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O’Hare Airport Won’t Let PETA’s Ad Fly

Written by PETA | July 1, 2011

Chicago’s O’Hare said “Oh, no!” to PETA when we offered to buy one of the airport’s new high-tech mirror ads.  Our ad would have filled a bathroom mirror, then shrunk to the corner when someone approached, and it would have warned them about McDonald’s cruelty to chickens.

The airport rejected our ad on the grounds that it “targeted a specific airport advertiser.” Apparently, O’Hare was afraid that letting people know that McDonald’s suppliers scald live chickens in steaming-hot defeathering tanks would anger the Chicago-based fast-food giant.

Once again, big money talks, but you can talk back. Let McDonald’s know that you want it to switch to the less cruel slaughter method recommended by PETA, which would eliminate the worst slaughterhouse abuses.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Nikkaaaaa says:

    We’re not stupid. It’s just awful to do this to an animal. It doesn’t cost money to change the method they kill the chickens in. We know you guys like meat and we’re fine with that, but we just want these animals to be treated better.

  • katiiekaophonicc says:

    Big money wins :L always.. Capatalist morons.. They dont have souls when they have money :l im grateful for what i have. Why cant they be and not want to get more money.. Companies are horrible. I wish theyd never been made and we grew our own food or had small markets :L people wouldnt want to kill animals themseleves

  • LISA, NY says:

    There is this saying … treat others like you would want to be treated. We humans were not born into this world to be evil (or nice), it is a CHOICE, a CONSCIOUS CHOICE! All humans have a choice to help or to hurt. I’m SICK & TIRED of hearing, seeing & reading about the evil crap humans are doing every single day to this planet & all that occupies on it especially the innocent animals. I DON’T GET IT?? Seriously … I DON’T GET IT??

  • Fred says:

    Won’t happen – no airport is going to allow PR ads to run on their mirrors that will harm a business that puts money into the airports. This goes especially true for NFPs who have questionable backgrounds.

  • Fred says:

    Have you guys ever ONCE considered they’re trying to save you from lawsuits and the like. Never mind stopping you guys from sounding stupid by recommending the death of chickens in another painful way – never mind contradict your views? Seriously PETA – the more you do this stuff the stupider you look.

  • cruel methods of processing chicken says:

    I urge you to stop subjecting the public to chicken that has been processed in cruel and inhumane ways such as what is presently being done; i.e. submerging live chickens in boiling water as is done at processing plants that do business with McDonald’s. Because of your refusal in the past to secure more humane methods, I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in a long time. I also urge all my friends and acquaintenances to do the same. Again, please start using more humane methods to process chicken which are readily available.

  • stopanimalcruelttty says:

    I really think that if you guys dont want to stop selling meat in your restaurants then you should at least switch to a LESS cruel slaughter method. thanks