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Obesity Can Lengthen Life Span?

Written by PETA | October 14, 2008
Richard Cooey
metronews / CC
Richard Cooey

Well, life sentence, maybe. Richard Cooey, a 267-pound inmate on death row in Ohio, claims he’s just too big to die, dang it. Cooey says he deserves a second stay of execution, this time arguing that his size and small veins will render the paralytic—part of the lethal-injection drug cocktail—only partially effective, causing him unnecessary suffering. Since Cooey is claiming that he’s gained so much weight because of all the fattening prison food, we think the obvious move is to switch to a slimming, healthy vegetarian diet to avoid similar predicaments in the future. We went ahead and asked the prison to do just that.

Serving vegetarian meals would not only save money on inmate health costs, it would also prevent murderers and criminals from being involved in more senseless killing. There has even been evidence to suggest that serving inmates vegetarian meals helps reduce prison violence. Now this is just a win-win situation for everybody!

Whether you’re pro– or anti–death penalty, don’t we all agree that innocent creatures don’t deserve to die at the hands of another? (Hmm … maybe we don’t, but we should!) Now, I don’t know if our pal Richard Cooey will opt for a vegetarian last meal, but I do know that we can help stay the execution of the millions of innocent animals who are currently on death row—condemned to dinner plates and hideous clothing.

Well, in the end, the courts have ruled that Cooey is full of hooey. He’s next up to be executed by the state of Ohio on October 14, but you can help end unnecessary suffering just by making different meal choices!

You can read our letter to the warden here.

Written by Missy Lane

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  • Kurt K says:

    Ha! Another joke! I understand their disapointment. Just prescribe the movie Tommy Boy or Super Troopers. That should work.

  • Derek, MD says:

    Kurt K I often find that patients think that benzodiazepines or narcotics are the “best” medicine… Needless to say on that issue I disappoint those patients.

  • Kurt K says:

    Lynda Its cool. Sometimes I like to not argue and just be a normal person. It sucks to argue all the time it really wears a person out. Humor is the best medicine.

  • lynda downie says:

    Kurt K Because you’ve been so extremely adamant that no comparison should ever be made between animals and humans I thought you were gloating that Antigone was admitting the same thing. She wasn’t If you were just joking I was mistaken my bad.

  • Crystal says:

    I doubt he cared that his victims suffered. Both human and the poor animals he scarfed down to get that fat! This is as stupid as the female teacher here in Florida saying she was to pretty to go to prison! Please eyes roll great work Peta!

  • Kurt K says:

    Oh Lynda Though we may not agree on everything and usually we have heated words I was just simply trying to make a joke. All you see on this blog is both sides taking jabs at each other and I just didn’t want to do that. If you haven’t noticed I don’t think Antigone and I have ever had anything nice to say about each other. I was just trying to lighten the mood.

  • lynda downie says:

    Kurt K Antigone didn’t say “Animals and PEOPLE should never be equated” as you mistakenly claim. She referred to animals and CRIMINALS. Have such a gleeful retort to that? BTW Good to have you back Antigone. I’ve missed you.

  • holly says:

    We dont have a right to take any life from any living being for any reason. I stand firm in this as Gandhi did… Weather it is an innocent animal or a person who has committed the most awful crime. When we allow this death penalty to happen we all have blood on our hands and make our selves no different than the criminal we lower our selves to hisher standard… It is wrong to take a life for any reason…

  • Dana says:

    If they hung him they wouldn’t have to worry about this problem.

  • Kurt K says:

    Thats right Holly. Antigone was right. Animals and people should never be equated. We finally agree on something Antigone! Hooray! Cats and dogs living together mass hysteria!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Holly There is a vast difference btw a guilty criminal and an innocent animal. We absolutely lower ourselves when we mistreat the innocent but many believe that the criminals are getting what they deserve. Regardless of your opinion on the death penalty I don’t think that animals and criminals should be equated.

  • Holly says:

    We have no right to take a life from any living being not matter what they have done. The death penalty does not bring anyone back its just as violent as the original crime committed. Two wrongs do not make a right. The death penalty is wrong for any living being for any reason. We lower our selves as a people each time it happens weather to a criminal or an animal its wrong.

  • Siobhan M. says:

    Elaine The death penalty isn’t something to joke about. It is a serious punishment for a serious crime. The victims should never be forgotten. A person who has seriously injured or murdered an innocent human being has forfeited their rights. Innocent animals are tortured and murdered everyday and you want compassion for heartless criminals? Where is the justice in that?

