenda Langlais says:

    I believe that Madonna has mental issues. Through the years I have seen many things that she has done that are very immoral and just nasty. I never could understand why so many people like her so much. Madonna has no respect for herself or anyone else and she prooves this over and over again. Now I see that she is wearing fur and I cannot say that I am surprised.She seems to love pushing people’s buttons and she does not care at all about who she hurts along the way.It is time for people to stop buying her music and watching her making a fool out of herself on television. It is also long past the time for people to start pushing her buttons for a change. I never liked Madonna and would not buy anything that had to do with herand now that I know she wears fur I never will want to look at her again for sure. SHAME ON YOU MADONNA.

  • Lily Rocco says:

    How is this woman allowed to adopt little children? Anybody who has NO compassion for helpless animals CANNOT be a good mother I don’t care what kind of humanitarian work she “proclaims” to be doing anybody who supports an industry that destroys beautiful creatures that cannot defend themselves is an AWFUL PERSON

  • kerim says:

    yes fading madonna is really too disappointing but let’s turn away our faces from ugly passed people and look at peta’s front page what a splendid beautiful surprise we get from joanna krupa. what a beauty what a courage this amazing personality is a bright shining star and angel for animals our hearts and for the future. thank you sooooo much for doing this may GOD bless every day in your life!!!! and a big thank you to peta for this amazing ad!

  • heather says:

    Once I heard that this bitch thought it was cool to kill birds bc they were beautiful and she wanted to be like the “englishers” make me vomint…but anyway she was killing innocent birds I decided that I no longer liked her and REFUSE to listen to her watch her and never miss amoment to say what I think of her and NOW THIS….I really HATE and DESPISE this aweful old hag!!! you should be skinned alive and anyone who entered a blog and thinks this is the “circle of life” you deserve to be hung and skinned and put around some egotistical bitch’s body too.

  • Gerardo says:

    What a shame but of course people like that Madonna do not have any decency or ethics..Madonnas “spiritual” fuel comes from attention and money. The world like stupid and shallow people like her. I hope that bitch gets some brain cells soooooon!

  • Sonia says:

    Come on guys if you are going to have a go at someones comments please get the right name. Allen you mean becca I think I’m a wildlife carer and don’t agree with any of the crap these huntersupposed conservationist say. Don’t get me wrong there are true conservationists out there but I doubt many of the hunters that think hunting is a sport are them. I occasionly do have to call out a shooter for injured wildlife but only if that animal has no chance of survival and it makes me sick every time.

  • Jo says:

    Errrr? hello Becca? God gave Noah permission to eat meat after the flood only cos there was nothing else to eat. It wasn’t the original design. HERE I HAVE GIVEN TO YOU ALL VEGETATION BEARING SEED WHICH IS ON THE SURFACE OF THE WHOLE EARTH AND EVERY TREE ON WHICH THERE IS THE FRUIT OF A TREE BEARING SEED. TO YOU LET IT SERVE AS FOOD.Genesis 129. After the flood. Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you. As in the case of green vegetation I do give it all to you. Genesis 93 This is not to say that the provision to eat meat is a license to indulge in the needless spilling of animal blood for the sheer thrill of the hunt or to display personal prowess. Nimrod evidently did this. The Bible identifies him as a mighty hunter in opposition to God. Genesis 109 Even today excitement over hunting and killing animals can easily develop in some. But such a spirit goes hand in hand with wanton disregard for animal life and God does not approve of it. Oh Ps..Helpless dying animals spreading diseases? Oh I forgot that humans were soooo free of diseases! HIV anyone?

  • UweB says:

    As a long time Madonna Fan and after I was so happy what she did and does to put a Spot on Africa the Children and Poorness there this was a BIG disappointment for me and shows how superficial her spiritual religious believes are. Close all the Kabbalah Centres and the rich Vatican in Rome and free the Animals give the hungry Children of the Earth Food and clean Water to drink. I m sorry for Madonna that she felt the need to wear such a horrible thing. Will stay a Fan of her Music. I hope Madonna will immediately STOPP this foolish behaviour. Uwe in Berlin Germany

  • Sonny says:

    Clothes are given to many celebs like Mariah and she didnt wear them.

  • Amanda says:

    I love Madonna as an artist have done for years but I dont like what she has done here. I thought she was living a non violent life. I remember the t shirt she wore that said “does your mother own a fur coat?” As for animals being made into coats to stop them being overpopulated!!! They are overbred in captivity then killed by having an electric shock up the ass. I hope Madonnas mate Stella McCartney gives her a talking too.

