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NYC Restricts Chaining

Written by PETA | January 19, 2011

On Tuesday, the New York City Council passed two vital bills—one that bans the chaining of dogs for longer than three hours and another that nearly triples the licensing fees for unaltered animals. Both these measures will undoubtedly spare countless dogs and cats an enormous amount of suffering.

Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn and comedian Joan Rivers had both championed the bills on PETA’s behalf. In a strongly worded letter to the City Council, Rivers wrote, “I hope this Tethering Bill passes not just for the sake of the poor dogs tied up outside in the cold, but for the sake of the sons of b*****s who do this—because what I’d do to the creeps would be far worse than what any police officer would do!”

Councilmember Christine C. Quinn expressed her support in less colorful terms. “Tethering an animal for an extended period of time is cruel and unusual,” she said. “This bill will not only prevent this type of unnecessary cruelty, but also increase public safety for pedestrians throughout the City.”

The law makes New York City one of more than 100 localities throughout the U.S. that have restricted or banned chaining. You can help by working to get a chaining ban passed in your town.

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  • Bob Pomilla says:

    Oh, please. An enforcement agent would have to monitor a tethered dog for a minimum of three hours, before they would be able to take action against the owner. Do you really believe that ASPCA’s Humane Enforcement has the manpower or will, to do so? Overnight, here in NYC, we had 19″ of snow. The carriage horses were not supposed to working today. Guess what? They were, with nary an enforcement agent in sight, to send them back to the stables, until repeated calls to the ASPCA, finally got a response around 2pm. If the ASPCA has neither the ability nor the will to properly oversee the highly visible carriage horse industry properly,it would foolish to believe that this “anti”-tethering law will be enforced. Passage of this law is merely an attempt, by City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, to curry favor with the more superficial thinkers in the pro animal community and delude them into thinking that she cares about animals. Meanwhile, the pet shop sprinkler bill, “pets in housing”, the rodeo bill and bills offering relief to the poor carriage horses, languish in limbo, at Quinn’s direction. Any animal activist who pays attention and is not captive to another agenda, will see this fraud for what it is.

  • Good says:

    This is the way to go. I have expressed my views on chaining not being bad, provided the animal is not left for long periods of time. In good weather, I dog will enjoy being outside for a couple of hours. Three hours in good weather is a good amount of time for a dog to be outside and just be a dog before he is let back in to be a part of the family again.

  • msalabama says:

    No way to enforce the chaining law and the licensing fee is a fraction of what it costs to spay or neuter.

  • Solvejg Zaferes says:

    I think, it is very wrong, to agree with a bill like ” tethering animals in New-York city.”   We all know,who is pushing for this bill ” the counsel speaker  Christine Quinn”, who has NO interrests in ANIMAL  ISSUSES ,except her own. We all know, she is FOR the HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES , who are having a miserable  life in our with traffic crowded  New-York City, With this bill, she is puting a screen over our eyes,to make us THINK, that she is FOR animal issues,what she is not.  This is a  political trick done by Christine Quinn, who is trying to become MAYOR of this city, if so, we can say;  ” POOR ANIMALS”!!! with my respect  sOLVEJG ZAFERES.  [member of PETA for at least 25 years].  

  • Mike says:

    I am sorry, but NO ONE is going to enforce the tethering bill. The ASPCA is useless. As for Quinn, she is a champion of the NYC carriage horse industry; which for decades has been abusing and killing horses.

  • AndreaNRC says:

    I love Joan Rivers she’s hilarious!:D This is a great step in the right direction for NYC, bravo!

  • CN says:

    Yaaaaaaay! Such AMAZING news! Now other towns and cities must follow suit!

  • Gala says:

    It’s good to see that things are getting more strict for those who do not care for their animals in the ways that they need. I firmly believe that karma will always come back and bite you (pun intended)

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I just read this in the NY Daily News and was going to post the article but you beat me to it! Councilmember Quinn also pointed to gory photos of dogs bleeding from deep gashes in their necks because they were chained up inappropriately. The bill will “crack down on horrible sick people who do something like this to a dog or another animal” she said. This bill will make it a crime to tether a dog for more than three hours–or to tie the animal with heavy chains or pinch collars. The mayor is expected to sign this bill, which calls for fines of up to $500 or three months in jail for serious repeat offenders. These people shouldn’t even have a dog they can repeat offend! I wouldn’t quote anything Joan Rivers says until she stops wearing fur!