  • Sharon G says:

    Thank you Judith for the info about Oprah today!! I usually don’t watch her but I know a lot of the ladies here at work do and this just helps me explain WHY I’m a vegitarian! Thanks for the info!

  • Judith FFFA says:

    He had a TBone steak for his last meal!!!!! PLEASE WATCH OPRAH TODAY!!! SHE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT PROP 2 IN CALIF and the Ag people will also be there!!!!! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • Shari says:

    If people allow government to decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take their bodies will soon be in a SORRY A STATE as are the souls of those who LIVE UNDER TYRANNY… Factory Farmed animals are a PRIME example The SOUL is the same in ALL living creatures although the body of EACH is different. Nonviolence leads to the HIGHEST ethics which IS the goal of ALL evolution and UNTIL we stop harming ALL OTHER living beings we are STILL savages and as long as there are slaughterhouses there WILL BE prisons and wars!

  • Sierradragon says:

    I have to agree with Shari. In truth the only reason why I wouldn’t object to them being killed after sentencing would be because the system isn’t perfect and some innocent people would get killed. I don’t also get the point of having them being put to sleep either. The electric chair is the perfect way to get rid of trash like that and to hell if it is painless. Their victims certainly didn’t die painlessly.

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    This is just wrong. I can’t believe PETA would urge the prison to put this guy on a diet so they can kill him. The death penalty isn’t something to joke about.

  • Shari says:

    What ever happened to the bread and water prison diet??

  • Shari says:

    This glutton is a criminal with NO morals ethics let a lone a conscience! LOWER than any animal therefore his life should end along with the other parasites on death row the SAME EXACT way we end the lives of the NO SINNERS in this country because if you’re going to act like an animal you’re going to be treated like one an eye for an eye ‘ If this country saw it MY way there would BE no crimes but this country’s prison system is a MERE racket $$$ for the employees politicians lawyers the list goes on with the majority being repeat offenders…once established INSIDE it’s TOO comfy to leave they got it MADE if no place to go OUTSIDE! Now JUST imagine if prisons WERE exactly like factory farms which basically are more appropriate for evil doers I DO believe they would all be vacant ‘ Back in the old days guys like him would be hanged shot etc on the spot if found guilty! There WERE no state prisons NO taxes to support them because people LIVED by the constitution NO taxes…and you thought you lived in the land of the free LOL WAKE UP! To a man whose mind is FREE there is something even MORE intolerable in the sufferings of animals THAN in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it IS A CRIMINAL but thousands of animals are USELESSLY UNNECESSARILY slaughtered EVERY day WITHOUT a shadow of remorse If any man were to REFER TO IT he would be thought ridiculous and THAT is the unpardonable CRIME. In their behavior toward creatures ALL MEN are Nazis. Human beings see oppression VIVIDLY when they’re the victims otherwise they victimize BLINDLY and WITHOUT a thought. The SOUL is the SAME in ALL living creatures although the body of EACH is different. Nonviolence leads to the HIGHEST ethics which IS the goal of ALL evolution and until we stop harming ALL OTHER living beings we are STILL savages and as long as there ARE slaughterhouses there WILL BE battlefields. God Bless The Beasts PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I agree Holly. A veg or vegan diet is definitely cheaper than a meatbased diet. A lot of poorer countries naturally eat a more plantbased diet and if they are able to pursue a meatbased diet later due to increased wealth their health often suffers for it.

  • Holly says:

    Calm down… They are living beings too… If done peroperly a vegan diet can cost a lot less than a meated diet… and its teaches a do no harm way to eat and live… Go Vegan save up to 100 farm animals per person per year

  • brandie says:

    Beans and bread. That’s vegetarian. Yeah I really want my hard earned tax dollars to pay for this man to eat healthier and better than I get to eat. Who pays for my vegetarian meals? Mmm that would be NO ONE but me. I have committed no crimes never been arrested and have never been in prison or jail. But for some reason I am being punished by being forced to feed these heathens healthier meals give them a bed a roof a work out area a tv books etc. Beans and bread. That solves the problem. And if he doesn’t like it he can eat dirt or sht for all I care. Animals don’t deserve to be tortured to become our food but I don’t deserve to pay the price for his crime either.