  • paula e diment says:

    its not that long ago this person wore a coat made of unborn lambs what else would this person wear but skins! who told you or when did you think that its ok to steal unborn babys from there mothers or wear other speices fur i just thought you was made of so much more go back to driving a car eat meat you dont belong with us from a veagan who fights for speices rights

  • Kate says:

    I hope Guy Ritchie divorces her.Who could put up with her anyway.Umm what happened to her name change to Esther?

  • Allen says:

    Sonia Chinchilla’s are now endangered in the wild due to the fur trade. So much for your conservation theory.

  • Luvluvluvanimals says:

    I am so revolted so disappointed by Madonna. Seeing her in this coat has instantly turned me from a huge fan into a total hater. I will never see her music her style her personality the same way. Shame shame shame on her. I can’t believe that at her ripe old age after all she’s done and seen the circle of friends she’s kept that she still can’t understand why fur is so horrible and unnecessary. Gross! Shame on her!

  • Clare says:

    Does it really matter that she was GIVEN the coat? I mean seriously she’s got a brain. And she IS Madonna. She can tell Fendi to make one for her in faux fur. C’mon…I LOVE Madonna but I don’t know if I can say that now. Madonna it’s your responsibility to carry through with your “love the earth” character that you’ve portrayed so well up til now.

  • becca says:

    A little off topic but important nonetheless… Peta just does not understand the needconcept of wildlife conservation without conservationi.e. hunting fishing this world would be full of helpless dying animals spreading diseases to all life. peta spends far more money on publicity and destruction of property while us hunters and conservationists are spending money that actually goes back to help the animals building habitat endangered species protection… animals are gifts that God put on this earth intended for food clothing and companionship read the Bible you might figure that out. He was not a vegetarian by the way …

  • Sonia says:

    Dominic If you are given something that you think is wrong you don’t use it. If she is a vegetarian it is probably because it is healthier for her not because of the cruelty involved. Madonna wearing fur once shows her friends in the fashion industry that it is ok and to a lot of stupid impressionable people that idolise her. She has totally lost any respect I had for her.

  • dominic says:

    Dont forget Madonna has only wore furr very rarely. Dont forget shes a vegetarian she rides a bike alot instead of a car she doesnt flaunt diamonds or money. Dont forget shes has alot of friends in the fashion industry more than likely she doesnt even own that. Whole lines of clothes are just given to her.

  • Erin says:

    Things I will never buy Anything Fendi anything Burberry a Madonna CD… Oh wait I was never going to buy any of those things in the first place because they suck! Shame on you Madonna for pretending to be a caring consumer and showing us yet again how everything you do is for show without any real talent or dedication behind it.

  • monica says:

    I didn’t like madonna to begin with but that pushs over the edge. It seems like all the ulgy horrible people wear fur

  • Tara Sumakis says:

    hey giorgio why dont you let someone take your skin and wear it as a hat and let them tell you its to control the population and after you do that then come back and say what you did o and i will volunteer to test out that theory on you first. luv ya

  • loulou says:

    that’s revolting.

  • caroline says:

    BITCH!!!!!!!!! all the pain and suffering those animals go through!! i read some where that she would never wear fur agian!!!! WHAT happened!!

  • Hanne says:

    I just have one thing to say I feel extremely sorry for the animals and I am damn proud to be a PETA blessed VEGAN D GO PETA!

  • edith says:

    The only species that is overpopulating this planet is a parasite called human beings.

  • Charlie says:

    Oh Lay off Madonna! Its the circle of life as someone else said in a previous post if this didn’t happen then the world would be over populated.. Dont get me wrong i am against animal skinning But if it didn’t happen then the world would be too crowded

  • giorgio says:

    marilyn monroe got exactly those things madonna does not have sex appeal rosy lips a gorgeous body and above all faux fur pls consult the fabulous fur web siteabout us. for all this marilyn you are an eternal flame in my heart!!!!! and you madonna i don’t like you and your stuff and i want to forget you!

  • Colleen says:

    That woman is such an idiot To the comment above by colleenazimi I remember that shirt as well. She must be the ugliest woman in the world.

  • Allen says:

    A couple years ago Madonna was seen wearing a shirt that read “Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people.” I guess Madonna is either illiterate ugly or both.

  • colleenazimi says:

    I think she should get fake fur to go with her fake english accent.

  • AnimlLib says:

    I heard she’s a humanitarian. How is that humane?